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[AoC] The First War (PATHs)

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hello, i'm alioth. you've probably met me before if you've played AoC games for a while. This is an AoC roleplay in the style of the xAGx AoC C games, although it is unlikely I will be doing any map editting between the games. Players will be able to take [paths] between each of the games of the series, which will allow them a great amount of control and influence over their faction and allow them to personalize it as time passes. We will begin at the beginning of important WC3 lore -- the First War -- but already there are plenty of paths to greatly change the state of the world and throw it into an age of chaos.

If you're interested in a faction, comment or send me a PM. Will likely host the first game on Thursday or Friday of this week.



...copy pasted from its original google doc, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jFpvQzqoj9tOCNA7a7W6y-Bg7c_V0J9zuSWT4hENsu4/edit...


[Player 2 — Blue] Azeroth

Holds: Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains and Grand Hamlet


  1. The Kingdom of Azeroth: Adamant Wrynn has died after the great war with the Trolls. Llane Wrynn is king, but already his rule has come into question with the increasingly high numbers of attacks on the border. It will take all of his will, as well as that of his advisors Reginald Windsor and Alonsus Faol, to persevere through the coming wars.

  2. Magocracy of Azeroth: Adamant Wrynn has been ousted by a military coup and now takes refuge in Stromgarde. His court wizard, the powerful Nielas Aran, has seized control of the city, establishing a powerful magocracy with his fellow wizards Morganth and Morbent Fel. While the city’s armies and church suffer, powerful monsters have been enslaved in Redridge to fight their war for them.

  3. The Holy See: Adamant Wrynn reigned over a long and prosperous terms of landgrants to the Azerothian church, and with his passing, it is clear that the Church controls more of the kingdom then the king does. Llane Wrynn, though the nominal king, pales in authority when compared to the Archbishop of Azeroth—Alonsus Faol—or his enforcers, High Inquisitors Mara Fordragon and Uther Lightbringer.

[Player 3 — Teal] Shadowmoon

Holds: Shadowmoon Valley.


  1. Shadowmoon Clan: Ner’zhul rules over the Shadowmoon Clan, along with his trusted ally, the ogre Dentarg. They have withdrawn from the war machine of the Horde and instead brood in the halls of Shadowmoon Fortress and Black Temple, waiting for the day where they might take their vengeance upon the warlock Gul’dan.

  2. Dragonmaw Clan: Zuluhed’s forces, bolstered by the aid of the Shadow Council, have blitzed Shadowmoon Valley and seized it for the Horde. His new Dragonmaw Clan now stands as one of the Horde’s dominant powers, but the Black Temple will now stand forever as a citadel of the Shadow Council.

  3. Frostwolf Clan: Under the leadership of Drek’thar and Nazgrel, the Frostwolf Clan prepares to move into Azeroth. They have been exiled from Draenor by the Horde, and must find a new homeland for their people before the Horde or the other dark creatures of the world turn against them.

[Player 4 — Purple] Horde Vanguard

Holds: Terrokar Forest, the Black Morass.


  1. Bleeding Hollow Clan: Kilrogg Deadeye leads the vanguard of the Horde into Azeroth, while his son Jorin maintains the clan back on Draenor. His experienced jungle fighters have easily cut into the Gurushabi lands and established a very sizable hold for the Horde on Azeroth.

  2. The Burning Blade: Empowered by the demons of the Shadow Council, the Burning Blade has seized great stretches of lands in Terrokar Forest. The blademaster Jubei’thos leads from the ruins of Shattrath City, while his forward scouts — the formerly Blackrock raider general Tharbek and the warlock Nagaz — push onwards into Azeroth.

  3. The Broken Draenei: Gul’dan and the Horde have destroyed the draenei people. The naaru of Draenor have been turned into Void Gods and the draenei forced to ingest the fel blood of Mannaroth and the corruption the warlocks bring forth. Now twisted and blind to the same bloodlust as the orcs, the dark-shamans Akama and Nobundo lead the Horde’s vanguard into Azeroth.

[Player 5 — Yellow] Westfall Plains

Holds: Westfall, Raven Hill, Westbrook Garrison.

  1. County of Westfall: Edwin Vancleef rules as Westfall’s count, protecting the lands through a thoroughly corroded system. He keeps a knowingly blind eye to the events inside of the Deadmines, even setting up a system of mutual benefit between his lands and the creatures in the mines.

  2. Gnoll Remnant: Though they were scattered during the Gnoll War, they were not all destroyed. Pushed into the plains of Westfall, the gnolls have begun to gather once more for war with the humans and have sacked the defenceless towns of Raven Hill and Moonbrook to start the war. Their leaders, great mutant gnolls, have set their eyes upon Northshire Abbey for purposes unknown to all.

  3. Venture Co. Now Hiring: Moonbrook has finished negotiations with the Goblin Trade Princes, establishing a gigantic goblin quarter inside of the city itself. With this goblin quarter established, shredders have now been scattered across the fields of Westfall, greatly increasing the speed and consumption of the lands natural resources. While this has exploded their income, it may well prove detrimental to the land in the future.

[Player 6 — Orange] Shadowforge

Holds: Shadowforge Moutain, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes.

  1. Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan: Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan has led his people to Blackrock Mountain and established the great city of Shadowforge. While his people have fallen into cults worshipping the Fire Lord Ragnaros, Thaurissan has prevented the Fire Lord from actually being summoned, only allowing a small amount of his minions onto this mortal plane.

  2. Call of the Fire Lord: The Fire Lord, Ragnaros, has been summoned. The dark iron people have been eternally enslaved to his will. The forges of Blackrock Spire work tirelessly, crafting the armies that the Fire Lord will use to take over Azeroth and hunt down the minions of the Old Gods.

  3. Southern Hammer: When the War of the Three Hammers ended with the Wildhammer Clan’s victory at Grim Batol, the Thaurissan line was extinguished. After their surrender, the Dark Iron people were forced to dismantle the forges of Shadowforge and move into the arable but nasty lands of the Badlands to establish a new home. Now, generations later, they remain an ally of the strong Wildhammer and Bronzebeard clans, prepared to fight against any enemies of the dwarven alliance.

[Player 7 — Green] Zul’Gurub

Holds: Zul’Gurub, upper Stranglethorn.

  1. Bloodlord Mandokir: Bloodlord Mandokir and Jin’do the Hexxer rule Zul’Gurub as a shrine to the dark god Hakkar. Preparing as they can for Jammal’an’s arrival and the summoning of Hakkar, they know that the other tribes of Stranglethorn await only a momentary show of weakness to come forth and attack.

  2. Bloodscalp Dominion: The Bloodlord Mandokir has been forced to flee Stranglethorn and retreat to the Black Morass with his hakkari followers. Warlord Gan’zulah has seized control of Zul’Gurub and the remains of the Gurushabi Tribe and ousted the Hakkari, prompting the return of the Darkspear leader Sen’jin to Stranglethorn.

  3. Goblin Empire: The goblin forces of Booty Bay have martialed under the command of the cartels and invaded the weakened Gurushabi tribes. They have seized most of the outer Vale and forced the Skullsplitters into submission, but in doing so they have driven the remaining Bloodscalps and Gurushabi into the hands of the Atal’ai.

[Player 8  — Pink] The Horde

Holds: Hellfire Peninsula.

  1. Blackrock Clan: Led by Warchief Blackhand, the Blackrock Orcs form the centerpiece of the Orcish Horde. The great generals Varok Saurfang and Ogrim Doomhammer serve at Blackhand’s sides, and between them and Blackhand’s indomitable physical power, the Horde will be utterly unbeatable.

  2. Shattered Hand: Warchief Kargath leads the Horde, much more aware and out of the Shadow Council’s influence. Though the centerpiece of the Horde is his indomitable Shattered Hand clan, the forces of his Bonechewer and Thunderlord allies under Tagar Spinebreaker and Fenris the Hunter also form essential parts of the Horde offensive into Azeroth.

  3. Warchief Gruul: Brought forth by the gifts and presents of the Shadow Council, Gruul and his children have moved their court to Hellfire. Mogor the Ogre has used the advance of the Gronn to spread his Laughing Skull Clan, annexing the former Orcish clans of Hellfire and turning them into the Horde’s invasion force.

[Player 9  — Gray] Atal’ai Agents

Holds: Sunken Temple

  1. Prophet Jammal’an: Prophet Jammal’an gathers the Atal’ai in the Temple of Atal’hakkar, even bringing forth a powerful Avatar of Hakkar to defend the Temple from the new Orcish invaders of the world. His long trek to Zul’Gurub begins, where he might begin the rituals to summon the Soulflayer into this world.

  2. Sea Witch: Azshara’s naga have moved into the ruins of the Sunken Temple, along with their mur’gul and murloc slaves. The few Atal’ai forces left have been enslaved by the Sea Witch, who now prepares her forces to aid the Old God forces in the Badlands and Stranglethorn in breaking free.

  3. Black Dragonflight: The black dragon Onyxia has co-opted Ysera’s attempts to destroy the Atal’ai, corrupting and tainting the dragons sent into the Swamps. Creating an alliance with the prophet Jammal’an, she has built a new lair in the Sunken Temple and prepares the Atal’ai for her father’s future plots.


[Player 10  — Light Blue] Knight-Brotherhood of the Horse

Holds: Karzahan

  1. Knight Brothers: The best Horsemen in the world, Anduin Lothar leads the Knight-Brothers of the Horse from the stables of Karazhan Tower. Gavinrad the Dire leads the chapter back in Stormwind and the young mage Khadgar apprentices for Medivh in Karazhan upper floors.

  2. Violet Eye: Ansirem Runeweaver and the Violet Eye have taken control over the lower floors of Karazhan, investigating into the disappearance of the Guardian Medivh. They have seen the coming of the Orcs much earlier than the humans would have, allowing the fortification of Grand Hamlet and Karazhan pass for the coming war.

  3. Dark Riders: Medivh does not curse just Ariden and his merchants, but all the humans of Deadwind Pass for their insults. Anduin Lothar and the Knight Brothers as well are turned into Medivh’s Dark Riders, bound to the eternal hunt for powerful magics to serve the Guardian’s thirst.

[Player 11  — Dark Green] Shadow Council

Holds: Auchindoun, Shadow Council HQ, Twilight’s Hammer clans

  1. Shadow Council: Gul’dan, along with Grandmaster Vorpil and Teron Gorefiend, form the leadership of the Shadow Council in Auchindoun. Powerful warlocks lead the Shadow Council, but the creation of Death Knights and the mastery of the Burning Blade will have to wait for later in the war.

  2. Twilight’s Hammer: Cho’Gall has usurped Gul’dan as the leader of the Shadow Council, bringing forth a new era of dominance for the Twilight’s Hammer clan. Cho’Gall, Blackheart the Inciter and the weakened Gul’dan prepare for the invasion of Azeroth, backed with legions of Ogre mages and warlocks.

  3. Gorefiend: Teron Gorefiend has been blessed by Kil’jaedan and torn from the shackles of his mortal body. Transformed into a singularly powerful Death Knight, Teron Gorefiend has seized the Shadow Council and converted his closest allies into lesser death knights. Now, he prepares to ride upon Azeroth and claim it all in the name of the Burning Legion.

[Player 12  — Brown] The Deadmines

Holds: the Deadmines, ??

  1. Turok’s Band of Merry Ogres: Griselda Blackhand and the ogre clan-leader Turok have fled the greater Horde, taking with them many loyal orcs and ogres. They have established a large base deep beneath the Deadmines, hoping to start their new Horde from inside of it.

  2. Great Warren: Though the humans won the Gnoll War, not all of the Gnolls were slain. In the Deadmines, the greatest of the Gnoll fortifications still remain. Inside of the warren, gnolls, kobolds and troggs gather together and prepare for a new war against the humans.

  3. Black Tooth Grin: Rend and Maim have blitzed through human lands, establishing an Orcish stronghold inside of the Deadmines. Loyal to the Horde and its demonic masters, they have erected a small demon-portal inside of the Deadmines as well and await their new orders from the Shadow Council.



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