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Found 2 results

  1. Go watch my NEW video called Warcraft III Titan Land Lands Of Plenty? and I will make more videos on this and also on KOT as well to.Go check it out right now!!
  2. Well Met! I am Boyzilla, otherwise known as the (relatively famous now, I know right?) RP Map Maker, Christopher10. I was invited here by Squishy, as I was an old colleague of his in the Light's Dawn WC3 Clan. I was his clan's Minecraft Server manager back in the day. Today, he found me through one of my Life of a Dragon Sequel's, the successor to an older map, Life of a Dragon, Testers. I had returned a year ago to the Warcraft 3 Community and expanded my project to such lengths it is now one of the most weekly played RP maps on Battle.net. (Seriously, I keep getting fan mail, it's sometimes overwhelming) https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/life-of-a-dragon-sequel-v2-35.276005/ Before returning I had spent a majority of my high school years just writing Fanfiction as a hobby, so my skills in English and story writing had vastly improved through self-taught methods and classes. Which is also the reason I go by the name Boyzilla, as it is the username for my Fanfiction account. In any case, here I am, on this forum, writing a big hello to whoever appears. Also I wrote a story to Life of a Dragon Sequel dubbed "Life of a Zero Dragon", which gives you the secret code to access one of the Mercenary Heroes. Cover Art.