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Yet Another Roleplay (Map)

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Yet Another RolePlay (Map)

Main bulk of info for those interested is in this thread on hive.

In short, YARP is a direct evolution of RoTRP and other maps of it's type. It's a complete, from-grounds rewrite, and sports some features that I believe that have been long overdue. First of all:


That's right, YARP allows you to save builds and load them later on in different games. This feature was born out of my personal frustration with RoTRP, and in particular, having to toss away builds after each session. Personally, it has drained me of any will to even bother building anymore, with the exception of a rare instance.

There are also other, both major and small, improvements over RoTRP. Quoting the original thread:


Save/Load system (including terrain tiles and height adjustments).

Instantbuild. Allows buildings to be built the moment they are queued.

All doodads from WC3 RoC and TFT are available as buildings, totalling a little over a thousand different doods.

Advanced command system, with waits, aliases, macros, command splitting and other things. More on that here.

Advanced chat log.

Advanced camera controls (distance, angle of attack, field of view, rotation, roll, etc.)

Advanced rectangles/regions with atmospheric control.

Ability to remove terraindeforms (i.e. reset terrain height after using the height tool).

Animation loops are back! (with no S-bug)

Sequence (seq) command.

Neutral protection. Even if you hand your units over to neutral, other players can't claim them.

Instant load/unload on spawner.

Spawner teleports when casting abilities (prevents having to wait for the spawner to run around).
There are probably other little things that I forgot.

Unfortunately, right now, there is no easy way to perform the save/loading routine for an end user. Before any tutorials are up, you can contact me personally to learn how it works.

The more interest this gauges, the faster I'll get a proper version out of the doors! As for now, you can grab a test version in the attachments, and try it out for yourself. Think of it as a first public alpha release.

Yet Another RolePlay - Public Alpha 1.w3x

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@Squishy, yeah, it's all more or less up-to-date, with the exception of a few minor things and commands I still haven't mentioned. I'll go over it sometime and update it.

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I do like this a lot honestly,i have also been quite frustrated with having to rebuild things incase a planned game crashed or something. So for now this looks very promising to me. Keep up the good work!

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Seeing all the features you added in (save/load, instant build, camera control, regions for weather) makes me believe we had very similar frustrations with roleplaying maps in WC3. We just enjoyed different kinds of maps more.

This looks really promising, I can't wait for release. Finally having save/load on both SotDRP and TL style maps woll be awesome. I must say your saving mechanism looks much more elegant than my own /jelly.

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