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Update Announcement (v6.4a)

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Update Announcement (v6.4a)

New Additions

6 New Heroes:

1. Sun Quan (181-252 AD)



Weapon: Master Wolf


2. Xu Chu (?-230 AD)



Weapon: Stone Crusher


3. Cao Hong (?-232 AD)



Weapon: Great Scimitar


4. Li Dian (?-215 AD)



Weapon: Enforcer Rod


5. Wen Yang (238-291 AD)



Weapon: Stallion Fury


6. Guan Ping (?-220 AD)



Weapon: Young Dragon



New Gameplay System (1): Scenarios


Scenarios are a part of the core gameplay of the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. It allowed players to have the freedom to take part in the history at any given time period from 190 AD to 230 AD. Here, we introduce three available scenarios in the map. What's so special about these scenarios is that depending on the game scenario selected, players of different colors will be able to play as different characters that were most prominent in that time period. This also features scenario exclusive events that can only be triggered by players when a specific scenario has been selected. This system has a big potential for development in future versions, so do expect more playable scenarios coming!

Scenario 1: Battle of Guan Du (200 AD)



In Battle of Guan Du, there exists two major powerhouses: Cao Cao and Yuan Shao. The minor Warlords can decide to side with one of the two major powers in order to gain control over more lands or they can ally amongst each other to defeat these two major powers!


Starting distribution of the lands amongst the Warlords


Available Characters to play as in this scenario

Scenario 2: Land Divided into Three (211 AD)



In Land Divided into Three, China is basically divided amongst the Three Kingdoms: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan. Evidently, Cao Cao seems to be in control over most lands initially, hence it will require cooperation between Liu Bei and Sun Quan to strike Cao Cao's forces from the East and the West to even stand a chance against the mighty Lord Cao Cao!


Starting distribution of the lands amongst the Warlords


Available Characters to play as in this scenario

Scenario Exclusive Events:

  • Five Tiger Generals of Shu
  • Capture of Guan Yu
  • Cao Pi, Wei Emperor of Wen
  • Volunteer of Jiang Wei


Scenario 3: Hypothetical (260 AD)



In Hypothetical Scenario, it is the original mode of the game with 10 different playable Warlords. What is different now is that each Warlord now starts with a single city (except Cao Cao) which does not give any advantage to any Warlords. The strategy in this scenario is as clear, hence it will be up to players to determine their own paths!


Starting distribution of the lands amongst the Warlords


Available Characters to play as in this scenario

Scenario Exclusive Events:

  • Yellow Turbans Rebellion
  • Assassination of Dong Zhuo
  • Emperor Yuan Shu
  • Wuhuan Invasion
  • Arrival of Righteous White Horse
  • Jiang Dong Grand Marshal
  • Blood Letter from Han Emperor


New Gameplay System (2): Vassal Rebellion


The long awaited Vassal Rebellion system has finally arrived! Now, when surrendered players have reached a specific measure of power, they will be prompted that they are able to rebel against their Lords. Of course, they must remember that once you rebel, you are at a point of no return, as you cannot surrender again!


New Gameplay System (3): Technology Research


To complicate things even more, libraries can now be constructed by workers to unlock further advancements in military power. Units trained in Elite Barracks will now require research upgrades in order to be unlocked. The cost of research can be quite expensive in early game, so decide wisely which unit you would like to unlock first, as remember each unit can be countered by another!


New Game UI:




  • All Leader Heroes start with a base damage of 20 followed by increase of attack damage based on primary attribute
  • Farms can no longer be constructed, upkeep expansion is now available as a research upgrade found in the library
  • Reduced movement speed of Guan Yin Ping
  • Reduced the damage of Repeating Crossbows
  • Increased attack speed of normal Cavalry
  • Decreased attack speed of Imperial Guard and Heavy Pikeman
  • Increased HP of Nanman Barbarians
  • Removed Spiked Shield and Beast Ax from Yellow Turbans
  • All elite units training times are set to 1 second
  • Shifted the neutral hostile ships guarding the Yellow Sea slightly South
  • Changed skill set of Lu Bu to Strength Melee Generals skill set
  • Edited the typo on normal Cavalries


Bug Fixes

  • The maximum numbers of Repeating Crossbows was not limited to 15
  • Occurrence of multiple units of the same adjutant 


The ROTK Team

Romance of the Three Kingdoms v6.4a.w3x

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