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[Guilty Crown] - Corners of the Empire

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High Council - Malygos. 

Head of Overall activity within the WC3 scene of Guilty Crown. Responsibility is to keep to our presence in WC3 as chief magistrate.

Magistrate - Acts as "Governors" of each segment. Each Magistrate representing major sectors of the community. Responsibility is to host pre-games, peacekeeping, and overall managing their community and growing it.

Viceroy - Acts as Assistant to each respective Magistrate, and will eventually be "Successor" if magistrate steps down, etc.

Magistrate / Viceroy

Dumborat - Strategy (LTA/EaW/Etc.) Mint - Strategy

Gushitaka - Titan's Land/KaR Kacpa2 - Titan's Land/KaR

Huntsman - AoC Vacant -

LazyKaloz - LoaD Christopher10 - LoaD

Morinoke - RotRP/SotDRP Twilly - RotRP/SotDRP

Slendersteven - Fantasy Life/LoaP Vacant -

Timoren - Off-topic Vacant -



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