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Da Southshore Boyz - Draft Phase

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Surreal it was, juxtaposing the worries of his mind with the calm of the waters beyond the pier. The juvenile, oft-found contemplating to the depths, did not partake in the ways of angling as others of the commonwealth did.  The avid fishermen populated the banks and the cerulean expanse in their own rudimentary boats.  Paying no heed to the boy in the pursuit of their livelihoods, left him many a time with no chance for dialogue.  An especially gloomy overcast it was to dissuade him from remaining at the pier.  A brisk walk through the city would clear his head, yes. However the lack of the caution that had long fled his mind would prove to be a grave error.  In the midst of the dilapidated path he had chosen through town, the rustling of foliage was more than a herald of simple movement.  Only could the juvenile offer a turn of his head before being assailed.  A short cry and the flight of anything valuable was the only evidence needed of wrongdoing.  The ebon-garbed miscreants fading into the scenery of the port city's slowly decaying demographic was an all too tragic reoccurance...


Once famed as the bustling maritime commonwealth to be at, the port town began to appear worse for wear after the attempts to restore it to its former glory.  The barrier between adversities such as poverty and crime wears thin as more and more lost souls are displaced by the war with the orcs.  Collaboration becomes conflicting, many interactions at the height of tensions remain wry.  Ideologies and creeds clash within the constraint of the land's jurisdiction, animosity pervades the inhabitants who hold their coinpurses close and their blades closer...


Goal - Economic independence, accumulate political influence to attain a Commonwealth movement to establish a independent city-state.

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