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[Event] The Guilty Games

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The Guilty Crown Administration is back at it again with another event. This time, the prizes are more enticing and the competition is more fierce! If you wish to participate and earn recognition from your peers, this is the event to do it. The event will consist of 2 phases, each will be graded by our panel of judges.

1. Character Sheets

2. The Arena 


Character Sheets

Each participant will submit a character sheet, each character sheet will be graded for creativity, originality, and overall ensured that the character is not "God-like". Your character can come from any "lore-setting". Your character sheet must provide the following. 





Background Story: 

6 Unique Character Traits: (Example: Greedy, Skilled Scout, Loyal, etc.)

Judges: Dumborat, Gushikata, Huntsman, LazyKaloz, Morinoke, Slendersteven, Timoren, Malygos.

Reward: Personalized Discord Title.

Please submit your entries here - http://guiltycrowngaming.us/forum/8-character-profiles/



The Arena

The arena, will be putting random characters sheets against eachother. Individuals will roleplay out their character sheets against one another in a tournament style battle via. forum text. Dice rolls will be enforced, and the event will be testing players thoughts and calculated moves against eachother. Magistrates will be monitoring this 2nd phase of the event to ensure no god-modding and etc. 

Judges: Katanova, Kacpa2, Gushitaka, LazyKaloz, Huntsman, Malygos. 

Reward (Can only choose 1): Secret Hero in upcoming WoW Reanim Map, Hero in Titan's Land:Land of Plenty, Hero in upcoming Fantasy Life, Hero in Kacpa's Azeroth Roleplay. 


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