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Save and Load System FAQ

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What is This?

This is system was developed to make base building in roleplays not only easier, but also more rewarding. It allows you to save your in-game bases as text files that can then be "translated" and automatically typed into the chat using a program. The game can then read the chat and use the values to create the units on the map.


Before using the program, make sure you check out the Tutorial HERE.

What do I need?

You need an open-source python script, which you can also download as an executable here: ( SaveNLoad2.1.zip(64 bits) | SaveNLoad2.0-32bits.zip). I also made this script, so it's completely virus-free. The python script receives input from the game itself, so all you have to do is run it on the backround, no need to minimize Warcraft III. The executable requires a python 2.7 installation or Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) .

Are 1.x save files compatible with the 2.x Typing Program?

Yes. However, you need version 2.0 or higher of the Typing Program to read save files made in maps using version 2.0 of the Save/Load System.


  • -save (up to 4-letter password)
  • -request (up to 4-letter password)
  • -load center
  • -load center X,Y
  • -load limit (number) => Titan Command Only


Currently, there are limitations to this system. These can be improved upon in the future, but they need an extra system to store the values, as they are not saved on the unit itself. Because of this, it would be hard for me to implement these systems on KoT, a project I was not involved in until recently. Once I've made a nice environment of systems for this in my own project, I should be able to migrate them into KoT.

  • Unable to save unit coloring
  • Unable to save unit size
  • Unable to save terrain

Update: Version 2.0 of the Save/Load System now saves unit coloring, size, animation speed and player color. Coming Soon.

Similar Systems

Don't think other roleplaying maps are going to be left out! Check out YARP!!

When is this coming out?

I can't say exactly, as King Katanova is still working on his end to get the next version out. But the system has already been implemented in the latest unprotected map. Version 2.0 still hasen't been implemented, though.

Video Preview/Demos:

Demo 1 | Demo 2

Can I still give my base to neutral?

Yes, after you save it, all the data is already safe and you may give your base to neutral. Just don't give your stuff to neutral before saving the base, as the system will only save your own units.

What if people want to load a base in the same spot?

Well, then they're gonna have to figure it out amongst themselves in a (hopefully) civil manner. Not much I can do about this unfortunately :( The Titan can always delete griefers though.

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Guest Reyo   
Guest Reyo

I know it may not be the best place to say this but, can there be a "-remove"? That's the only flaw in the game in my opinion.

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