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[KoT] Sins of the Past [Pre-made Theme]

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This a theme that I myself and my dear old friend, Dr.Stein made back in the day. Special thanks to Dr.Stein.

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In an age only the Elves can recall, an ancient war between the Shenari and Drakari threatened the future of magic, and of humanity; an infant race at the time. In spite of great losses, the Shenari prevailed, sealing away the Drakari and setting forth the path to install Light as the exclusive school of magic among their kin and all who would inherit its powers. But though the Shenari claimed victory, the atrocities committed refused to so easily hide, and the blood spilt by both sides would not readily wash away from their peccant hands.

The witches and heretics across the land have foreseen the light's extinction as days become nights, they are quickly fading. But defeats past have left them desperate for their own survival. They have banded together under a single coven, united like never before. They search now for a worthy successor to take the crown as their queen, even if it means waking a darkness locked long ago.The sins of the past have finally caught up to the present, and all must face atonement.



The name Blightbearer is synonymous with many things: brutality, cruelty, malice. Death has made Lhydia nearly immune to fault and motivated her with a creativity ruthless impel for revenge. Her years of service among the Drakari Elves during the war has earned her the nickname the Blightbearer, as well as a myriad of enemies across the land. Much in tune with her epithet, she has developed quite the penchant for unleashing blight upon her enemies.

As a high executor, she has nearly razed Shen isles twice, paved a road of conquest across the Jewel desert, unleashed a malefic curse upon the orcs, and seized control of large regions of the Shenari elves from the Drakari front. Loyal to the Drakari front, having been in recluse for hundreds of years, she now seizes the opportunity to establish darkness as the prime school of magic across the land. As the prophecy foretold, she seeks the next "Dark-Queen".


Tobias Anderson is by far the most level-headed and reasonable of the Templar Order's Leaders. Though he thinks magic will threaten to destroy our world, he sees the benefit of other, less dangerous forms of magic, believing it is sometimes necessary to fight "fire with fire" to achieve order. Promoted to the rank of Commandant, Tobias has been recognized across the Katanovan Empire as being one of the most accomplished and decorated soldier of its time. Tasked by his Grace, and majesty King Katanova IV; Tobias was selected to establish an order to investigate these rumors across the kingdom.

Anderson's devout followers observe the Path of Order and strive to maintain balance in all things. They are chiefly priests, paladins, and men and women of faith who pledge their eternal souls to protecting the balance of power. Many students practice regular confessions to atone for their sins, of which slaying the unspeakable monsters qualify.


At a young age, Lord Solomon Grey witnessed both his parents murdered by practicers of dark magic in cold blood. Since that day, he has committed himself to the eradication of all magic across the world, believing the only salvation for all species is a world free of magic. As one of the more radical figures in the Order, he believes all schools of magic even light, are cardinal sins and as such should be purged.

His followers follow the path of Truth, which practices the fanatical torture of suspected magic users in pursuit of expunging heresy from their souls: those found guilty must suffer agonizing penance before they are allowed to die. They are considered far more extremist than others of their order and are willing to put comrades in harms way if meaning to get closer to their goal.



Players are allowed to choose between 2 major factions. The Order or the Blightbearers. Each faction will have certain abilities that they specialize in, as well as possess certain specific schools of magic.

Lobby Template

1. Builder - Blightbearer Operation Base 

2. Builder - The Order Base

3. Builder - Neutral Towns/Outposts

4. Freelancer - Blightbearer Faction

5. Freelancer - Blightbearer Faction

6. Freelancer - Blightbearer Faction

7. Free Lancer - The Order

8. Freelancer - The Order

9. Freelancer - The Order

10. Builder - Kingdom of Katanova/City

11. Builder - Drakari Remnant Kingdom/City

12. NPCs and Events (That's me)




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