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Update Announcement (v6.2d)

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Update Announcement (v6.2d)

New Additions

New Building: Mian Zhu Gate

Mian Zhu Gate (also known as White Horse Gate), situated at the entrance of Zi Tong, served as the choke point to defend against enemies from the North. During the Three Kingdoms Era, Mian Zhu Gate was famous for the battle between Deng Ai of Wei Dynasty and Zhuge Liang's eldest son, Zhuge Zhan who fought until his very last breathe to hold the gate. Despite his brave efforts, Deng Ai easily broke open the gate and continued marching towards Cheng Du (Capital city of Shu Dynasty). It was only within days after the battle that led to the collapse of Shu Dynasty, which fully demonstrated the value of holding Mian Zhu Gate.



Real life image of Mian Zhu Gate



In-game Image of Mian Zhu Gate


New Event: Han Emperor Abdication

The Warlord who takes control of the Han Emperor in Xu Chang now has the option to support the reign of Han Emperor or force him to abdicate the throne at any time. As nice as it sounds to become an Emperor yourself, one will have to face dire consequences if anything happens to the Han Emperor...




  • Added Summon Reinforcements ability to Han Emperor
  • Increased movement speed of Fire Boats
  • Removed pathing collisions of Fire Boats
  • Decreased movement speed of Chinese Frigate
  • Reduced AOE of Catapults
  • Reduced damage of Siege Catapults and Catapults
  • Increased cost, defense, HP of Forts
  • Reduced damage of Forts
  • Changed armor type of Pikeman to Heavy Armor


Bug Fixes

  • Yan Liang/Wen Chou model missing
  • Cavalry No Food using Infantry HP upgrades



The ROTK Team

Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.2d.w3x

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