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Update Announcement (v6.3a)

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Update Announcement (v6.3a)

New Additions

New Hero: Deng Ai (Shi Zai)

(197-264 AD)


This hero is only obtainable through event

Despite having lost his father in his youth and growing up in a poor family, Deng Ai 's ambition had never faded. Living in such chaotic era, he became more determined to become a successful man in both literacy and military. He began as the agriculture minister of a city called Ru Nan, but his life soon entirely changed when he met the infamous Sima Yi in 240 AD. From Deng Ai's efficient work ethics and eager attitude, Sima Yi saw talents and vast potential in this man, and promoted Deng Ai to a Governor. During his many years of service under the Cao Wei Dynasty, Deng Ai was appointed to guard the North Western front against the invasion of Jiang Wei. In 263 AD, ordered by the son of Sima Yi, Sima Zhao, Deng Ai led an invasion from the North West to defeat the Shu Dynasty once and for all. Trekking through undeveloped mountainous regions, Deng Ai rapidly navigated past the defenses of Shu army and reached the capital of Shu Dynasty, Cheng Du. Deng Ai thus, became famous as the Wei General who conquered Shu Dynasty. His success was envied by his fellow comrades whom later falsely accused him of treason. Deng Ai unfortunately died at the age of 67, while being escorted to Luo Yang to be trialed.


New Event (1): Yellow Turban Rebellion


The Yellow Turban rebellion was a peasant-led uprising that took place during the late Eastern Han Dynasty. It served as the opening chapter to the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and it was this chaotic rebellion that triggered many ambitious Warlords to seize the opportunity to expand in their power and influences. In 184 AD, the Eastern Han Dynasty was on the brink of collapse, as the Imperial Court was manipulated by corrupted officials coupled with severe droughts that occurred across the entire China. It was the lack of harvest and the high tax rates that drove the peasants to revolt against the government. Under the influence of a Taoist named Zhang Jiao, countless starving poor peasants with yellow turbans worn on their foreheads organized assaults against local officials. In order to end the rebellion, states and provinces across China began to build up military power in their own lands, which even further segregated the lands of China.







New Event (2): King of Nanman


Meng Huo was the leader of a minor barbaric tribe in the South Western region of China. He sought for luxury and power; however in order to realize his desires, he must first gain the support and unity from the local tribes to begin the expansion of his ambition!


New Kingdom Path: Rise of Sima Family


The death of Cao Cao quickly gave rise to the Sima Family, as the successor to the throne, Cao Pi strongly admired the talents of Sima Yi and granted him high authority in the Imperial Court to better serve the Wei Dynasty. However, what Cao Pi failed to notice was the broiling inner ambition of Sima Yi. Following the death of Cao Rui, son of Cao Pi, Sima Yi seized the perfect opportunity to completely eradicate the authority of the Cao Family, by murdering many loyal to the Cao Family. The bloodbath consequently granted the Sima Family absolute authority within the Wei Dynasty.


New Units: Lions / Panthers


The wildlife in the South Western region of China was very diverse, housing several ferocious beasts. The peasants that lived in this region gradually developed techniques to tame these beasts and were able to manipulate them at will.


  • Fast Attack and movement speed
  • High Attack Damage and HP


  • Low Armor Defense
  • Vulnerable to ranged attacks



  • Increased the backstab damage of Infiltration
  • Reduced the numbers of Jiang Dong Fire Archers summoned by Sun Jian
  • Sea Control Points can now be abandoned
  • Unclaimed Sea Control Points are now guarded by neutral hostile units
  • Reduced cost of Shaolin Monks, Danyang Swords, Peasants, and Corporals


Bug Fixes

  • Abandoning major cities does not convert the city towers to neutral hostile


The ROTK Team

ROTK v6.3a FIXED3.w3x

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