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Hey, ShinyPants here; the maker of the official M.Z.I series: Medieval Zombie Invasion!

These are maps of the assault and defend type for up to 12 players; humans defend their strongholds against an unending horde of undead.

The humans have to survive for 60 minutes without having all of their bases being destroyed by the undead, who's goal is to destroy the main buildings of the humans within the time limit. No game is never the same since all the events of the undead during the game are triggered by the undead players themselves! They choose when to use which event, or to instead train massive Abominations to slaughter the humans, they will never see what is coming at any time and must be prepared for anything!

Use the event best suited for your current scenario and turn the tide of battle in your favor.


As a human player you will be in a team with 9-10 players depending on the map you are playing. Everything on the map i pre-built  and you can not build any structures. You will have control over a base full of units and strutures from the start of the game and you will have to manage your armies, train new units and research upgrades during the game to hold back the undead invasion for as long as possible. You will also have access to at least one hero to help your forces hold the chokes and stop the undead from breaching your base, but keep them safe near the end of the game or they will not live to see the next day... Work with your allies, help them and ask for help; work together to achieve victory and survive the night!


As an undead player you will be in a team of 2-3 player depending on the map you are playing. You are controlling the undead horde with one mission: Slaughter the humans and turn anyone who would stay in your way... You also have control over powerful heroes with spells of tactical advantage or deadly force to breach the chokes of the humans, break their shield walls and kill them all! During the duration of the game you will receive lumber to either use for game changing events or to train powerful Abomination to cleave the humans. If the simple zombies fail you, the deadly Crypt Fiends or mana burning Felhounds will not... but for a cost... 

Upgrades are shared between the undead players. Sharing control and providing one player with all the gold for the upgrades are therefore of great importance as an undead player.


Good luck and may the best team win, communication and cooperation is the key, work together with your allies to achieve victory!



There are currently 5 different maps of M.Z.I, try them out!

  • M.Z.I
  • M.Z.I Original
  • M.Z.I Riverlands
  • M.Z.I Cityscape
  • M.Z.I Winerscape

"M.Z.I Tropical" is currently in progress and will come out in the future!


The maps can be found on the official discord server of M.Z.I:

https://discord.gg/jDABbku - Want to be a part of MZI community? Join our discord now! Games are hosted regularly every day! MZI Discord - Easy and fast way to host & play! Any feedback about the maps can be sent here!


And can be hosted from "ENT" and "Make Me Host":



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