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Update Announcement (v6.2b)

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Update Announcement (v6.2b)

New Additions

New Hero: Lu Meng (Zi Ming)

(178-220 AD)


In his teenage years, Lu Meng was under the command of his brother-in-law, Deng Dang. Together, they served under Lord Sun Ce, and participated in several military campaigns against the bandits in the Jiang Nan region. Due to his excellent performance in battles, Lu Meng's bravery gradually became widely respected. After the death of Lord Sun Ce, the successor to the throne, Lord Sun Quan realized Lu Meng's potential and promoted him to an official military commander. Following countless military campaign led by Lu Meng, he was finally promoted to the Viceroy of Lu Jiang. The most well-known achievement of Lu Meng was his invasion of Jing Province in 219AD in which he defeated and captured Guan Yu. Unfortunately, Lu Meng died shortly after his victory, as he had already fallen seriously ill prior to his campaign.

New Gameplay: Naval Warfare


During the Three Kingdoms period, the navy were very poorly developed. The Chinese warships did not utilize any artilleries or explosives and mainly relied on archers as the primary approach to perform long ranged assaults on the seas. The most renown naval battle during the Three Kingdoms period was the Battle of Red Cliffs (208AD) in which the allied forces of Lord Liu Bei and Lord Sun Quan decisively defeated Lord Cao Cao by using fire ships that dealt destructive damage to Cao Cao's navy.

1. Fire Ships

  • Low HP and Defense
  • Creates burning effects to enemies in close quarters
  • Counter Chinese Frigates

2. Chinese Frigates

  • High HP and Damage
  • Long Ranged
  • Can Capture Sea Control Points

With the introduction of Naval warships, Sea control points are also added to encourage players to try out these new units! The Sea Control points are placed in 5 different locations, which are the major rivers and seas present in South East China: Yellow River, Yangtze River, South China Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea. Seas and rivers were always important for fishing industries and establishing accessible trade routes and hence, holding these Sea Control Points provides the owner immense amount of resources.



New Elite Unit: Mercenary Assassins


Assassins are highly skilled in operating in the shades. Many would spend fortunes to hire assassins to sabotage, murder, collect intels, or protect themselves.

This Elite unit can be trained in the following cities: Wu Ling, Chang Sha, Ling Ling, Gui Yang


  • High movement and attack speed
  • Can travel undetected (invisible) for a brief period to assassinate a target
  • Counter Heroes


  • Low HP and Defense
  • Poor Melee Combat capabilities
  • Vulnerable to range attacks

New Event: White Bengal Tiger (BOSS)

White Bengal Tiger is a rare variant of Bengal Tigers, which are typically orange coloured with black stripes. White Bengal Tiger possesses a mutation in a pigment gene, called SLC45A2, which generates the rare colour variant of Bengal Tigers. 


This BOSS event is meant to encourage players to work together in game if they want to defeat this phenomenal beast. It is rumoured that the item drop of this BOSS, can be traded in for some impressive rewards...



  • Hero armor type now receives 95% damage from Normal attacks
  • Hero armor type now receives 80% damage from Piercing attacks
  • Decreased cost of Elephants
  • Decreased cost of Melee Armor Upgrades



The ROTK Team


Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.2b.w3x

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