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[Fog of War] Negotiations

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In his entire life, Der'gigar never felt it was necessary to leave his birthplace. Alterac Valley was a rather expansive place as it was, and his Clan had mapped all of the mountains meticulously. He had his responsibilities to the Warchief and the families that resided in Frostwolf Hold. From settling familial disputes to gracing a newborn with the blessing of the Elements, to assisting injured warriors in their recovery and communing with the Ice Lord that resided in the Valley, Der'gigar was never without something to do.

Nonetheless, it came as quite a surprise to him when the Warchief's aide came to him in the middle of the night and tasked Der'gigar with the task that would bring him to the city of Silvermoon City.

"Adventure," the elder orc muttered as he stomped down the colorful paths of the magical metropolis, "excitement...I do not crave these things."

He had spent weeks in the city now, and had gotten used to much of its peculiarities: Elven Brothels, trees that glowed with magic...-pink-skins-. He was not intolerant, to be sure, but he found that most rumors about pink-skins -- Elves in particular, were largely true. Their arrogance was only matched by their impulsiveness and their lust for violence. His task would not be an easy one to complete.

The Elder Orc approached one elf in particular tepidly. She bore a red and gold tabard, one that he was told to look out for. His footsteps landed heavily upon the stones before coming to a stop; he moved with purpose, but it was undoubtedly slow and measured. "You are Dawnweaver," said Der'gigar without much hesitation, still moving toward her slowly. He stopped when he was close enough to speak comfortably, rolling his shoulders to assume a straight posture.

She nodded in response, though her stance was not one of welcome; indeed, she appeared defensive, as if prepared to retaliate against him. "I am. And you are?"

"I am Der'gigar, Far Seer of Clan Frostwolf. I am an Ally of your Sin'dorei, and I seek to speak with your leader. It is urgent," he said in his hoarse voice. His stance was unassuming at best, and he truly presented no threat to the woman. She recognized this after a moment and - after some hesitation, agreed to summon Alorinis Bloodarrow, the head of the Dawnfury Concordant.

Der'gigar saw the man in question appear from a near by staircase and approach the two of them. As he passed in front of the orc, he remained silent and still, save for hte rolling of his shoulders, which allowed the elder green-skin to retain a straight posture.

"It is an Honor to meet you, Alorinis Bloodarrow. I am Der'gigar, Far Seer of the Frostwolf Shamans of Alterac. Our discussion should take place somewhere we might have some privacy. Lady Dawnreaver, you're welcome to join us as well."

"The Hall of Blood should be available for conversation if needed," Valecia said quietly in Alorinis' direction.

Alorinis nods to Der'gigar, looking behind him to the small cove that was connected to the Hall of Blood. "We can speak there." He nods, taking off in a step.

Der'gigar fell into pace behind the pair, bowing his head once they stopped. The Shaman had trailed behind somewhat, his steps slow and steady. He was quite old indeed. "Commander, my people and I have the ability to communicate with the Elements. It was less than three months ago when we convened with them - they have brought me to you and your people, in hopes of garnering a relationship that might be mutually beneficial to our peoples. Warchief Drek'Thar has stood against Garrosh's Horde since its creation, but he sees the value in aligning my Clan with the people of Silvermoon, who have always demonstrated Honor and dignity in carrying out the will of their people."

Alorinis took a moment before responding - that was all quite a bit of information at once. His voice was even when he spoke again however. "Not many would say my people carry honor and dignity, but we would welcome a relationship to the Frostwolf Clan."

Der'gigar nearly interrupted his last words, "Your people, compared to the vile orcish warclans of Durotar and the evil that dwells in Lordaeron..." he began, trailing off as he noticed Valecia's interest piquing. She stole a glance at Alorinis, listening quietly as the orc continued. "And that is why I have come to you, Commander Bloodarrow of the Concordant. The new Scourge has set its sights on the lands around my people's lands, as you know. The elements cry out in pain, and they beg for aid. The lands that escaped the first coming of undeath are falling prey to the second. Soon, Alterac itself will be overrun."

"The 'New Scourge'?"

Der'gigar nodded once, "Led by the witch known as Windrunner."

"The Forsaken of Lordaeron are not a new Scourge, Der'gigar. They are soldiers of the Horde."

"You know better than to say that, Young elf." Der'gigar said, shaking his head, his words carrying the weight of great pain and concern. "Do you not see how the Forsaken defy the will of the Horde? How the human Kingdom of Gilneas was descimated, and the healthy lands of Hillsbrad have become the new location for their vile experimentations? When the Forsaken are done with Lordaeron, Dawnarrow of the Concordant, they will not cease there. Alterac comes next, as does Quel'Thalas. Sylvanas will wish her homeland reclaimed, and we must stand together to stymie the threat before it comes."

Valecia couldn't help but bite her lip, remaining quiet and still otherwise. The 'young elf' remark garnered a flicker of amusement. Alorinis, however, was not amused. "You speak treasonous words against the Forsaken, lead by a past leader of my people," he began, his gaze narrowing. "She struck Gilneas at the Command of the Warchief, under her duty and hnor as needed of us all. She turnedh er gaze where she needed to, like we all do."

"Then why, Master Bloodarrow, does she destroy the lands? Why does she make the forests uninhabitable, taint the earth, soil the waters...? The Warchief never ordered such terrible things. -My- Warchief stands defiantly against her kin. But we cannot stand alone."

"Your Chieftain does as the Warchief commands," Alorinis sneered, his words quick, "She converts the land to her people's needs, and to extend the control of the Horde. I cannot prepare an army against a comrade of the Horde. Only the Warchief or my Regent-Lord could permit such."

Der'gigar only stepped closer, grunting as he did so. "You resign yourself to a fate similar to her's, Alorinis. Her people need not the shadow to survive, -if- they should even survive at all. Drek'Thar told Garrosh's Lieutenants that he would never assist the Forsaken and - while you may not interpret such a refusal as a sign of war, the Banshee Queen relishes the opportunity to act against us."

"I will not turn against my allies in the Horde," the Commander said, retaining his gaze at Der'gigar. Valecia's ear flicked at the movement of the orc, rolling her shoulders at the tension.

"You deny the truth of my words? You do not see the danger?"

"I see an -orc- cursed with an end we could not imagine. Sylvanas would never do such terrible things - I need to...wait and see."

"Your inaction will lead to suffering. I urge you to reconsider; perhaps travel to Alterac with me and commune with the Elements with my aid."

"Even if he agreed with you," Valecia finally interrupted, her own interest overriding her silence, "he could not do anything without betraying Quel'Thalas and being branded a traitor."

"I respect the wisdom of the Elements, Shaman, but no matter their words, I cannot act against my Regent-Lord," Alorinis stated with finality.

"If acting to save your people, whose lives depend on your wisdom, is considered treason, then I do wonder what killing thousands to raise them as undead constitutes as," Der'gigar said lowly, nearly growling. "Surely it is not simply 'what must be done'."

"You speak on too many possibilities and things you fear -may- happen. I do not believe the Banshee Queen will turn on us. If she does, we will act, but only then."

"I do not fear anything, Lord Bloodarrow. My life is nearing an end, whether or not the threat is stopped," he sighed, letting out a muffled cough. "If you will not act to save our people, then I must find someone that will."

With that, Der'gigar began to turn away. Alorinis pursued with one step forward, "Remember, Shaman: If you act against the Forsaken, it is an attack on the Horde. That leaves us as enemies."

Still turned away, Der'gigar closed his eyes. He shook his head weakly, sighing. "And if the Forsaken act against us? If, tomorrow, you awaken to an Alterac whose snow is the color of Blight?"

"...before they could even march, we would know if it. And our armies would be sent to defend."

Der'gigar took another step away, "Long ago, the Elves of Quel'Thalas did not stand with humanity to fight the coming of the Scourge. I fear, when the second coming is realized, it will be too late." The orc turned his head back at Valecia with a knowing expression of his face. Only seconds later, he moved to leave, his steps sullen and heavy.

"I have failed you, my Warchief...forgive me."

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