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Hello all, this is just a quick statement regarding the overhaul over the design for the Cult of Skulls in Titan Land: Kingdoms of Terfall.


Cult of Skulls Banner

Cult of Skulls

"Death claims all"

"The Cult of Skulls was a rebellious group formed by rogue mages & deviants of the Kingdom of Stars within the dark realm of Naz'grim under the rogue light priest Mardrake. Instructed by the Death God; Theda and Mardrake's teachings, the cult became a primary practitioners of Necromancy and within a vendetta against the Kingdom, amassed a huge army of Undead beings to invade their former home, with the necromancer, many other factions joined their sway until ultimately they were defeated and splintered, but where not follow destroyed."


Wide access of Units, Necromancy spell casting to replenish fallen units, Large array of Units, Magic Damage


Weak to Fortied Armour, Spell Disruption & Holy Magic

Unit Roster






Arisen Barracks




Arisen Swordsman - Q

Basic Infantry, Light Armoured, Normal Damage



Arisen Bowman - W

Basic Bowman, Light Armoured, Pierce Damage, Critical Shot


Doomtrooper - E

Veteran Infantry, Heavy Armoured, Magic Damage, Defence Stance


Arisen Longbowman - R

Veteran Skirmisher, Light Armoured, Pierce Damage,


Arisen Champion - A

Elite Infantry, Heavy Armoured, Magic Damage,


Arisen Giant - S

Elite Warbeast, Light Armoured, Siege Damage, Cleave


Cult of Skulls Barge - Z

Cult of Skulls Flying Construct, Light Armoured, Pierce Damage, Load



Wraith Barracks




Wight - Q

Basic Wraith Warrior, Unarmoured, Magic Damage, Hover


Banshee - W

Basic Wraith Spellcaster, Unarmoured, Magic Damage, Hover, Wraith Spellcase


Revenant - E

Elite Wraith Warrior, Unarmoured, Magic Damage, Hover



Revenant Barracks




Revenant Swordsman - Q

Warrior of Karthmere, Heavy Armoured, Normal Damage, Defend


Revenant Skirmisher - W

Skirmisher of Karthmere, Heavy Armoured, Pierce Damage, Defend


Dullahan - E

Headless Horseman, Heavy Armoured, Magic Damage



Necromancer Trainer



Necromancer - Q

Human Necromancy Spellcaster, Unarmoured, Magic Damage, Necromancy Spellcase


Arisen Mage - W

Undead Wraith Spellcaster, Unarmoured, Magic Damage, Wraith Spellcase


Arch Necromancer/ Lich - E

Master Necromancy Spellcaster, Unarmoured, Magic Damage, Greater Necromancy Spellcase, Transformation




Primary Hero Roster 



Mardrake, the Prophet of Theda

Ranged Intelligence

Mardrake  was once the Archpriest of the priesthood of Celestris in Katastar. However, he was banished from the Kingdom and from his homeland after he was found courting the princess Maria Katanova. After wandering the lonely desert of Jaqua he was greeted by a aspect of Theda himself who offered him the chance to regain his love and get his revenge on the one who banished him by  forming a cult dedicated to worshiping the dead god. Blinded by revenge and starvation, he gladly accepted and took the mantle of the prophet of Theda. He summoned the Skeleton Legion and created the Cult of Skulls to serve him.


Uwen, the Grand Necromancer

Ranged Intelligence

Uwen was once a Idaran gifted student of magic. He excelled and almost any form of magic that was put to his tasks. By 32 he was given the role of Archmage of the Academy of Magic in Lunastar, leaving the school of the gifted to his nephew Deris Lichen. Uwen however only stayed as Archmage for only a phew  years when he questioned the will of king Andrew Katanova and ultimately had Uwen banished and the kingdom and his homeland. He resided in Naz'grim when like him. Mardrake came into view with his idea of getting revenge on the king by summoning a mighty army of dead to kill him. Uwen agreed and brought together other rogue mages and disgruntles in forming the Cult of Skulls with Mardrake as it's head. He became their grand necromancer and second in command of the cult of skulls.


Morgrim, the Arisen King

Melee Strength

In Life, Morgrim was a powerful and stubborn King of Stars who was one of the current Katanova Family's ancestor, he fought that he would never taste defeat until his eventually death. Were he was entombed within the Kingdom's royal cemetery. However, centuries later morgrim's remains were stolen by vagabonds under the newly formed Cult of Skulls under the direct orders of Mardrake. Using his powers of necromancy, he revived morgim as a powerful arisen and forced to serve his amassed army of undead against his decendants.




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12 minutes ago, Squishy said:

The Arisen Champion model looks sick af.

That arthas skin was allready floating within the game.for awhile.as some of the darker factions (e.g dragon cult and drakari) use his cloak as a more sinister varation

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