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[LTA] The Frozen Remains of Stratholme

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"United we stand, divided we fall."


Campaign Overview

As Lordaeron recovers and heals from the wounds inflicted by the plague, a hidden threat has begun to surface high in the snowy reaches of Alterac Mountains. Whole villages abandoned, their citizenries gone without a trace; patrols from various military orders missing; and sightings of undead forces have all become more common as the snow falls down upon the fallen nation. Necromancers have swelled the ranks, raising the dead to add to the undead army, and death knights formerly of the Ebon Blade have joined as well to add their strength to the enemy. Undead from all dark corners of the world have come to join in the carnage, and to unify their power and center it around one name... Jordacai.

Now confronted by this new threat, the Silverhand must swiftly gather up their strength and look to their estranged allies in the wake of these events: Dalaran and the Blood elves. Yet these two orders are already at each other's throats, determined to see the other as the enemy wishing to subvert them and sieze power all for themselves. They remain blind to the growing undead threat in Alterac, and the Silverhand must either unify the quarelling powers or face the cold bitterness that is failure and death. For there will be naught to tell the story of devastation but the frozen corpses in the snow, remaining as a testament to the growing power that would see this whole world enthralled, united by one ultimate factor: death.



Alterac Mountains - The North is no stranger to fierce winters, and none are more fearsome than the blizzards and snowstorms that plague the central mountain range of Lordaeron. Once home to the great nation of Alterac, the region has been left to remnant powers that would claim it for themselves: Syndicate, Frostwolves, Stormpike, Boulderfist, and Alterac refugees all seeking to reclaim the land for themselves. Winding paths through the vast mountains all lead to different roads and destinations, and more frequently that destination has been death's door in the wake of the growing undead threat. Growing villages and hamlets have dotted the surface, while the peaks remain coated by snow and shrouded by the ever persistent overcast.

Malanarus - Necropolises were considered an omen of death in the time of the Scourge, for if one was seen over the area then one could guarantee a large undead force was not far behind. Remaining hidden for some time by the power of Jordacai, Malanarus was once a necropolis used in Northrend to house the more frost-oriented armies of the Lich King. Now recovered, it is the central base for Jordacai's undead army - and hosts terrors yet to be unleashed upon the world. Its current location is unknown, but one can assume it shall appear very soon as Jordacai strikes at the forces of Alterac.

Alterac City - Before the Second War, the nation of Alterac was a proud one filled with devout and loyal citizens faithful to the line of Perenolde. That all changed when their king sided with the orcs and condemned the nation of Lordaeron, and ever since they have migrated to other regions or died off in the wake of turmoil that has plagued their country in the decades that have come. Yet some hold onto hope, and a large group of Alteraci have come to reclaim their lost city and rebuild their once great nation. Already they contend with the various factions in the region, but they remain steadfast in their dedication to reclaim their lost home. Rumor has it they have even reached out to the Silverhand to begin negotiations and join forces, but this has yet to be confirmed.



The Silverhand -  Noble crusaders who followed Garithos to the Frozen Citadel have now begun work in restoring Lordaeron to its former glory in the name of the Crusade. Working closely with the magical kingdom of Dalaran, the Silverhand has expanded its power and hold over as much of Lordaeron as they can. Now facing the threat of the Truthful on the western front, little efforts are made otherwise in the wake of other threats. The Eighth Expeditionary force, led by Captain Alevea Flamestrider and Lieutenant Herrold Montlier, has been tasked with investigating the growing undead threat in Alterac and to spread the Argent's influence throughout the region and to claim it for themselves.

Knights of the Ebon Blade - Once the Lich King's chosen knights, the Ebons have long since broken the chain of their former master and succeeded in their quest for vengeance against Arthas for robbing them of their former lives. Ever since, the numbers of the Ebons have dwindled as they have rejoined the respective factions of the Alliance and Horde and faced against the many threats of the world. Forgotten to the world, a prominent force of them still exists to hunt and exterminate any last remaining Scourge forces that swear allegiance to any master of undeath. A large group of the Ebons, led by Lord Thastian le Vasseur and Ebon Commander Thok, has been investigating the threat Jordacai poses - and their drive to put an end to the Lich Master pales in comparison to anybody else's.

The Cult of Jordacai - Nobody knows the exact origins of the cult, but the general conclusion is that it is a remnant group of Scourge that endured the war against the Lich King and have gone into hiding ever since. Once scattered and hunted to near extermination, they have now banded under their new leader: Jordacai. Undead necromancers and their creations swell the ranks boisterously, while death knights - former loyalists to the Lich King or defectors of the Ebon Blade - serve as captains to the undead army. Remaining in the dark long enough to grow in proper strength, the cult now descends upon Lordaeron to begin wiping out the living to add to their ranks and consume the entire continent in their wake.





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