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Update Announcement (v6.3c)

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Update Announcement (v6.3c)

New Additions

New Hero: Guan Yin Ping

(?-? AD)


According to the folks legends, amongst the four children of Guan Yu, Guan Yin Ping was ranked the third eldest. However, there was no actual historical records of claiming the existence of such person. Rumors has it that, like her brothers, Guan Yin Ping developed sharp proficiency in martial arts by the age of 18. During the period when her father was the minister of Jing Province, Sun Quan had kindly offered a marriage arrangement for his son. However,  due to the condescending attitude of her father towards Sun Quan, the marriage proposal was rejected. Guan Yin Ping later under the influence of Zhuge Liang, was married to Li Yi prior to the Nanman Campaign.




In-game model of Guan Yin Ping 


New Gameplay System: Adjutants

Adjutants serve as the second in command, assisting the leading Generals in devising strategies and offering support on the forefronts of the battlefields. Adjutants in the game are essentially the stronger form of the elite units, as well as offering additional positive auras to nearby friendly units. They can be distinguished from normal units by their larger model size and the special effect positioned overhead of their models. The adjutants were selected based on historically references, in which they were actually the primary leaders of specific elite units in game. The adjutants cannot be specifically trained from a building, they can be obtained in two ways: (1) 5% chance for adjutants to spawn every time an elite unit is trained, (2) Adjutants are guaranteed to spawn once a player has recruited at least 12 units of a specific elite unit type. Note that each adjutant can only belong to a specific player at a time, hence no duplicates are possible. Adjutants can be recruited again, if they have fallen on the battlefield. Finally, Adjutants are units, therefore do not gain experience or skill points.

List of Adjutants added:



1. Cao Chun

(170-210 AD)


Leader of Tiger Knights: Cao Chun was the brother of Cao Ren and hence the cousin of Cao Cao. In 189 AD, when Cao Cao failed to assassinate Dong Zhuo and fled to Cheng Liu, Cao Chun, 20 years old at the time chose to pledge his allegiance to Cao Cao whom had almost zero man power at the time. Cao Chun was most renown for his leadership of the strongest elite troops of Cao Wei State, the Tiger Knights.



2 Zhu Ran

(182-249 AD)


Leader of Jiang Dong Fire Archers: Zhu Ran was the nephew of Zhu Zhi, one of the eldest officers in Sun Wu State. The largest scaled battle that Zhu Ran had participated in was Battle of Yi Ling against 700,000 men led by Liu Bei. Under the command of Lu Xun, Zhu Ran successfully executed the fire attack on the military camps of Shu, using flaming arrows and burning oils.



3. Gan Ning

(?-220 AD)


Leader of Danyang Swords: Gan Ning initially sailed on the seas to assault trading ships for goods and money, and became the most infamous pirate in the region of Jiang Dong. Under the proposition of Grand Marshals, Zhou Yu and Lu Meng, Gan Ning rapidly claimed high authority within the Sun Wu State. Sun Quan often compared his bravery and capabilities to that of Zhang Liao, one of the most fearsome general of Cao Wei.



4. Chen Dao

(?-? AD)


Leader of White Feather Warriors: Chen Dao followed Liu Bei very early on in his career, starting in 194 AD. Chen Dao was most renown for his leadership of White Feather Warriors, the strongest and most mysterious elite units of Shu Han State. The regiment of White Feather Warriors led by Chen Dao did not exceed 500 men. It was recorded that after Liu Bei lost Battle of Yi Ling, Chen Dao led his squadron of White Feather Warriors to fend off against Lu Xun's pursuit. At the time, Lu Xun led 6000 men to capture Liu Bei, however was quickly forced to retreat following the encounter of the elite White Feather Warriors led by Chen Dao.



5. Yan Gang

(163-199 AD)


Leader of Righteous White Horse: Yan Gang was appointed by Gongsun Zan to participate in the frontline of Battle of Jie Qiao against Yuan Shao. Yan Gang led thousands of Righteous White Horse into battle, however was quickly defeated and slain by Yuan Shao's general named Qu Yi. His incompetency sacrificed all the strongest elite unit that Gongsun Zan was most proud of.



6. King Wu Tugu

(?-? AD)


Leader of Vine Armored Hoplites: Following the sixth capture of Meng Huo by Zhuge Liang, Meng Huo was forced to seek help from King Wu Tugu. For decades, King Wu Tugu focused on developing an impenetrable armor that would allow his men to dominate on the battlefield. The armor was constructed using unique thick vines found in the Nanman region and was proven to be strongly resistant against metal swords and spears. However, this impenetrable vine armor had a single weakness: Fire, which eventually led to the utter slaughter of the 30,000 Vine Armored Hoplites led by King Wu Tugu against Zhuge Liang.


Remake of Attack/Armor Type Tooltips


To more clearly assist players in identifying the counter to each available unit in the game, the tooltips for attack and armor types are enhanced. It will now explicitly list out all the percentage of damage dealt or received in respect to every other attack and armor types. This will help new players to have a much easier time in deciding what types of units to recruit to fight against other Warlords.



  • Slight enhancements to Game UI
  • Complete Remake of F9 Information Tab
  • Maximum numbers of Heroes owned per faction is set to 5
  • Heroes become available for recruit again in Taverns once a player leaves
  • Reduced income gain of all Sea Control Points
  • Increased lumber cost of all Elite units
  • Increased the training time of all Elite units
  • Decreased recruitment gold cost of Shaolin Disciples
  • Increased starting Intelligence of all Faction Leaders
  • Increased starting Agility of Zhang He
  • Decreased starting Agility and Strength of Lu Meng
  • Reduced the initial Hero level of Lu Meng from 6 to 4
  • Increased the recruitment cost of Guan Yu
  • The Oath of Peach Garden ability is now only added to Liu Bei, Guan Yu , Zhang Fei after the event, "Oath of Peach Garden" has been triggered
  • Chaos Attack type is now referred to as Fire Attacks
  • Magic Attack Type is now referred to as Phalanx Attacks
  • Reduced the damage dealt to Medium Armor by Piercing and Fire Attacks
  • Reduced the damage dealt to Fortified Armor by Phalanx Attacks
  • Increased Neutral hostile units surrounding Sea Control Points
  • Fixed Pathing


Bug Fixes

  • Marketplace of Yi State and Ta County does not change ownership after the city is taken
  • Recruitment lumber cost of Zhang Fei was only 50


The ROTK Team

Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.3c.w3x

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