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[Campaign] Allegiance Part One: Home

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This is a theme dedicated to AoC Lordaeron. Special thanks to Saken, who helped me develop the theme over the years.



"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." - Motto of the Commonwealth of Lordaeron

Lordaeron is a land rife with chaos, and once more its very future hangs precariously in the balance. Months of rising tensions between the smallfolk of Lordaeron and the soldiers of Lordaeron posted there have set the country on a singular path: War. King Terenas rule, once uncontested, has been pushed to its limits by the rebellious Brotherhood of the Fallen Eagle. With the Brotherhood numbers swelling it has become a self-proclaimed country in its own right, a Commonwealth claiming to be a bastion from  oppression. As sympathizers and loyalists alike flock to both sides, peace has become out of reach. In a fight such as this, there can be no bystanders, for with fire and sword the whole country shall be brought to chaos if a decisive victory is not wrought.

Players stands central in this conflict, the might of the Order able to restore stability to their ravished country. The Organization, behind Commander Rione, has chosen loyalty and stability in their standing by the King's Third Battalion. The sons and daughters of Lordaeron must once again rise to the occasion to maintain peace in their home. Yet with atrocities committed on both sides, a divide is forming amongst the nobles. They must hold fast as their allegiance is tested and their home brought to its breaking point, lest they find themselves casualties of war.




The King's Third Battalion:

Led by the battle-hardened Captain William Sherwood, the Third Battalion has been deployed to Lordaeron to maintain stability among settlers and establish a solid foothold in the name of their King. They are well supplied, well equipped, and well disciplined. Their objective is clear; to end the fledgling Commonwealth and restore the King's peace, through the King's justice. Though they number only some 400 men in total against a superior force, a combination of veteran leaders and experienced soldiers makes them a force to be reckoned with.

The Commonwealth of Lordaeron:

Formed from a core of veteran Knights of the Silver Hand and supported by masses of common farmers and workers, the Commonwealth is an infant nation and perhaps the biggest threat to Terenas within Lordaeron, rivaling even the undead. While the majority of their troops are untrained and poorly equipped, they have been supplemented by a significant amount of foreign volunteers, and the belief in their fight for freedom from oppression grants them a moral advantage over their enemies. Though the Commonwealth is headed by Sir Aldrich Frost, due to the nature of the nation his word carries little weight if his is not the will of the people. With their numbers increasing towards estimates beyond one thousand, the Third Battalion and the League must overtake them quickly.

Nobles of Lordaeron:

Though weakened from months of war by attrition with the undead, noble houses by now familiar with the organization (Players) have begun leaning towards one side or another. Each House holds their own interests at heart, and the politics of nobility may come into play more than either side would prefer. Differing in power, honor, and beliefs, their impact is all but uncertain at this point. But as more rush to join each side, the war only gains potential for slaughter.


Captain William Sherwood

"By Light and King I shall not relent until these insurgents are defeated and my men are seen home."


Often described as the most stubborn man Lordaeron has ever seen, Sherwood is not one to relent in the face of adversity. He has led the King's Third Battalion to many victories in his short tenure, and he does not mean for an uprising to defeat him. His practices and mannerisms have often set him at odds with the League, but he recognizes them as his most valuable ally. While often seen as harsh and sometimes ruthless in his practices, he cares above all for the soldiers that he commands. With the nobles or without, he will do all in his power to ensure a Pyrrhic victory is not this war's outcome.


Lady Sophia Lefford

"I care little and less for the fate of traitors; the Lefford lands must flourish anew, or all of Lordaeron shall wilt like a dying rose."


A notoriously vocal women about those she believes have wronged her, Lady Lefford is a peculiar beneficiary to nobles. After her uncle Sir Marcus Lefford left with most of her smallfolk to fight for the Commonwealth, she has sought reparations. Though she has fewer than two score men remaining and her bountiful lands have had only a small harvest, her ties to nobility give both her name and her cause weight. The foodstuffs of her land still far exceed most others, and will prove a valuable asset if acquired.


Sir Aldrich Frost, Protector of the Commonwealth

"Humanity's greatest works are wrought by the common man, and its greatest injustices dealt to him."


The head of the Commonwealth and representative of all Its people's ideals, Sir Aldrich Frost is a man who works tirelessly for the betterment of the lives of those he has sworn to defend. A veteran of the Second  war and a Knight of the Silver Hand, his code of honorable conduct and justice is one that has overpowered even his desire for peace. Though his word is well-respected and his forces well and truly behind him, overt independence and infighting prevents him from leading with the clarity that would lead the Commonwealth to a nearly guaranteed victory.


Cormac Douglas

"Whether it's a shot from a hundred yards away or a few more orange bandannas by your side, Frost, I'm your man."


One of Aldrich's most trusted advisers, Cormac Douglas has been an asset to the Commonwealth that cannot be understated. With his skill in explosives and marksmanship he has made a living hell for Lordaeron soldiers by using guerrilla attacks. Due to his past as a Syndicate sharpshooter he has brought a number of his former comrades as well as many secluded parts of Alterac to Frost's cause, giving the Commonwealth support from many in the former mountain Kingdom. Cunning, calculating and with an itchy trigger finger, Douglas will not allow himself to be made an easy target.



Elara Stonebrook

"Lordaeron shall pay for what they've done, and I won't rest until the King's banners have been burned to ash."


Perhaps the most unstable of Aldrich's Councillors, Elara has a fiery temper to match the buffets of flame she unleashes in her wroth. Her reasons for fighting are unclear, save for she has a hatred for Lordaeron few others can hope to match. While prone to violence and arguably the catalyst for the outbreak of the war, her vicious combat style and refusal to surrender against the odds makes her an ideal front-line general. Not to mention the Stromic veterans she has brought with her to stand for the Commonwealth and by her side in battle.


Lord Godrik Greyhope

"You cannot rebuild a country upon a cornerstone of injustices, lest it collapse upon itself. And when it does, the only ones left to blame will be those who erected it."


Sir Godrik Greyhope is a man who has seen more than most would in three lifetimes. After a combination of distaste with the house of nobles for making him lose good men and outrage at the injustices committed by Lordaeron soldiers, Greyhope pledged his home of Broken Hollow and his Knights to the cause of the Commonwealth. While certainly invaluable, perhaps the largest benefit is the man himself. A tactical expert and veteran leader of soldiers, Godrik has proven to be Aldrich's most trusted General, and the war shall only give him more chances to fight for what is just.


Lord Bjorn Wald

"Whether it's trees or King's men you need chopped down, you'll find my ax worthy a' the challenge!"

Until a few short weeks ago the house of nobles boisterous, ever battle-ready ally, Bjorn Wald is a hulking bear of a man whose roar is matched only by the bite of his ax. Lord of the nomadic house of Wald, Bjorn commands over a hundred pelt-clad woodsmen who are experts at camouflage and fierce fighters. Though he is saddened by the overwhelming decision of the nobles  to support who he views as tyrants, he channels that sorrow into a battle lust that cannot be sated until there is freedom.


A map of Lordaeron as drafted by a Commonwealth cartographer, with estimated troop positions and numbers. It will no doubt be updated with troop movements in time.

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"Don't fire until the moment when they're most vulnerable. Then, when they've gathered their senses and half their men are dead, pull back and live to brag of how you kicked the tyrants off your lands."

-Cormac Douglas, prior to the Second Battle for Strahnbrad.


Summary for AoC's First Campaign:

After gathering the entirety of their forces at Corrahn's Dagger alongside their dwarven allies, the house of nobles set out to achieve its first and most vital objective. Separated from Chillwind Camp and the forces of the King's Third Battalion by the Commonwealth-held Strahnbrad, they set out with some sixty men to dispose of the token resistance at the town. Recently bombarded and already considered a ruin by most, the estimated ninety Alteraci auxiliaries holding the town were expected to be routed quickly.

This illusion dissipated, however, with the noble's approach to the town. Forced between the choice of a lengthy, wide open advance by way of the road, the Commander sent her forces through the fields with the most direct path to the city. With no signs of enemy activity the forces advanced, but soon realized that they were in a minefield. Half a dozen were trapped, unable to move for risk of death or worse. Captain Onstric was targeted by a sniper in the Commonwealth's first show of force, a bullet ricocheting through his helm yet miraculously not killing him.

Under fire and unable to move, the nobles quickly ordered the forty footmen under Captain Smith to spread out and advance as the main force looked for ways to extract themselves. With the assistance of others and self-ingenuity, the Leaguesmen were able to withdraw from the minefield without detonation. In the process, however, High Commander Rione was injured by the same sniper whilst seeing to the status of Captain Onstric. This set about a confused reversal of house of nobles troops, as soldiers who had previousl advanced now retreated to tend to their leader.

Sensing the opportunity was then, the Alteraci auxiliaries showed their faces and began firing through broken windows and makeshift fortifications. The footmen under Captain Smith were pinned down with moderate losses, whilst the main League force found itself forced to split; several remained with the injured Commander and Captain, pulling back to a nearby farmhouse, while the rest advanced to the town's occupied inn and blacksmith, respectively.

Within the smithy the house of nobles encountered only a blacksmith and his wife, though an oil slick prevented the use of the passage for flanking purposes. Bogged down with the inconvenience and with shots from marksman never far, the League found itself in a poor position. If not for the eventual advance and overtaking by Corporal Nevermore, it is likely the distraction would have worked.

Within the inn the soldiers faced much heavier resistance. Headed by Sergeant Drythus, four batallion(soon to be five, with the late arrival of one Captain Sicklesocket) activated a tripwire that took from them the element of surprise. What followed was a vicious melee, with shots from Alteraci rifles ringing out in the struggle. Though suffering grievous wounds and with their support unable to assist them, once the riflemen holding their position at the bar had to reload the batallion pressed the advantage and overtook them.

As this transpired, the forces under Captain Smith began a full assault on the Town hall of Strahnbrad. Near immediately, they were pinned down by a hail of bullets and suffered heavy casualties in the process. Running out of options with more wounded from sniper fire, Major Portiave called for demolitionists to plant explosives at the bell tower before calling in mortar fire support from the King's Third Battalion at Chillwind. Not long after, the bell from the Town Hall rang out, and most of the Commonwealth troops who remained fighting began a hasty retreat from the town.

Not even a minute later, the withdrawal of batallion troops had undergone and a full barrage of the city was underway. The bell tower collapsed and several more structures were irrevocably damaged by the relentless mortar shelling. Several Alteraci who retreated were slaughtered by the bombardment, the remaining injured or retreating to regroup. Though the city was taken as necessary to connect their supply lines with their allies, its ruinous state makes it for a poor defensive position to hold.

With their first major engagement behind them and several more ahead, the League must look next to putting down resistance within the Uplands and the Foothills. For if Hillsbrad cannot be tamed, then their flanks shall never be safe from enemy attacks.


An updated map of Lordaeron, maintained by the Commonwealth of Lordaeron.


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"Though it is with heavy heart I give Thorn Acre to the Alliance who stole so much from me, I give it with bloodless hands. And that is perhaps most important."

- Sir Marcus Lefford, following his standing down during the stand-off at Thorn Acre.


Summary for AoC's Second Campaign:

After the occupation and fortification of Strahnbrad, the House of nobles prepared to continue its campaign of putting down insurrection within Hillsbrad. As they were reinforced by their encampment at Corrahn's Dagger(as well as 20 Wildhammer gryphon riders recruited by Sergeant Reinhardt), a courier from Lady Sophia Lefford arrived demanding assistance in reclaiming her estate of Thorn Acre from her Uncle, Sir Marcus. The letter detailed she would reclaim her Seat with or without the assistance of the League, noting her force amounted to a total of herself and two loyal Knights, whilst Sir Marcus housed some eighty militiamen.

Unable to ignore her plea without leaving her and her men to die, as well as seeing an opportunity to claim the rich soil of Thorn Acre, the batallion set about making a plan of battle. Major Portiave and Captain Farnost argued at length with the Commander about the importance of caution due to the casualties inflicted upon the League in taking Strahnbrad. Several measures were imposed, including reconnaissance by the Wildhammer gryphon riders under Sergeant Reinhardt's command.

With time wasted, the batallionmen chose to postpone their plan of battle until they could meet with Lady Lefford and ensure her safety. Leaving Strahnbrad under the guard of Captain Smith and his footmen, they rode their way through the Uplands towards Thorn Acre. They were stopped, however, upon encountering a camp of Alteraci auxiliaries serving under the Commonwealth. Facing hopeless odds against the League's numerical advantage, it took little coercion by way of battle to convince the marksmen that surrender was their best option.

While Master Sergeant Hakana Frosthammer of the King's Third Battalion began to round up the marksmen as prisoners, Captain Sicklesocket took note of the foliage around the encampment suddenly encroaching upon them. Moments later, ax-wielding hill-men under the command of Lord Bjorn Wald made their presence known. Before an all out melee could break out, however, Captain Farnost bellowed over the battle cries and call to arms his respect for the Walds and his intent for peace. This gave the Wald leader some pause, and once more, before the battle had truly begun it had stopped.

After a lengthy discussion about the Commonwealth's cause and several warnings by the Wald men to avoid the woodland groves if they wished not to fight, the camouflaged men stalked off to fight another battle. All but unscathed and with Lady Lefford not far ahead, the League quickly pressed on. Upon finding her and her two men positioned upon a ridge overlooking her estate, they were rushed into concluding their battle plans and attacking her Uncle. For its plan, the League decided first to spark a fire in the Lefford fields to cause a distraction before advancing towards the manor itself and taking it before a defense could be raised.

The plan was enacted relatively swiftly and with little trouble. Two sentries quickly spotted the sizable force, but were silenced permanently by Commander Rione and Lieutenant Brightburn. Taking her upon his gryphon in order to pass without trouble, Sergeant Reinhardt brought Private Lightrunner to the fields to spark the flames. Drawn by the fires encroaching upon their soil, the alarm bell was wrung and most of those remaining upon the farmland rushed to assist. Quickly advancing, the League rushed past any feasible lines of defense whilst the gryphon riders headed by Sir Reinhardt breached and assaulted the Manor itself.

His militia in disarray, Sir Marcus quickly attempted to form a line of defense just beyond the gates of the Thorn Acre estate, consisting of perhaps a dozen men armed with pitchforks and sickles. With the infirm and the young fleeing the flames to seek shelter, however, no coherent orders were able to be given on his part. With his Manor behind him being cleared and any breakthrough in front of him cut off, things looked bleak. A peaceful surrender, however, was extended by Major Portiave, Captain Farnost and Master Sergeant Frosthammer.

Ensured that his smallfolk would be protected and fed well under Alliance jurisdiction, Sir Marcus surrendered without so much as raising his blade. Lady Lefford did not take well to this, rushing forward in a fury and blaming the house of nobles for their leniency as she took a shot with he rifle at her Uncle. Luckily only denting his pauldron, she was hastily detained in order to prevent further harm and a possible break of peace. With the manor secured, the fires rapidly extinguished and all resistance absent, Thorn Acre essentially was the League's.

With promises of care for Sir Marcus, his grand-niece and nephew, and his people, the militia of Thorn Acre prepared themselves for the lengthy journey to Chillwind, to face Captain Sherwood. The League returned the bulk of its forces to Corrahn's Dagger, where it now prepares to test the mettle of the Wald forces.

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“The bear went over the mountain, the bear climbed all the trees!
The bear went to battle and killed all his enemies!
The bear growled fiercely,he bit down to the bone!
The bear has claimed the woodlands and proclaimed it his home!”

-Wald Marching Song


Summary for AoC's Third Campaign:

After the peaceable capture of Thorn Acre and disintegration of the revolting militia under Sir Marcus Lefford, the League came closer to its objective of subduing the Foothills. With its only remaining foes the remnants of Cormac Douglas’ Alteraci auxiliaries and the woodsmen under Lord Bjorn Wald, their next objective was decided to be an assault on the elusive Wald stronghold. Though a nomadic family, it was pinpointed by Sergeant Reinhardt based on the tendencies of the Walds to settle in certain locations depending upon the season.

The League (House of Nobles) gathered at the war table and planned the best way to assault the seat of House Wald, deciding upon a three-pronged assault headed by three separate League squads and supported by a large amount of their forces entrenched at Corrahn’s Dagger. Divided into First squad under Commander Rione, Second under Major Portiave, and Third under Lieutenant Brightburn, each respective force began to ready itself for the assault on a stronghold manned over 100 strong.

As armor was equipped and horses were saddled, the distinctly faint sound of bagpipes seemed to draw closer at an agonizingly slow pace. The Wildhammer gryphon riders under Sergeant Reinhardt’s command were sent to investigate, with suspicions roused but little action available to be taken except for continuing to ready for the upcoming assault. Almost without warning, what had been thought to be piles of leaves and foliage about the encampment arose with axes in hand to kill unsuspecting Stormpike and League soldiers alike.

The Walds had attacked the League before they could carry out their plans, and a hurried alarm was sounded as soldiers tried to form a defense. Most of those on watch duty and near the treeline were killed in swift order, with the large concentration of soldiers preparing for the offensive in the central camp able to rally and form a defensive formation. First squad was held in reserve, whilst Second and Third formed two defensive lines to prevent access to the League’s supplies.

As the initial slaughter ended and the true engagement began, a frantic call from Sergeant Reinhardt’s comm warned the League of an incoming siege engine, as well as more footsoldiers sweeping the ridges leading to Corrahn’s Dagger. Locked in combat as they were, it was only by the swift intervention of Corporal Eexla that a large pitch-covered boulder launched by the siege engine inflicted no casualties. It did, however, land upon a circle of tents and set a fire that had to be fought as chaos raged about them. Pushing the initial ambush force back with a disciplined advance, the League was given a breather before the forewarned arrival of more forces.

It did not last long, for soon after Wald footmen backed by Alteraci marksmen rounded the flanks of Corrahn’s Dagger and advanced as even more scaled the cliffside for a more direct approach to the enemy formation. Up the eastern ridgeline, the Wald siege engine made its appearance and was advanced with no small degree of difficulty. A giant roaring wooden bear, its open maw was filled with marksmen and its back was mounted with a catapult haphazardly flinging boulders into the midst of battle.

Then the Wald-Alteraci forces charged, and the League braced for the worst. Seemingly emboldened by the black and green standard mounted atop the siege engine, the Wald berserkers gained a significant engine and the battle lines were blurred into absolute carnage. The Leaguesmen were barely able to hold their own, and if not for the stalwart orders by Commander Rione to hold Corrahn’s Dagger they might have fallen into a route. Sensing the wooden bear effigy was more than just a weapon of war, the Commander ordered those with the capabilities to damage it to focus upon the effigy.

Soon a torrent of flame and arcane assaulted the pelt-covered wooden frame, the footmen of the League holding as best they could under a relentless assault. The siege engine was soon reduced to only its frame, engulfed in fire and its weapons no longer of any use to the assaulting force. Its burning, however, only seemed to urge the Walds and their allies to further ferocity. If not for a flanking movement by Stormpike riflemen and a timely splitting of Wald forces by Sergeant Reinhardt and his gryphon riders, the battle could have easily turned against them.

Their strength curbed somewhat by being split in two, First through Third squad were given the chance to break through the Wald encirclement and push them back. As this occurred, the burning effigy collapsed into a pile of charred wood. This seemingly reversed the earlier effects of it being set alight, as now the Wald berserkers seemed demoralized and struggled to continue their assault. They were pushed back, and the casualties they suffered evened the grounds of the battle significantly.

Sensing a determining point arriving in the fray, Lord Wald himself soon advanced with his reserves and honor guard, mounted upon a large live bear. He rallied his men with a rousing war cry and charged forth, and caught in combat as they were almost none of the League were able to avoid the ferocious Lord of Bears. The battle raged with newfound desperation, both sides now searching for one decisive action to get rid of the others will to fight. Luckily for the League, this moment arrived for them first.

Ordering the League to hold fast, Commander Rione sent Lord Bjorn reeling from his saddle with an arcane blast before burning his mount to ash with a buffet of orange flames. This crushed the Lord’s will to fight, and he soon fell to his knees in defeat as his men around him roared in sorrow and rage. His Alteraci allies swiftly fled the field of battle, his own almost reverently dropping their weapons as they stared distantly at the remains of the Lord of Bear’s mount. With the battle lost to him, Lord Bjorn arose and accepted his fate, asking only his men be allowed to return home. Commander Rione, however, offered him leniency.

Proposing that Wald and his men denounce the Commonwealth and pledge to fight for the League, she promised that they would come to no harm and that their land would be restored and improved upon at wars’ end. After much deliberation and arguing amongst his men, Wald finally agreed, on the condition that he would not be forced to fight against Aldrich Frost if it came to battle. With a former ally turned enemy at their side once more, Hillsbrad stood all but under Alliance control.

Soon following the aftermath, a relay over the League’s comms from Captain Sherwood called for all able-bodied soldiers to prepare for an assault on Commonwealth positions at Andorhal, hoping to strike decisively and turn the tide of the war. Faced now with the decision of how to commit and assault this vital position alongside their allies, the League may face its bloodiest challenge yet.

An updated map of Lordaeron and its warring forces


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Summary for AoC's 4th Campaign:


“Under pennants blue and gold,
Beside men true and bold
We brave the Northern Cold
To fight for our King
The battle rages through the night
Yet we of Stormwind show no fright,
We are first to the fight,
In the name of our King.”

- Anthem of the King’s Third Battalion

With the plans for battle set in place and their strength fully gathered, the League of Lordaeron readied itself to face perhaps the bloodiest battle of its war with the Commonwealth in the assault on Andorhal. Gathering nearly 300 men to combine with the 200 or so men remaining under Captain Sherwood’s control, the League knew an important battle awaited them. After a briefing by Sergeant Reinhardt, the combined League and Stormpike army left only a token force to defend Corrahn’s Dagger before moving out for Chillwind Camp.

Chillwind Camp itself was the image of a war zone, barricades and mortar emplacements built and rebuilt covering the forward Alliance lines. Soil and barricades were torn apart from enemy fireballs, and shots rang out from both sides of the riverbank as the Commonwealth and Alliance soldiers fired volleys back and forth. As they unloaded supplies and began preparations for the battle, Captain Sherwood approached the League and addressed them alongside his men.

The plan proved to be a simple one. When a break in artillery fire from the Commonwealth arrived, Sherwood’s men would lay down suppressing fire across their lines and their infantry would advance to Andorhal’s gate and break it down with the assistance of Stormwind magi. After some more discussion and readying for battle, the time drew near. The signal was given by a loud signal bell, and the forces rushed forward.

Under a hail of mortar shells as they were, the Commonwealth defenders at the gate were pinned down but ultimately were able to retaliate as the combined Alliance-League force advanced to the gate. The initial volleys were damaging, but did not majorly prohibit their defenses. A sortie moved forth from the gates to further stall the League, but was dealt with in short order. The only true obstacle before surpassing the gates proved to be the Lieutenant in charge of Commonwealth forces, Elara Stonebrook.

Elara urged her soldiers onward with tenacity, and when the League drew close to destroying the gates she let down a hail of fire to prohibit their advance, killing and injuring several with the deadly casting. She could not hold back the disciplined assault for too long, however, and was soon forced to withdraw beyond the gates as the Stormwind magi channeled a pyroblast large enough to shatter the iron-clad oaken gates. The League and Alliance forces now faced the much less impressive inner defenses, with militiamen stiffened by Stromic morale officers hand recruited by Elara.

Though deterred by a rally from one of the morale officers, the League held their own and was soon able to advance with little trouble. What had been thought to be a fierce battle ended up mostly one sided, as Commonwealth forces were soon in disarray and some in a full retreat as their defenses were surpassed. Attempting to force her troops to stand and fight, Elara grew furious, and another bout of flame followed that only managed to hinder the League’s now inevitable victory.

Fleeing before she could be pursued and with the majority of her army alive but routed, it became clear that a counter attack to retake the city would soon come. The League began to make preparations as Sherwood fortified the now taken city and tended to the many wounded, as well as gathered any citizens to return them to the King’s Peace. Now, a true challenge awaits the League. Andorhal must be held, at all costs.

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Summary for AoC's Fifth Campaign:


“Under the starry sky,
With renewed fighting nigh,
His voice rang out,
His men did shout a resounding battle cry
The lines were all a blur,
They stood fast at his word,
Under a hail of fire and a wall of pitchforks,
They steadfastly cried out ‘Curs!’
Men lay dying in the mud,
Drowning in their own blood,
As the Witch cooked them all alive,
The lines were overrun
The charge came to the chant of “FROST!”
Andorhal was all but lost,
But defiant the Commander stood and shouted,
“Us you shall not accost!”
Then came the trumpet’s sound
Hoofbeats shook the ground,
“Brandt!” they cried as lances split
And death throes were drowned
Chaos then ensued,
As the melee was renewed,
But amidst the clash,
the Witch showed she had nothing left to lose
The Butcher was cooked alive,
His men watched as he died,
But they killed the foe by scores and scores
And fear Frost felt inside
He ran from the battle’s call,
His forces had withdrawn,
but some yet stood fast and cried,
“You cannot kill us all!”
Those that stood died as the rout began,
Yet the Witch still had a plan,
As Lordaeron steel drained her blood,
Fire bloomed and burned them to a man.
Victory now was theirs,
Voices cried and spirits flared,
Brandt men and King’s men and Leaguesmen
Had shed blood and the city was spared!”

- Ballad of the Second Battle of Andorhal, written by the bard Dean Domino

After a night of preparation for a counter-assault upon Andorhal by Commonwealth forces, the combined League-Alliance army set about entrenching their position. With the limited time they had before Stonebrook and her army inevitably returned, a series of barricades, trenches and gun positions were set up with supplies and the Command center in an old abandoned inn. Soon after an attack on the Alliance lines began, and Commonwealth skirmishers tested the lines to probe for weak spots.

Lieutenant Victis briefed the League soldiers as to their responsibilities in battle, detailing holding the fortified right flank whilst Captain Sherwood and his men defended the left flank. Before further orders could be carried out, a Scout breathlessly reported in, saying that the front lines had been overrun and that the Third Battalion had been pushed back to the secondary defenses. With the barricades their only true defenses and pivotal in holding the city, both the forces under Sherwood and under Commander Rione rushed to their respective flanks.

The assault had begun in full force, and a melee ensued with ever changing lines of battle. The Alliance forces seemed to be holding well, but a buffet of flame from Stonebrook herself pushed the King’s men back and allowed more pressure to be pressed upon the League. The battle was ground down to a bloody stalemate, and for every inch of progress either side made there was a pile of corpses to show for it. Then, distantly, a faint chant could be heard over the clamor of combat.

The chant grew louder, coming from Sorrow Hill. “FROST! FROST! FROST!”, they shouted, and a force led by Sir Aldrich Frost himself entered the city from the bridge leading to Sorrow Hill. With a rallying cry and cavalry at the front of his ranks, Frost charged straight into the League lines. They left the dead and dying in their wake, and their advance proved unstoppable. Within minutes the League was defending the last line of defenses as Sherwood and his men held their crumbling lines under a torrent of flames.

Despite dissent and cries to fall back, Commander Rione ordered her men to hold fast and defend Andorhal at all costs. More and more the flanks were pushed back by Commonwealth forces, who neared a total victory with Sherwood’s collapsing lines and the League’s inability to hold out against such freshly motivated soldiers. Rousing his men and roaring out orders, Sherwood had his wounded pulled back while he and six of his best remaining men began a desperate charge to turn the tides. They cut through the ranks of Stonebrook’s footsoldiers, dying for their progress until only Sherwood himself remained to face the hedge mage.

Locked in mortal combat as the battle raged on around them, Sherwood’s superior size and strength proved a minute advantage against the lithe mage. He raised his axe overhead, and as an opening became apparent Elara send forth a gout of flame that cooked the Captain alive. Sent into a rage by the death of their Captain, Lieutenant Elsworth and his remaining men charged with a fury Elara’s men struggled to hold back.

As the League grew closer to a complete retreat and more of their men died, trumpets and bagpipes sounded in the distance, drawing ever closer. Soon, pennants of blood red sunbursts upon a golden field came in sight from behind the Commonwealth lines, and a force of heavy cavalry couched their lances before crashing into Sir Aldrich’s rear guard. Chaos and confusion reigned as when but a hair’s breadth from victory Frost and his men were caught between the hammer and the anvil. Axes of Wald soldiers previously their allies began to cut down their horses, and now the mounted Knights were cutting down Commonwealth militia alongside halberdiers and musketeers.

With no option left to him but an attempt to break free, Aldrich cast forth a radiating, blinding light from his war maul and pushed through to the Town Square with his army. With both his and Elara’s army surrounded on all sides by a superior force, Frost soon attempted a break out. When he ordered Elara and her men to push through the south and make for Sorrow Hill, however, she refused, choosing to stand her ground with men either too loyal or too scared to leave her side.

Frost then led the push himself, breaking through the surrounding force at its weakest point in the south and continuing his retreat all the way to Sorrow Hill. The League attempted to fight their way to him, but aside from minor injuries given by the gryphon riders under Sergeant Reinhardt he escaped unscathed. The combined forces now pushed against Elara to rid Andorhal of its Commonwealth presence once and for all, and after cutting down her men they stood face to face with the witch herself.

After holding her enemies at bay for a time, Private Hillsbradian advanced and cut a vicious strike through her hip that was no doubt a fatal wound. In her death throes she warned that the Alliance would betray them all as they had her, and in a final act of defiance set her self into a whirl of flame that exploded and drove all of them back. There was nothing left of her but ashes, and no foes remained in the city to stand against the League.

Victory was theirs, and with Andorhal successfully defended a blow against the Commonwealth was struck that would not be forgotten. The leader of the mounted Knights and halberdiers revealed himself as one Lord Tibarius Brandt, head of House Brandt and once ally of the League. He pledged his vast army and resources to the League’s cause until peace and stability between the people could be restored to Lordaeron. With a powerful ally returned to them and the Commonwealth absent their territorial advantage, the war is coming to a stand-off.

An updated map of the aftermath will no doubt become available soon.

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Summary For AoC's 6th Campaign

After routing the bulk of the Commonwealth forces at Andorhal, the League moves to mop up any remaining resistance that may interfere with an assault on Sorrow Hill. The League mobilizes to Caer Darrow, where Cormac Douglas and what remains of his sharpshooters are said to be holed up. Proceeding with caution, the League correctly determined the bridge to the island fortress was a safe approach, and under the shield of gryphon support slowly made their way into the lower tier courtyard.

As the League passed beneath the gateway, the stone arch above them was detonated by placed explosives, and moments later Commonwealth grenadiers began tossing a hail of grenades and improvised explosives at the arriving Leaguesmen. The League struggled through what seemed like an endless hail of traps and sniper fire, slowly fighting their way through the Commonwealth defenses. As they reached the keep at the upper tier of the fortress, the gunfire soon faded. Commonwealth forces begin to scatter, despite having nearly broken the League's assault.

Douglas himself then appeared, taunting the League and ushering his men, though before a single shot could ring out, they drew back into the fortress once more, the League pursuing close behind. As they rounded the stairs to the upper chamber of the keep, they found Cormac sitting in a chair, facing away from his intruders. A small note drifted in from the open ceiling above, and "Cormac's" head slouched over and rolled across the floor - A cloth sack filled with stray and with a smiley face crudely drawn on it. Before the League had a chance to process this, the fake Douglas detonated, having been filled with enough explosives to level a small barracks.

With Douglas having escaped and the League thoroughly bloodied, the operation was considered a strategic failure. The League camped in Caer Darrow to lick their wounds and prepare for their next move.

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Summary for AoC's Seventh Campaign:

Having been tactically defeated by Cormac Douglas and his marksmen at the skirmish of Caer Darrow, the League of Lordaeron began preparations the next day for another offensive. Whilst pinpointing Commonwealth troop locations and attempting to agree on a route to follow, a familiar trumpet sounding from beyond the entry to the abandoned fortress heralded the arrival of a Third Battalion courier. In quite the rush to report to the Commander, the man said that Aldrich Frost had called for a ceasefire and a peace summit in one more attempt to end the bloodshed before it worsened.

The proposal, they were told, was swiftly accepted by the new Acting Captain Elsworth, who arrived at the proposed summit of Thorn Acre with the majority of his remaining men. Left little option but to attend and see how the attempt at ending the war would pan out, the League made its way for Thorn Acre to meet with the Commonwealth for hopefully the final time.

Upon their arrival, the League was greeted by two guardsmen standing by the door with filled weapon racks to either side of them; one of Elsworth's men and a Commonwealth soldier, respectively. They were summarily told that they were to remove all weapons before entering, in order to prevent the violence that had transpired at the last attempted peace summit. The manor was a flurry of activity, the majority of it centered about a sizable table at which the delegates from both sides had gathered to argue.

At one side of the table stood a beleaguered Sir Aldrich Frost, at his sides the elusive Cormac Douglas the League had faced against only a day prior and their former ally Sir Godrik Greyhope. The men spoke in low whispers, whilst across from them Acting Captain Elsworth and a stranger in a fine Stormwind doublet went over what were presumably the suggested Commonwealth terms. Unarmed soldiers loitered about the manner, speaking in low, suspicious tones.

Upon noticing the League's arrival, Sir Frost rose from his leaning position over the table to offer a cordial, albeit somewhat weary bow. He spoke with the formality of one tired of platitudes. Once the soldiers on both sides had stopped their chatter, Aldrich spoke up with his terms. All Commonwealth armies would stand down, all conquered lands returned and the Commonwealth itself disbanded. In return, Stormwind was to treat the citizens of Lordaeron with the justice it initially promised, receiving control over the land once more.

While comparably generous terms to both what was expected and what had been offered at the last attempted peace summit, after a bout of hurried whispering Captain Elsworth shook his head and explained his terms. He claimed that Aldrich had no chance left of victory and came to make peace now before that became apparent, and as such he would receive fitting terms. The Commonwealth was to be disbanded, its lands colonized by Stormwindian settlers and any who had bore arms against the Kings relieved of their weapons. The land would be put under martial law, and the Council and hierarchy of the Commonwealth would be put on trial for treason.

Far harsher than anticipated, Aldrich discussed amongst his advisers the terms of unconditional surrender as as arguments began to break out from the present Leaguesmen. Points and counter points arose, addressing the futility of trying to enforce such terms and that the smallfolk under Sir Aldrich would never stand down to such harsh treatment. Elsworth and his Stormwind benefactor retorted that the war had to end on their terms and that with reinforcements but a fortnight away martial law would be possible.

Aldrich once more turned to his advisers, and after a lengthy discussion turned to announce his choice. With a dark gaze he stared at Elsworth. "We accept your damned terms," he said evenly. "May you know what you have done." As an uproar of assent and disagreement all but shook the building, Aldrich and his fellow delegates were brought into custody by Stormwind guardsmen with their heads held high.

With a peace made, there is now only the matter of seeing it brought to fruition.

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Summary for AoC's Final Campaign:

After a long awaited peace came to fruition at Thorn Acre, the League of Lordaeron was left with the duty of assisting the King's Third Battalion in disarming and dismantling the remnants of the Commonwealth. To accomplish this, they set out from their base of operations in Dun Garok to travel to Chillwind Camp and from there remove Commonwealth civilians from Sorrow Hill to begin the process of rebuilding. Steady yet cautious, the League began their journey to meet with Acting Captain Elsworth and his men, hoping the recently soured relations would have no ill effect.

Upon their arrival, the League was greeted by an unusually calm Elsworth, speaking to his men in a casual tone and managing a laugh despite the grimness of the past weeks. Briefly he spoke to the Commander of the situation within Sorrow Hill, and that whilst the removal of refugees had begun they would need to complete it and see that no violence arose. Greeted from the distance with the scent of burning corpses, it did not seem an appealing task. But it was one that had to be done. So the League set forward to their work.

Sorrow Hill was a mess of hurriedly evacuated tents, crumbling lean-to's and ramshackle buildings still occupied by frighten civilians and former soldiers alike. An old marketplace was now nearly deserted, and by a funeral pyre growing ever higher a gathering of refugees prayed within a hastily erected church. The League spread out and investigated the areas of interest, coercing those within to be evacuated to the nearby refugee camps where food and medical aid would be provided.

Though a grim task, even with the lack of food and spread of illness amongst the camp cooperation was relatively widespread. A lack of a will to fight on seemed to emanate from most, though others were as fierce in their defense of the Commonwealth in defeat as they were in victory. Several bandana-clad men gave exiting refugees supplies from a stockpile that had gathered in carts. Elsewhere, more and more shanty houses were being pulled down and Uther's Tomb was a whir of activity.

At the Tomb perhaps a hundred men and women had gathered, former Commonwealth soldiers all. Though absent their weapons they still bore the white sashes and reversed Lordaeronian tabards that marked them for what they were. Some were talking quietly, whilst others simply prayed in silence. They were confronted by a small group of Leaguesmen under Major Portiave and told to leave, and that they would be able to peaceably return to praying once the de facto city had been cleared.

An aged paladin asked for leniance, and that they be allowed to continue praying even as Sorrow Hill was emptied. The Major relented in order to avoid any trouble, and aside from two Leaguesmen who remained to pray with them were left to their own devices. Upon the Major's request, however, Lieutenant Russo had maneuvered towards the tomb and listened for anything suspicious amongst those gathered to pray and mourn.

What she soon discovered was that at least a fraction of those present were planning -something-, as a lanky man in a white bandana spoke loudly enough of 'not wanting to let others bleed' for his choice as well as mentioning he had some forty men. The broken clues were brought to the attention of the Major and Commander, and soon multiple Leaguesmen began to approach the man to apprehend him. He was alerted by their advance, however, and after a hasty line of questioning whistled and called for those who would follow him amongst those praying to follow him. He and perhaps thirty others made a sprint from the hedges of the Tomb to escape Sorrow Hill, and a pursuit soon followed.

Fast though they were, the League only managed to capture four in total; three of the runners and the leader himself. The leader was brought back to Commander Rione for questioning, and it took little for him to reveal what he knew. He mentioned that he and his runners intended to run for the hills, regroup, and continue fighting for the Commonwealth's fight. Though reluctant, after some coercing and promises that the King's peace would be better suited he agreed to help them in tracking down any rebels that he could.

With Sorrow Hill empty of its once firm Commonwealth presence and the citizenry of Lordaeron peaceable once more, perhaps things amy return to as they were. Though if they are there, the matter of putting down rebelling Commonwealth forces remains in the weeks to come. And at the end of so much death and destruction, the League can only look to themselves and wonder what must follow.

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