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Continuation of AoCL No First or Second War

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Hey everybody I'm back with a continuation of the AoCL RP I held two days ago. Here's a link to both the original post and the lore dump that occurred afterwards.

Post 1 (Read first): http://guiltycrowngaming.us/topic/50-premade-aoc-rp/

Post 2 (Read second):  http://guiltycrowngaming.us/topic/62-aocl-no-first-or-second-war/

So we are continuing and the date for now is this upcoming Wednesday night, 8/9/17 at around 7pm mountain time (MT). Here are the factions for the upcoming game.


Lordaeron - Terenas, Calia, Arthas, Tirion, Aurius, Brigitte (claimed by Phelp58)

Holy Church - Alonsus Faol, Sally Whitemane, Isillien (claimed by Mint)

Dalaran - Antonidas, Modera, Drenden, Kel'thuzad, Krasus, Rhonin

Lorna's Rebellion - Lorna Crowley, Baron Silverlaine, Springvale, Darius Crowley (hostage), Baron Longshore

Kul Tiras - Daelin, Derek, Tandred, Jaina, Baelgun, Kilnar

Alterac - Beve, Aliden, Hath, Kavdan, Falconcrest, Aedelas

Barov - Alexei, Illucia, Jandice, Alexi, Weldon, Marcus Redpath

Gilneas - Genn, Liam, Mia, Tess (hostage), Ashbury, Godfrey (claimed by The_New_Titan)

Eastern Lordaeron - Baron Rivendare, Abbendis, Garithos, Valdelmar, 2x Lordaeron Heroes

Quel'thalas  Anasterian, Kael'thas, Dar'khan, Sylvanas, 2x Elven Rangers

Stromgarde - Thoras, Galen, Danath, Reginald Baradin II, Dathanor Cromwell, Ras Frostwhisper (claimed by fewl)

Preference indicates that they played the faction last time and therefore have first opportunity to reclaim it. If they do not reclaim it by Sunday night, consider it fair game and I'll also change it to reflect that. Otherwise its still first come first serve. The ones that are for sure open are Eastern Lordaeron and Lorna's Rebellion. 

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