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Wars of Theosa

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Hello toghether,

I´ve been asked to upload this map also on this site. You play one of a totally of 12 races divided into 4 factions and you have to kill the others. It contains many new units and skills (well everything is based on a Blizzard unit or skill but you know what I mean ^^)

For now i´ve been working a lot of time on it. The map isn´t finished yet and currently I create the skills of the rest of the heroes.

I would appreciate if you test it and please give feedback. So have fun and if you want here´s some more information about the map.

Remark that this map isn´t finished now.

Link of the Downloadsite: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/wars-of-theosa-beta-test.295720/



The idea
The Idea behind the map is that you can Play a game like WoW in Position of a Person like Varian or other faction leaders.
There are 12 different races in 4 factions with own Units, Upgrades and skills.
As a future update i plan to create heroes to every faction and to upgrade the existing dungeons with Special loot. (For now you will only find Gold and Control Points inside These dungeons)

The plot of the story
Once the world of Theosa was a quite peacefull ones with only small border conflicts and some uprising cultures but then there were sudden Events: The sea rises, earthquakes appeared and other disasters.
This is the Age of destruction. Over a time of 10 years many cities were destroyed, People died and nearly all continents were changed.
The Problems became after this time less and less frequent and finally they disappeared. Nobody knew the reason but it became time to build new civilications.

You Play on one continent there this map takes place on. In the northern parts an Alliance called "Blulales" was formed. It´s Opponent formed in the southern parts: "The Stranded Alliance" which was called like that because most of its´ members had to flee from the sea. The eastern parts once were populated by great and proud cultures who lost nearly everything forcing them to steal from other nations and to form "The Eastern Crime Cartell".

But there also formed another Nation in the westerns parts. First it was small and it formed after the others. It was a dark civilication who attracted People from the other factions and united them under the banner of the black Hand. This is the "Cult of the Black Hand" with the objective to summon the Doombringer Legion upon this world. The cult is the eternal servant of the darkness. These "Demon Invaders" - how they are called - summoned the Age of Destruction to weaken and to break the cultures of Theosa. Now they come back to enslave them and to kill those who oppose them. Their main objective is to destroy the order of universes create by gods and Titans seeming to be good ones but the origin of the demons is that they lost all trust to them - "Now we are the gods!"

The races

- Carras and Stelethyds:
Carras are known as men of the north praying to the fallen ancestors. Furthermore Carras construct large buildings showing their skills and are known as the leading race of the Blulales.
Stelethyds are proud spiderlike warriors and live in the dark deeps of the earth. They are lead by women - where the strongest achieve the rank of a Stretchsilver Maid - and men are usually active as spellcaster who are known for their abilities in working with crystalls.
- Trolls:
Trolls are people of a fierce nature and with excellent combat skills. Their people have simple needs and they don´t build big cities but since the age of destruction destroyed their old homeland they suffered a lot.
Although the Trolls had much problems - these warriors are willed to defend the new Homeland.
- Shellers:
As a fishlike race the Shellers had quite small losses trough the age of destruction and the huge waves affected you less than the others.
Your people live with the elements but they are not able to use all of them. Your spellcasters use Water to heal your units and wind to damage enemies.

The Stranded Alliance:
- Humans and Zegols:
Humans are a race with great losses through the age of destruction. Nethertheless this has strengthen their religion of the eternel light giving them hope to a better future. Furhtermore noble Knights and Paladines are a sign of your peoples hope.
Zegols are strong humanoids looking like dragons and although they´ve got wings they are not able to fly. Nethertheless they are well skilled fighters and able to use windmagic.
- Dwarves:
The Dwarves of the Stranded Alliance helped the others to survive after the Age of Destruction.
These people spend much time under earth giving them a special relationship to earth and darkness. Dark magic is used in both possibilities: support and attack.
Furthermore the dwarvish culture appreciates good festivals and beer and hiting an anvil while forging a weapon seems to be quite relaxing.
- Elves:
The Elves are a race who lost many forests during the last years shattering it´s hope. In order to clean this your people started to cultivate this countries´ forests.
These people life toghether with the nature making them able to call the nature´s spirits to help. The elvish armies are also supported by well skilled rangers and soldiers.

Demon Invaders:
- Cult of the Black Hand:
The "Cult of the Black Hand" - the eternal cult of demons. They follow the demonic aim to destroy the whole order of the beginning and they do not fear the death which is just a door to another live making the souls of these warriors to demons in the void.
After you have caused all the cataclysm of Theosa you are to finish what you have begun.
- Doombringer Legion:
The "Doombringer Legion" is one of countless other demonic hordes. They follow the demonic aim to destroy the whole order of the beginning.
The Cult of the Black Hand has brought this Legion to this world to cause Doom.

The Eastern Crime Cartell:
- Troglospyl City:
The City of Troglospyl is the leading force in the Eastern Crime Cartell and maybe the city with the greatest looses of culture.
The age of destruction shattered many cultures and although it caused medium damage to the city Troglospyl lost many people they´ve traded with forcing the people of Troglospyl to survive by raid at all costs.
Troglospyl once was known to have well skilled Samurais, Ringers, Mages and Artisans but today those wellskilled people are corrupted and complemented by hated rogues (The others hate the rogues).
- The Pigclans:
The Pigclans didn´t easily through the age of destruction. The pigmen don´t have much culture but they appreciate good and much food making this to their main objectiv through the raids they are forced to.
Nethertheless religion is not unknown to your people and once your people praised Kasaa - the god of the Kasaa beasts which got this name from their god. Kasaa is apart from this point deified as god of treasure hunters.
Kasaa was less and less present so your people became interested in dark magic.
- Ete´Thero Trolls:
The Ete´terro Trolls are named after their former leader Bakalla Ete´terro. They live in a region called "Dead man´s descent" which is called like that as a consequence of the Trolls´ fierceness.
Once the descent was a jungle filled with live but earthquakes and fanatic cultists who deifeid the forces of destruction destroyed it and only this barren was left.
Nearly nothing lefted and so they were forced to join the Crime Cartell.
- Goldseeker Legion:
The Goldseeker Legion is the most greedy faction in Theosa. These people are lead by Eugene called "The glorious one" who made it through the age of the destruction without wasting money.
The Legion had only few losses and built a city in the Brekana Deeps where they deinie Mammon and plan new raids.
Furthermore the engineers of the legion are among the smartest engineers in Theosa making them capable to build fighting robots near the front.



This Needs some Pictures which i don´t have prepared for now. But you can find everything on the Hiveworkshop site (Link)



Each race has some specific abilities affecting the gameplay. Here´s a short description of the races i finished so far with a little rating of myself what i think about them and the ideas behind each race. If you have feedback about these ideas and their implementation your welcome to post it.


Rank: Self-made specialist

Difficulty: Hard

You will a have a quite hard beginning phase where you have to improve your army and to unlock better units. There are 3 Technologies you have to upgrade: Crafting, Spellpower and Unit Training. In order to improve them you have to build buildings, use skills and train units. (Seems quite easy but you need some luck)

In order to increase the Crafting Level you have to free the renegade bonecarver Scarbone who´s located north of your base.

Later you will focus strategical targets and use control and support abilities.


Humans and Zegols

Rank: Lieutenant

Difficulty: Normal

There´s not much to say but you should chose your final upgrade wisely. You can either chose to build more and stronger elite units which will make you concentrate on small groups or pick the sorcerer´s way which improves some of your spellcasters.



Rank: Camper

Difficulty: Normal

Due to the eradication of Theosa during the age of destruction it´s hard for you to hire new criminals which increases the training time of your units by 20%. However your buildings need 25% less time being build and ALL buildings can attack enemy units.

Also the upgrades at your classification unit cost more than the ones of other races but you can focus earlier on your prefered paths.


The Pigclans

Rank: Show me the food

Difficulty: Hard

The Battlecook is your most important unit. Farms can give him Food (Mana) he can use to cook meals for your units. With those meals you unlock upgrades to your units.

Except of your simple units you have to pay more money to get stronger units. Also you can build only 5 workers but each one more unit of each Elite Type than other races.


Ete´terro Trolls

Rank: Spam

Difficulty: Easy

The most important information about your race is spam, spam and one more time spam. You can train even faster weak units than other races (about -15% time on common units)  but have also the option to train a couple of elite units which might be useful when attacking an enemy but don´t forget to produce more units.

Voodoo Lords are your primary spellcasters and important if you play the summoner path.

You have one ultimate upgrade wether you want to train weak units even faster or if you want better summoners.

Also your buildings have weaker armor than other races so play offensive - your units are cheap.


Goldseeker Legion

Rank: GreedIsGood

Difficulty: Normal

Your units can walk on water so supprise your enemies. Some units don´t need to be trained. They can be bougth at Crab Barracks and the Temple of Money like common mercenaries (Pay attention: Your enemies can buy them as well). Finally your Engineers can build limitless armies of robots but only a limited number of them can be Activatet!



The Units

I tried to make a new System to make balancing easier.
Units can be classified as "Common", "Elite", "Boss" or "Building" and can have a Tier between 1 and 5 but there are also common Tier 0 Units like workers. They have the following Basic stats which can Change with Upgrades

Tier 0: 50 Hp, 2.5 dps, 1 Food, 1 Gold, Training Time 5
Tier 1: 100 Hp, 5 dps, 1 Food, 2 Gold , Training Time 10
Tier 2: 150 Hp, 7.5 dps, 1 Food, 3 Gold, Training Time 15
Tier 3: 200 Hp, 10 dps, 2 Food, 4 Gold, Training Time 20
Tier 4: 250 Hp, 12.5 dps, 2 Food, 6 Gold, Training Time 25
Tier 5: 300 Hp, 15 dps, 3 Food, 8 Gold, Training Time 30

Tier 1: 500 Hp, 25 dps, 6 Food, 11 Gold, Limit 4
Tier 2: 750 Hp, 25 dps, 9 Food, 18 Gold, Limit 4
Tier 3: 1000 Hp, 25 dps, 12 Food, 24 Gold, Limit 3
Tier 4: 1250 Hp, 25 dps, 15 Food, 30 Gold, Limit 2
Tier 5, 1500 Hp, 25 dps, 19 Food, 36 Gold, Limit 2
Generally Elite Units have a training time of 60 but Elite Tier 5 Units have a training time of 75.

There will be a few heroes who are classified as boss but most ot them are hostile ones with special loot.
All Bosses have a dps of 35.
Tier 1: 2500 Hp Tier 2: 3750 Hp, Tier 3: 5000 Hp,
Tier 4: 6250 Hp, Tier 5: 7500 Hp

Strong Units are in this game usually better than weak Units but to make the basic Units not useless in the late game it´s possible to Train them in Groups (like 2, 3 or 5). This is also cheaper and faster than Training These Units one by one and furthermore some of those Units have good supporting skills like Auras or Buffs.

Those are their Basic stats
Tier 1: 2500 Hp Tier 2: 3750 Hp, Tier 3: 5000 Hp,
Tier 4: 6250 Hp, Tier 5: 7500 Hp
Their costs can are not that standardized as other Units but there is still a Standard i don´t explain for now.



Credits (siehe anderes Worddokument)

All Models are from https://www.hiveworkshop.com/

Modell                                                                          Creator

ArabianTowers                                                                                      Mike

AzureDragonCrystalLord                                                                   General Frank

AzureDragonElementarist                                                                General Frank

BanditBerserker (Modell)                                                                 Mr. Bob

BanditBerserker (Texture)                                                               Stanakin Skywalker

Barracks (Strongholdstyle)                                                               Mike

BloodElvenSwordmaster                                                                   Elenai

BloodelfPikeman                                                                                  General Frank

ChaosRazormane                                                                                 Kuhneghetz

Cleric                                                                                                          Mc

CrossbowFootman                                                                              Wandering Soul

CryptFlyer                                                                                                AndrewOverload519

DemonTower                                                                                         HappyTauren

Demon_BulwarkBastionCitadel                                                      General Frank

Dire_Bandit / Dire_Footman                                                           Direfury

Draconian Guard                                                                                   Callahan

DwarfArchMage (e.G. Mudsorcerer)                                           GreyArchon

DwarfArchmage (e.G. ShadowWeaver)                                     GreyArchon

FortificationPalisade                                                                            MassiveMaster

GiantMantis                                                                                            tee.dubs

GiantSandWorm                                                                                   Sephiroth_VII

GnollAltarofFangs                                                                                Mephestrial

GnollBrawler                                                                                          Mephestrial

GnollMystweaver                                                                                Mephestrial

GnollStalker                                                                                            Mephestrial

HeroChronomancer                                                                            Deolrin

Ragnar Flamebeard                                                                             Blizzard Entertainment, Sellenisko

Human Archer                                                                                       Happy Tauren

HumanChurch (WC2 Church)                                                           Ket

MaleElfRanger                                                                                       Mc

NagaSerpent                                                                                          Kehel

NerubianArcaneTower                                                                      MatiS            

Ocula                                                                                                         -Grendel

OrcRogue                                                                                                 Linaze

PumpkinPhantom                                                                                Thrikodius

QuillboarBarracks                                                                                 Edge45

QuillboarChampion                                                                              Deolrin

RazorManeHunter                                                                               Wandering Soul

RazormaneWorker                                                                              garfield

RedDragonFirePhalanx                                                                      General Frank

RoyalDwarf                                                                                             Radagast

Dwarven Runecaster                                                                          GreyArchon

DwarvenShieldBreaker                                                                      Norinrad

SkeletonPirate126                                                                                WhiteDeath

Slavemaster                                                                                            -Grendel

SnowPine                                                                                                Gottfrei

Tree (e.G: Malaar Tree)                                                                     Grey Knight

VrykulSpearCarrier                                                                              Sellenisko

VrykulWarrior                                                                                        Sellenisko

VrykulWorker                                                                                        Sellenisko

Warcraft II Mage                                                                                   AndrewOverload519

WCII_GreatHall                                                                                     Red XIII

ClassicBat                                                                                                 manasou

Uruk Hai Pikeman                                                                                 Fingolfin

Bloodelf Mage                                                                                       General Frank

Crystal_InfernalBirth                                                                           Dark Hunter1357

Doomsayer                                                                                             Hawkwing

Also thanks to everybody who helped producing the NewGen Worldeditor.





  • Added the skills of the following heroes: "Bladestorm" Thorano the Armmaster of the Cult of the Black Hand, Morbeen the Demonice Fiend and Harbinger of the Demonic Hordes and Highexecutioner Sharrazor

  • Added Commands to vote singleplayer games

  • Reduced number of Units and foodcap to 85


Changelog (v1.14.2)

-          Added the skills of the remaining heroes

-          Replaced advanced Buildings with medium building plots

-          Heroes who are meant to be non-revivable are now non-revivable

-          Added a short hero description to the intro

-          Bugfix: Shrine oft he Seas could only be captured one time per game

Bugfix: Bordin Mithrilplate´s Ability Mithril Armor reduced incoming damage by 100%



-          Smaller Terrain Changes

-          Added Unit: Corporal to Humans and Zegols

-          Added Upgrade Systems to: Shellers, Humans and Zegols, Troglospyl, Pigclans, Ete´terro, Goldseeker Legion

-          Added Auto-Casting to more units

-          Bugfix: Now you can train groups of Pigclan Archers and Ete´terro Axemasters without game- crash (sorry that i found this bug this late)

-          Bugfix: Income Timer works properly now

-          Bugfix: Removed Food Costs of the heroes where food cost haven´t been changed

-          Tooltip-Fixes

-          Values of some neutral hostiles have been increased

-          Enhanced damage upgrades for Elites

-          Event Added: The Pigclans can decide if they want to serve Kasaa once more (and gain his boon) or to open his tomb (which unleashes his fury)

-          Event Added: Scarbones Hut (only interesting for Shellers but quite helpfull)

More Trigger Enhancement: integrated boolean functions into the triggers


Wars of Theosa 1.14.0 - publish.w3x

Wars of Theosa 1.14.1.w3x

Wars of Theosa 1.14.2.w3x

Wars of Theosa 1.15.0.w3x

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sorry i had no time during the last daies.

Notes: - i´ll try to reduce the amount of creeps

- The map is still in Progress: at the Moment i build the heroes, when this is done i plan to individualize the different factions (i´ll think about the orc faction)


When you play singleplayer mode:

Type this into the chate "- vote" then there starts a very short game (30mins of sudden death and no intro).

Ok i think i´ll rework the voting part first.

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Ok here´s a Little update concerning that Topic with some new hero skills.

Concerning Events: I didn´t planned that much for now.


Existing Events:

- Morbeen´s Death

- Construction of the Great Void Portal

- The Erlking

I won´t Spoiler that now


i hope this improves the map a bit.

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Here´s another update including the abilities of the remaining heroes and some bugfixes. 

I also replaced advanced unit production buildings with building plots.

The plan of the next update is to make the races more individual.

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here´s the next update of the map with some bugfixes and some new ideas showing what i´m working on for now. 

I only updated half of the races (updating all 12 of some needs some time) so this is more or less a preview of the next one. 

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