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Update Announcement (v6.2c)

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Update Announcement (v6.2c)

New Additions

New Loading Screen by paladinjst


Feel free to check out paladinjst's art work at Hive Workshop. His profile has some really amazing work!


New Gameplay: Political Ideology

Political Ideologies are the sets of basic beliefs and values in politics, economics, social and cultural affairs. It is exactly the ideologies of the rulers themselves value that determine the rise of a Nation or mark the dawn of an Empire. Now players in game will have the opportunity to select on their own ideologies based on the options that appeal to them the most. Currently, there are only perks and no disadvantages that come with each ideology; however, improvements on this new gameplay will be made in future updates.

1. Religion

Buddhism, one of the four major religions in the World, has influenced and shaped the Chinese culture, philosophy, literature, arts, and architecture  for over 1900 years. Buddhism endorsed the ideas of Equality, Mercy, and Selflessness, which were widely accepted and respected by the Chinese society. The earliest record of Buddhism in Ancient China was during the reign of Han Emperor of Ming. In 64 AD, a 6 metres tall man with a glowing scalp who claimed to be from the West met with the Emperor in his dream. The Han Emperor trusted that this peculiar dream was a sign of good fortune, and sent off numerous officers to travel off to the West to search for the man in his dream, also known as, the Great Buddha. 


2. Women

Women played a vital role in the private life of many Ancient Chinese rulers. They were not only important for producing heirs for the thrones, they were primarily needed as entertainment. It had always been difficult for men to pick between either their Empires or women, but of course, there also exists tales of exceptional Leaders that acquired both women and power. Lord Cao Cao is the perfect example of a powerful ruler and still possessed a house of women. It was recorded that there were 13 women that gave birth to sons for Lord Cao Cao, which does not include ones that only gave birth to daughters or had affairs with Lord Cao Cao. Very few Warlords were capable of maintaining the balance between his ambition and women, which made Lord Cao Cao even more extraordinary.


3. Militarism

During chaotic times, the extent of military power ultimately dictates the lifespan of one's throne. The first Emperor of China, Qin Emperor of Shi was a strong believer in militarism, which led to the rapid unstoppable expansion of his nation until he became the ruler of all under heaven. It was the extensive military funding that shaped each and every military soldiers of Qin State at the time into Elite fighters. It was said that, "Each soldier of Qin State was equivalent to ten."



New System: Vassal Tribute

To Make the surrender system more rewarding to the Lords, vassals are now forced to periodically pay tribute to their Lords, as a sign of Loyalty and Allegiance. However, note that the vassals are required to pay tribute only if their economy reaches a certain standard.



New Event Unit: Katana Samurai

The word Samurai in its root meant "One who serves." They were military nobilities who were born to protect the members of the Imperial Court. Every samurai were true to the Bushido Code, an unwritten code of Chivalry. Each Samurai adhered to the Eight virtues of Bushido Code, and hence people signified them as the symbol of Justice, Respect, and Honour.


This unit can only be obtained through Event


  • Fast attack speed
  • High Damage, HP, and Defense
  • Resistant to Ranged


  • None

New Musou Ability: Persistance

As the previous Musou ability for Strategist class was quite useless, a new ability was needed. The new Musou Ability, Persistance grants Strategist the ability to order targeted units to push beyond their physical limits and continue to fight by adding +300 HP to all surrounding friendly units.



  • Players can no longer attack allies or neutrals
  • City ownership can now be abandonned
  • Adjusted movement speed of all units and heroes
  • Increased Damage and Attack Speed of Elephants
  • Increased Damage and Attack Speed of all Cavalry types
  • Increased cost and bounty of all Heroes
  • Increased HP and Defense of White Bengal Tiger BOSS
  • Shortened duration of Fury Awaken
  • Heroes are now no longer available in taverns after recruitment
  • Delayed the occurrence of all historical events
  • Removed Lu Bu's infiltration ability, replaced with Fear
  • Added new passive "Perfection" for Lu Meng
  • Mercenary Assassins are now limited to 15 units per player



The ROTK Team

Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.2c.w3x

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