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[AoCL] Blood and Steel

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In a world where magic is sparse and the races of fantasy we know today are all but forgotten as their great Empires have died out, giving birth to great human nations... (Blood and Steel is an AoC themed around the idea of a High-Medium Fantasy setting where magic is more limited because the magic in itself is more ritualistic. The Profaned Chapel for instance uses rituals to summon creatures of Old. Such as the N'raqi and A'qir. The Light does exist however faster than the rituals of the Chapel. Are more limited in what they can accomplish. Now, Let's get into the factions and their lore...

Blue - The Kingdom of Nadalheim (Located in the EPL and WPL) - The Kingdom of Nadalheim unlike others have stuck to the Church.

Teal - Church of the Sacred Flame (Located in Tyrs Hand and churches around the Kingdoms) - The Church is an organization of Religious men (and women) who worship the light. The counter-opposite to the Profaned Chapel

Purple - The Profaned Chapel (Located in Lordaeron City itself with Undercity Interior, Twilight Cult and some Old God Units) - The Profaned Church started as a small cult. But as they grew they turned into a Church. Most members not even knowing it's true, dark intentions of Apocalypse. 

Yellow - Kaldein Brotherhood (Located in the Alterac-Hinterlands area, dominantly Syndicate and a few Alterac buildings) - The Brotherhood is basically a Rogue Haven. It's a group of Pirates, Thieves, and Mercenaries as well as deserters and rebels.

Orange - The Haven of Tears (Located in Stratholme. High Elf Buildings) - The Haven of Tears is one of the last, if not the last refuge of Elves. They named their city as such to mourne their dead kin and forgotten empire. Though mostly isolationist they have recently began to contact the outside world once again...

Green - Dreth'irs Forces (Located in Southern Quel. Forsaken, Wretched, and Undead Elf Buildings) - Dreth'ir was once a powerful mage of the Haven. However, he has recently broken off and began turning his rituals to necromancy and deceit to rebuild the old Elven Enpire.

Pink - The Kingdom of Stars (Located in the Tirisfal-Silverpine area, can expand into Hillsbrad or Gilneas if DM feels they are too small) - The Kingdom of Stars despite once being adamant followers of the Holy Church. Have recently fallen to Darkness, especially since the Profaned Chapel itself is within their Kingdom...

Gray - Blackreach (Beach Landing in Hillsbrad with Vrykul or Alterac Buildings) - The Blackreach are a group pf Nordic Exodites whom have recently been kicked out of their home by a "Great Demon of Fire" and seek to find a new home...

Light Blue - The Southern Realms (Located in Stromgarde, Hillsbrad, and Hinterlands as well as Wetlands, etc if the GM feels they are too small) - The Southern Realms are one of the most contested nations when it comes to the Churches as both are fighting to control the populace against eachother. Though the rulers themselves are/were fairly neutral. 

Dark Green - Storm's End (Located on the beaches near Jintha'alor. Vrykul Units) - Storm's End is a Nordic Clan of Vikings and Raiders. Though very warlike in nature they are very shamanistic and superstitious compared to the others. 

Brown - Crow's Reach (Located on Tirisfal Coast Vrykul and Undead Vrykul Buildings) - Very unlike the other Nordic Clans they practice necromancy almost religiously. They are conquerers and force the elements to their will.


Thanks for reading through this, I hope you enjoy the idea. Feel free to change or alter any of the ideas above or use it for inspiration. It is, after all. Just an idea! :)

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