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Update Announcement (v6.3b)

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Update Announcement (v6.3b)

New Additions

New City (1): Ta County


Ta County is situated in the present day of Da Lian. This ancient small city served as the bridge connecting the Sun Wu State and Gongsun Yuan of the North East. Ta County was an important location where numerous sea-route trades and political relations would frequently happen between the two Warlords. Ta County was ruled by the Gongsun Family since the 190AD up until 238AD, when Sima Yi led an invasion against Gongsun Yuan and successfully established Cao Wei authority in the area.


New City (2): Yi State


Yi State is situated in the present day of Taiwan. According to the historical records, Sun Quan has sent his generals to annex the Yi State and later became a part of the Sun Wu state. It was further described that the land of Yi State was mountainous, covered by acres of forests, and inhabited by segregated tribes of uncivilized barbarians.


New Event: Wuhuan Invasion


The Wuhuan had existed since 3rd Century BC, their lands neighboured many powerful nations, namely the Han Dynasty in the South and Xiongnu in the North. The constant aggression from Xiongnu eventually forced the Wuhuan to seek protection from the Han Dynasty by pledging allegiance and paying tributes. After the intense conflict between Cao Cao and Yuan Shao has broken out in 200 AD, the Wuhuan united with the neighbouring tribes to use this perfect opportunity to expand their lands into mainland China. However, following the decisive victory of Cao Cao in Battle of Guan Du in 205 AD, Cao Cao shifted his target to the Wuhuan. In 207 AD, the Wei Tiger Knights led by Cao Chun easily defeated Wuhuan, and the Wuhuan again had to flee back to the North.


New Elite Unit: Repeating Crossbows


The Repeating Crossbows had existed in China prior to 5th Century BC, however, it took the form of a large scaled artillery. During the Three Kingdoms Era, Zhuge Liang completely re-designed the weapon, which later became known as the "Zhuge Crossbow." It was said that the Zhuge Crossbow was capable of firing 10 arrows without reload, which greatly improved the firing rate. However, due to the light firing power, the range of the Zhuge Crossbow was very short, only up to 20 steps away. Because these crossbows were heavy and many arrows had to be brought along, the Repeating Crossbows moved slowly and it was difficult for them to quickly escape the front lines.

This Elite Unit is available in Xiang Yang, Jiang Ling, and Yong An


  • Fast Attack Speed
  • High Melee Defense


  • Slow Movement Speed
  • Low Attack Damage
  • Short Attack Range


New Faction Advantage: Unit Upgrades

To further amplify the uniqueness of each faction and highlight the types of army specialized by each Warlord during the Three Kingdoms Era, at the start of the game, each faction now has +2 in a specific unit upgrade, which can be in Iron Forged Swords, Infantry Training, Archery Training, or Animal War Training.

List of +2 Upgrades for each faction:

  • Sun Jian: Archery Training
  • Cao Cao: Animal War Training
  • Liu Bei: Infantry Training
  • Dong Zhuo: Animal War Training
  • Yuan Shao: Archery Training
  • Gongsun Zan: Animal War Training
  • Yuan Shu: Infantry Training
  • Liu Zhang: Infantry Training
  • Ma Teng: Animal War Training
  • Meng Huo: Iron Forged Swords



  • Optimized pathing around some cities and mountains
  • Increased attack damage of Juggernauts
  • Increased movement speed of Elephants
  • Decreased movement speed of all ranged Heroes
  • Increased the cooldown of Fire Arrows ability of Ranged Heroes
  • Decreased build time of all Ships
  • Decreased build time of Shipyard
  • Balanced cost of Ships
  • Removed Wuling infantry, archers, and cavalries
  • Adjusted event conditions to trigger Formation of Jin Dynasty
  • Changed model of Ma Dai


Bug Fixes

  • Wen Chou can walk on water
  • Towers in Ye cannot be upgraded to Imperial Towers


The ROTK Team

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