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[KoT Theme] Hooligans - Pre-Kingdom of Renegades

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Special thanks to Dasho, and Nazgul99, and Dr.Stein for working on this concept with me and the many KoT's.


With the passing of the invasion from the Hahaskan Empire threat one month ago, the war has led to countless strife and poverty within the Imperial Kingdom of Stars. With so few manpower and the various drafts, banditry has been able to cause mischief and run amok. These groups of bandits have formed from the various mercenaries and the aftermath of the war. What began as innocent behavior has recently blossomed into attacks to drive refugees out of camps and other acts of hostility. With their motives, means, and goals unknown, the Kingdom of Stars must answer the call to protect its people from this harassment- and discover why exactly this motley crew of mercenaries is in the north in the first place. Victory is necessary, lest the buffoonery displayed by the Vellrose Crime Family will spread all across the kingdom of stars.



Walter Vellrose was a noble in life, possessing control of a manor up near the capital city of the Kingdom of Stars in the days before warring nations broke out. With the chaos of the Hahaskan Empire, Walter was slain in combat and his manor forgotten about largely. When he was risen by his comrades after being brought to the Highlander Vampires, the ruthless and irritable man was able to amass a certain wealth in his newfound death. Despite this, he did not enjoy the benefits of station that he did in life. His plans turned towards reclaiming his manor and moving up in rotter society, but he ran into a problem- no-one in the Highland Vampire's military hierarchy really cared or thought a random mansion in Kingdom of Stars was particularly worth troop commitment. Vellrose, ever scheming, scoffed at this notion and decided to find a mercenary company to assist him- and found the Vellrose Crime Family.


Sally Boltsprocket is the namesake of the company- and with good reason. She drives a hard bargain and keeps the wide range of cultures and races in harmony, or at the very least not trying to eat each other alive. Literally. She is the Director of Operations and her word is law, ensuring that the mercenaries never get burned on a deal- though this is likely because her coffers are filled from preventing this.


Thick is a burly creature, even among Njordsir. As the company's acting Field Commander and enforcer, Thick's massive Njordsir fists and disposition towards violent haymakers has ensured that internal disputes are ended quickly and orders are followed at least by the third time they're given. Cold, quiet, and giving off an aura that he's probably killed someone for talking about his beard wrong- Thick is definitely the solemn bruiser of the group.


Eregund Bandalthar is a shining testament of the tenacity and stubborn nature of dwarves. Eregund discovered his aptitude for magic and happily began the process of applying to Kingdom of Star's University- which summarily told him in no uncertain terms that he would not be getting in. Frustrated and confused, Eregund continually applied over and over- a common phrase at the end of each application being "Please respond." His anger grew with each failed attempt at procuring training in the magical city and he began to lash out violently at even the smallest of slights. After melting a hot dog stand in the Jewel Desert for looking at him wrong, Eregund decided to seek freelance work with only his self-taught training. He took a course in anger management and claims to be free of his former behaviors. Claims.


Old Wellesley once served the Kingdom of Star's, saving dozens of soldiers from death's door over his tenure as an army surgeon. His calm bedside manner was praised by those who were operated on by him, their claims being that his plying them with drink and asking them what their relationship with their father was like ultimately drew their attention away from the bone saw amputating their arm. Wellesley's service was ended when he was discovered casually drinking anesthetic, but he continues his healing with the crime family.


Paige, in life, was a very loud and boisterous person. So much so that when she was caught sneaking around a noble's estate in the Highlands to steal his jewelry- he recognized her voice anywhere. His guards executed her, but not before sewing her mouth shut so that they could all at least have five minutes of peace without the constant yapping. Some years later, Paige was raised into undeath as a Vampire, and spent a deal of time in the service of the Terrad Draco. The other Vampires found her silence and nosy nature grating and she never really found her place in society, so one day she set off on the road. Finding the Crime family, she instantly felt as though she belonged- the egocentric and overly dramatic mercenaries could do all the talking for her.




Eminent Domain

A King in his Inn



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Far From Any Road
Entry 1 - Titan Land KoT, July 27th

Following intelligence about the region of Lana Falls that the Vellrose Crime Family was operating in primarily, the Katanovian forces mobilized to snuff out this threat. The mercenary group could not be ignored after infiltrating a Katanovian Military outpost and becoming inebriated with the sentries, and later growing violent and pushing settlers and refugees out of the area at sword point. The group followed the trail of shadow magic Daedras Shadowark had applied at a previous encounter and ended up at an abandoned mill. The forces proceeded forward up the hills, evidence of the Vellrose Crime Family's passing appearing; Marks on the trees, bottles lying around, craters from artillery. After reaching further into the woods, several members of the Katanovian regiment successfully detected enemy combatants hiding along the ridge and their eastern flank. The shadowy figures revealed themselves to be the Crime Family that the order had been looking for, and a standoff ensued.

Among the figures was a bizarre variety of races; Orcs, Elves, humans, goblins, trolls, sarrian's. Some of them possessed strange equipment such as body armor that rolled into a sphere, flamethrowers, makrura claws for hands, and even the ability to morph into slime. Hillsbradian Mackay and Tlannis spoke up, but ultimately Ralden Drythus handled negotiations with Sally Boltsprocket. The ultimatum was given by the gnomish woman Sally Boltsprocket; Cease operations in the area or her mercenaries would fight the Katanovian forces at every turn. The Katanovian forces did not seem to consider the offer very reasonable, and further argument ensued. After a back and forth, a undead like man appeared named Walter Vellrose, claiming that this region and the mansion at the heart of it belonged to him in life. He explained that the mercenaries were his to do with as he pleased and that he had every right to push refugees and Katanovian citizens out of his territory. He gave the same ultimatum to the order. Ralden Drythus gave the clear reply of two bullets aimed at Walter Vellrose and Sally Boltsprocket's gyrocopter.

Battle ensued and the Katanovian forces found themselves matched fairly well, the mercenaries even pushing them back into a defensive circle. The Katanovian forces managed to hold out, though, and after growing more effective in the defensive circle- the mercenaries pulled back due to an order by Sally Boltsprocket. Izobelle Jensen managed to keep her grip on a rickety exosuit piloted by gnomes as the enemy fled, eventually using deception and the threat of a death by poison to steal the enemy exosuit and gain the location of their next camp. After the dust settled, the Katanovian forces made camp at an old and forgotten outpost of theirs and prepared to move further into the region the next day- onward toward the mansion.

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Blue Moon
Entry 2 - Titan Land KoT, July 27th

Pursuing the Vellrose Crime Family on their path of retreat, the Katanovian forces begin their offensive in full with an attack on Vellrose's lumbermills to the southeast of his mansion. Bringing in armored support and a clear numerical advantage, the Katanovian military assembled before a ramshackle fortification of scrap metal barricades painted with a plethora of obscenities, obscure mottos, and lewd illustrations. With a wall lead by the Brigade's field commander, the mighty Thick of Njordsir, and accompanied by Sir Girard of the Bottle, Pickles the Professional and his elaborate crossbow, and an unknown man in a murloc suit, the differences in the two forces screamed volumes. Up on the ridgeline behind the Brigade, fire support from the dreaded Blackballs Team mortar crew and Punybuster, the Brigade's resident sniper, the two forces engaged in a standoff of words before the Blackballs opened fire with a salvo of waffle irons.

With the first shots ringing out, orders were barked about the League as Sergeant Zigtrigger's armored support had the way cleared to the pitiful fortification. Before they could begin the charge, the gates suddenly swung open, and out came Krog The Highrolla in his metal Orc-Sphere who came colliding with the Katanovan forces like a bowling ball into pins. Only Valoree came out unscathed, who blasted a bolt of arcane into the Highrolla so powerful that it flung the orc off course and into a nearby tree stump. With the way clear, Namji's tank charged forward into the wall, causing it to nearly tumble over and forcing the mercenaries to abandon it to their next post while Corporal Lanceor exchanged fire with the Brigade's ranged support.

With the wall soon torn down and the path of advance clear, the Katanovan picked themselves up and pressed on, only to be met by an enraged Girard and Mista Hotstuff, the Brigade's effeminate Sarrian pyromaniac. As the melee finally joined, with Hotstuff's torrent of flame clearing the way for Girard's drunken onslaught, the League's numbers seemed irrelevant as Krog recovered and proceeded to reap havoc across the League ranks once more. After changing a cannister, Hotstuff set his sights on Namji's tank, and a struggle ensued as the tauren scaled the vehicle and fought to pry open the hatch. With the melee eventually winding down in the Katanovan's favor, Krog was battered and dented enough that he veered off course, flinging himself into the nearby river. Girard was brought down by a shadow induced migraine and fell into the control of Tancelia's shadow magic. With the defense seeming fruitless, Thick called the retreat as Hotstuff finally worked open the hatch of Namji's tank and poured flame down into the interior, scorching the gunner and leaving the vehicle a flaming wreck. With one mercenary captured and the rest in flight once again, the Imperial Katanovan forces secured their new holding in the advance on the manor and prepared for the next day of battle.

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I Would Have Been Your Daddy...
Entry 3 - Titan Land KoT, July 28th

The Katanovan Imperial Army enlisted the aid of one of the previously captured mercenaries in order to move forward around the enemy's defenses and assault their position at the nearby watch tower. While moving around the side path, several soldiers noticed a strange figure in the trees following the group. Kelmia Russo and Sheph Leafrunner were dispatched to detain this entity while the rest of the group began a slow advance on the unsuspecting mercenaries at the watch tower. Despite Kelmia and Sheph's efforts, and the main groups attempts to take the camp by surprise, the entity in the trees escaped into the camp and raised the alarm.

Within minutes, intense fighting broke out all around the watch tower. Bradian Mackay attempted negotiations with Sally Boltsprocket but both sides refused to back down. The Furbrawler and Pickles caused chaos, Mista Hotstuff burned and tossed people around, Paige went toe to toe with Sheph, Sally Boltsprocket and Old Wellesley turned into a whirling dervish of tools that smacked around Bradian and Ciranna, Thick and Twitch and the Sludge Mon caused chaos in their own special ways. Finally, with the melee entering the exhausting later stages, the Boltsprocket Brigade decided to pull back to the manor. Most of them managed to escape, except for Mista Hotstuff who was slowed by Lilithia Gailen and then fully brought down when Kelmia Russo and Daedras Shadowark assisted. Lilithia managed to snag the tauren's flamethrower while he himself was detained. The army established camp at the tower and prepared for the inevitable siege of the manor that would come the next day...

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Knocking on Heaven's Door
Entry 4 - Titan Land KoT, July 28th
The Katanovan forces began to make preparations for the siege throughout the night and some last minute reconnaissance and interrogation was carried out. Ralden Drythus interrogated the captured Mista Hotstuff and managed to get information on the general numbers, equipment, defense plan, and operation of the mercenary outfit. Hillsbradian Mackay and Kelmia Russo were able to scout into the woods briefly and discover that the enemy was placing artillery in the bell tower and that there were pits around the encampment- a fact that correlated with what Ralden was told in his questioning.

The call to muster was then given by Kelmia Russo after they got back, and the Katanovan forces discussed a plan of attack on the mansion. Dahlia presented a simple breach and clear using the two doors, but intel from the scouting teams suggested the doors were booby trapped. Ralden put forth the idea of using a satchel charge to breach through the wall and avoid the traps entirely. Valoree Brightburn and Daedras Shadowark then spoke up and offered to create a diversionary spell to cover the Katanovan's advance through the woods. Thus, the plan became to utilize the charges and spell to gain access to the mansion interior and then neutralize the mercs inside.

The group moved out towards the woods surrounding the manor and Valoree's spell turned out to be false insect swarms flying around and stinging the sentries and drawing focus away from the army. With this distraction and their cautious movement through the mined and trapped woods, the army managed an astonishing feat in never garnering attention from the manor defenders. In the clear, Ralden rushed forward with the satchel charges and blew a hole open in the wall. Valoree Brightburn noticed enemies hiding via the second floor windows and prevented an ambush from above.

The Katanovan forces poured in through the breach and soon combat was joined, each soldier and mercenary fighting tooth and nail in the interior. The sentries that had remained outside disarmed their door and entered to see the scene, attempting to start some sort of flanking action. Bradian, Kelmia, and Daedras were able to absolutely demolish this flanking force by stunning them and then collapsing the archway on top of them. Unfortunately, the bold charge of T'lannis du Tancret left him buried beneath the rubble as well. The fight raged on between the original groups- furbolgs and gnomes and goblins and soldiers all staining the interior with splinters and blood.

Loud movement of equipment drew Ralden's attention outside where he discovered the artillery team had descended from the bell tower and were about to fire a payload through the old breaching hole right at the army. This coincided with the army breaking the mercenaries, everyone besides the inner council beginning to flee into the hills. Ralden's quick thinking and warning over the comms allowed the katanovan forces to escape the deadly artillery fire inside- though the inner council got outside as well. The cannons and mortar blew up dust and debris in the interior and created a new hole on the far wall as well. What might have been a final stand off was ended quickly when Ralden shot at the Boltsprockets' gathered gunpowder barrels. The ogre and dwarves operating the equipment were sent blasting off into the hills and their equipment knocked away several feet. The battle was over.

Attention quickly turned to Sally Boltsprocket and the rest of the inner council, who began to try and negotiate favorable terms. Sally offered to sell out the client, Walter Vellrose, and other items in exchange for their freedom. She indicated that he had locked himself up in his room on the second level and offered taffy to all those around. While the taffy may have been declined, Ralden and T'lannis decided to investigate about Vellrose. Upon breaching the door to his room, they discovered that the undead man was missing- the only thing in the room being his high thread count sheets on his bed, and communications equipment on the desk. Investigating further, Ralden managed to get on the radio that had been left on.

A sinister voice crackled back over and Ralden carried on a conversation as Walter Vellrose with his best diabolical accent. He managed to discover that Vellrose had utilized the mercenaries to bait the Katanovan Forces into moving into the territory. Reporting to his military contacts that the Imperial Katanova intended to establish a base there, Vellrose was finally able to cajole the Terrad Draco into action- by offering his mansion as a base for them. T'lannis also managed to pick up notes and a cassette tape that both contained information on the Katnova Force's advance and tactics as well as the approach.

With all this information, Captain Victis ordered the League to make camp and prepare to fight the coming deathguards the next day. Sally and her remaining mercenaries remained inside, and Kelmia decided to try and convince them to fight alongside the Empire. Getting them to fight proved easy enough, but they seemed less than interested in really putting forth the full effort- unless they received the bag of gold Kelmia had been dangling in front of them. Sally then offered to bring back all the mercs who fled if she was given the gold, an offer that Kelmia could not pass up.

Thus the Kingdom of Stars began to prepare for the defense of the mansion...

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Entry 5 - Titan Land KoT, July 28th

The next day came and the katanovian army was prepared. A preliminary meeting occurred and High Commander Demitria Rione decided to have the woods laid with mines, had the Vellrose Crime Family take the long path around to flank the enemy mid-battle, and focus all forces at the manor's front. With the plan settled, the order's men and women prepared for the coming storm. The many falcons on the tabards waited, the Amaranthine roared into position, and Namji's Flying Machine took to the skies. The Ex- Vellrose Crime Family set out to the east.

The Highland Vampires arrived soon after, a large detachment of infantry being the first to crest the nearby ridge. The Katanovan forces held its position as they moved forward, and luckily the Highland Vampires suffered major damage from the mines laid earlier. The enemy finally closed in and the battle began in earnest.

Down the main path came three meat wagons, piled high with rotting organic ammunition. Kelmia, acting as a spotter for the Amaranthine, began an armor battle with them- though not before a single volley of meat hit the Katanovan forces. From the valley below came screeching bats and their riders, closing in for a bombing run. However, Namji Zigtrigger's Flying Machine proved to be an effective deterrent. The dogfighting and tank battles raged while the infantry closed with the Katanovan's lines and attempted to flank them. The imperial forces managed to keep strong for the most part, and the enemy's armor and air support was cut down quickly. Finally, as the Highland Vampires reserves began to head towards the army's southern flank, the Ex-Vellrose Crime Family finished its wraparound. They charged into the Highland Vampires reserves and made quick work of them, the various mercenaries playing to their strengths. Pinned between the two forces, the Vampires  were cut down with ease. Only straggling wounded were left after a few minutes. Even then, all survivors were personally hunted down by Demitria.

With little fanfare or attention, the ex-Vellrose Crime Family took its leave and headed for lands unknown. Following the battle, Cartres Portiave made the decision to have the mansion become a permanent settlement for the refugees and settlers who were displaced. A group of Smith's men would be sent and the mansion repaired, hopefully growing into a trading post one day. The name would be left up to the settlers.

So it was that the Katanovan's interactions with the mercenary's and the mansion in the hills ended.

Walter Vellrose remains at large.

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