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[LTA] The Excursion

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Special thanks to Fewl, Sage, and Kevin123 for the LTA's.

As seen scribbled neatly in red crayon and posted on the wall of Dun Garok...



My fellow brothers in arms,

I am seeking all willing and able-bodied men who will accompany my excursion team to Draenor. As it stands, our primary mission will be to recover the Dark Horde's technology as a result of the alternate timeline, and to obtain samples of it's plant species to cultivate for research and medicinal purposes. You will be expected to provide and carry your own supply, and possess basic survival skills at minimum. We will be travelling mostly on foot throughout the mission in order to maintain a low profile.

Our team has no room for dead weight, so you will be evaluated for what you can offer us, and we will assign you a role on the team according to your qualifications. We will be moving forward quickly to accomplish our objectives, and then seek extraction with minimal involvement in the war against the Iron Horde. The weak need not apply.

If you wish to accompany us or have questions, please inform me as soon as possible. Preparations have already begun.

Sergeant Adrius Nevermoore



Campaign Overview:
A shattered timeline. A planet engulfed in war. Five days of survival.

With the Alliance forces now securing a foothold in the battle against the Dark Horde, the Mages of Dalaran have opened portals to allow safe passage into the broken world. Join an off-the-books excursion team led by Sergeant Adrius Nevermoore, and the Battalion will venture where no soldier has officially gone before: Draenor!

The excursion team’s mission is simple: Enter Draenor via the portals, maintain a low profile, collect items of interest, and report to extraction within Netherstorm on the fifth day. However, the mission will not be as simple as it seems…

Gorra, a savage huntress of the Dark Horde, has been chosen by Kargath himself to pursue and eliminate the excursion team. Will the Battalion be able to evade the Dark Horde’s wrath while simultaneously accomplishing their objectives?

Gorra and her Lieutenants


The Orc Huntress, simply known as Gorra, is one of the fiercest and most renowned riders of the Warsong Clan. Desperate to prove herself worthy to her peers, Gorra took to riding at a very early age. At age nineteen, Gorra won her first racing tournament against some of the fiercest riders of the Warsong, and became undefeated thereafter. At age twenty-one, she murdered her first Orc in cold blood, landing her in chains for many years until she was eventually unleashed upon the forces of Azeroth.

Bound to an agreement with the Shadow Council of the Dark Horde, Gorra had promised to return with all her assigned targets in exchange for her freedom. Despite her young age, Gorra has proven she is not only as capable as her male counterparts in the art of combat, but is unparalleled in her riding ability and her ruthlessness in achieving her goals.



Use links below to save image.

Mahkul the Reaver is the epitome of sadomasochism, deriving an especially twisted gratification from torturing innocents and engineering new ways to make others suffer. He has a penchant for threading wicked barbs through his victims' skin, affixing cleated torture equipment to their fresh wounds, and imbuing the worst of his devices with a slow-acting Toxicfang Venom extracted from Rylaks.

And just as the Reaver gets his pleasure from the pain of others, so too is his twisted mind wired to enjoy his own misery. Owing to this habit, he has spent an agonizing century enduring small doses of poisons and has built himself an immunity from their toxicity. Mahkul embeds sharp horns and barbed bracelets into his mutilated flesh; rumors abound that each of the crude tally marks carved into his skin represent a different one of his kills, of which there are thousands.


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The Warsong Clan earn respect from their kin with each fell of their vicious axes. Those who reap the most kills are held in reverence while those who scarcely claim a single prey are vilified as pariahs. As the year reaches its close, a huntsman is elected from each village to lead their hunters in a dangerous bloodsport across the plains of Nagrand. This year, Vosh'gar the Savage has been endowed with that honor. He and his huntsmen have set their eyes upon the Alliance’s excursion team to prove their strength among the members of his clan.


During the Excursion, each member of the expedition will carry a set amount of Gear and Consumables. Inventory can be used during combat for bonuses, given to other members of the Excursion team, or sometimes traded to allies on Draenor for collectables.


Map of Draenor
An illustrated map of Draenor.


Standard-issue Backpack
A standard issue backpack, used to store personal belongings. Comes in any you prefer (as long as it’s blue).
Used to store consumables and other valuable items.


short-ranged Communication Device
A lesser-grade Comm Device with a maximum of 100 yards.

x4 Rations

Use: Allows the user to eat for the day. (See: "Famished")
A canned MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). High in salt and protein, but tastes rather awful.



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Day 1 Summary

The Excursion team started their journey from their camp-site outside of Honor Hold. From there, they detoured North to the town of Erodor, only to discover that the farm-hands at the front of the town were missing. Despite having only four days rations, the expedition resisted the temptation to steal any of the crops, and continued on their way to the heart of Elodor.

Once there, they discovered a patch of Shimmershroom. When Danta and Allisabeth crossed the murky river to retrieve them, it was discovered that the Shimmershrooms were actually atop the heads of two massive Umbraspore Giants, which concealed themselves underground. After making quick work of one of the giants, the battle came to an explosive end as Gurdrun used his sticky grenades to blast the other giant to bits.

Returning to the farm, the expedition encountered the missing farmers, who were busy in a nearby town trading their crops. To award them for not stealing from their crop in their absence, the expedition was offered three small pumpkins, which earned some of them extra rations. The expedition was advised to take safe passage through the Nightmarsh on their way to the Spires of Arak.

The team then encountered a wounded Stormwind soldier in the Marsh. After several expedition medics rushed to aid the soldier, an Orc huntress appeared above them in the valley, revealing that it was a trap. Having been discovered and shot by Gurdrun, the Orc was forced to flee, but not before driving an arrow through the Alliance soldier she used as bait. A journal was also discovered on the soldier's body.

The excursion team then proceeded to the Northern Spires, where they set up camp for the night.


Alliance Soldier's Journal


As seen on the last entry...

Day 58

I'm going to die here in this stinking marsh. I know the Huntress is looking for me, but I'll wait a day or two before I make my next move. Maybe she won't find me. Maybe she'll just give up.

I'm the last member of my unit now. The last of us were systematically hunted down by this ruthless Orc bitch. I have no idea what we did to earn her wrath, but I am certain she is coming for me as well.

I can't give up now. I don't want my son to grow up without a father. The Light will give me the strength to make it through this. I need only have faith.

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Day 2 & Day 3 Summary

Day 2

From the camp site at Lost Veil Anzu, the expedition made their way through the Cursed Hollow. They encountered a group of Arrakoan captives who were being forced to drink from the cursed pools, and the expedition decided to rush to their aid. They encountered Daedras Shadowark's former teacher, Irkriss, and with their combined efforts, the captives were rescued and released.

Irkriss led them to a small settlement of Broken, whose wings were rendered useless by the Curse and unable to fly. Only Alex opted to give the Broken his parachute which allowed them to "fly" again.

Daedras convinced his former teacher to lead the team through the rest of the Spires, and agreed to send his scout, Arris, to guide them the rest of the way. Arris was captured by the Shattered Hand Orcs, led by Mahkill the Reaver. Mahkill was eventually defeated, and Arris was freed, and they continued on their way through the mountains.

They made camp at Skettis for the night, where Adrius uncovered some of the Apexis technology.

Day 3

The Expedition began their day by venturing through Talador before entering Nagrand. They encountered two Goblins stuck in cages, and claimed to have been imprisoned by the ogres of Nagrand Arena for losing a bet. The Goblins were freed by the expedition, only to be led into a trap. They were stripped of their weapons, then marched to the Arena where they were forced into combat.

The expedition spent most of the day captured in the arena, fighting several opponents before being let loose as their new champions. They recovered their weapons and supplies, and was awarded a Champion's Necklace for their success.

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