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[Aeon] Bloodgulch

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Kel'thuzard has fallen, the threat in the Plaguelands has receded. Now our people look towards a new threat looming across the horizon, Draenor. The desolate  home world of our once great people, ruled by a tyrannical tyrant known as "The Betrayer". By the will of the Horde, and at the command of our Warchief, blood and glory will be ours! Draenor will once again be painted in red and claimed for the Horde!


NPC Leader - Nazgrel 

Player Leader - 

In the aftermath of the Ahn'Qiraj war effort, there was much left to question in the Horde. Countless warriors have fallen, slain in battles off in the desolate desert of Silithus. Kalimdor saved from a apocalyptic threat of an Old God. The Scourge had been scattered across the Eastern Kingdoms, Kel'thuzard and Naxxramas destroyed by the might of the Horde. Now the Warchief looked toward new lands. Draenor. With the task being set, veterans of the Warsong Gulch are called back to Orgrimmar to depart to the new World. It was time to return to their once proud home of ancestral lands, Draenor.

The Bloodgulch is an unspoken brotherhood of veterans nicknamed for the blood bath that is known as the Warsong Gulch. The Bloodgulch is a military force originally stationed to defend the Horde's claims at the vast forests of Ashenvale. However, with the recent revelations of the Dark Portal; the Bloodgulch are recalled back to Orgrimmar and dispatched to the Horde frontier of Thrallmar. Despite the efforts spearheaded by Nazgrel, the Bloodgulch are sent as a security and expeditionary force to further the objective of the Horde. To rid the world of the tyranny of Illidan, and in the aftermath to secure the Outlands and its vast resources for the Horde.





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