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  1. I'm going to keep this short, many of you have been asking me about the next update to Life of a Dragon Sequel, known as version 2.4., on Discord and WC3. Many of you have asked me on why I take so long to update in comparison to other Map Makers. I'll tell you straight, I don't do small updates, since Warcraft 3 doesn't feature an updating function for maps (or any of its hosting sites for Bots really), It would clog up the map pool with needless versions again and again that people would have to download again and again, for a small change like 10 minor bug fixes or something. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have you all play the next update, but it's just not finished. I like to do BIG updates, with a plethora of changes, fixes, and additions of content. It's recently hit the 40% completion mark, and when I hit 50%, it should be a lot faster to work on it. I do all the time-consuming stuff first, so once those are done, should be easy sailing. I hope and thank you for understanding.
  2. Update Announcement (v6.3c) New Additions New Hero: Guan Yin Ping (?-? AD) According to the folks legends, amongst the four children of Guan Yu, Guan Yin Ping was ranked the third eldest. However, there was no actual historical records of claiming the existence of such person. Rumors has it that, like her brothers, Guan Yin Ping developed sharp proficiency in martial arts by the age of 18. During the period when her father was the minister of Jing Province, Sun Quan had kindly offered a marriage arrangement for his son. However, due to the condescending attitude of her father towards Sun Quan, the marriage proposal was rejected. Guan Yin Ping later under the influence of Zhuge Liang, was married to Li Yi prior to the Nanman Campaign. New Gameplay System: Adjutants Adjutants serve as the second in command, assisting the leading Generals in devising strategies and offering support on the forefronts of the battlefields. Adjutants in the game are essentially the stronger form of the elite units, as well as offering additional positive auras to nearby friendly units. They can be distinguished from normal units by their larger model size and the special effect positioned overhead of their models. The adjutants were selected based on historically references, in which they were actually the primary leaders of specific elite units in game. The adjutants cannot be specifically trained from a building, they can be obtained in two ways: (1) 5% chance for adjutants to spawn every time an elite unit is trained, (2) Adjutants are guaranteed to spawn once a player has recruited at least 12 units of a specific elite unit type. Note that each adjutant can only belong to a specific player at a time, hence no duplicates are possible. Adjutants can be recruited again, if they have fallen on the battlefield. Finally, Adjutants are units, therefore do not gain experience or skill points. List of Adjutants added: Remake of Attack/Armor Type Tooltips To more clearly assist players in identifying the counter to each available unit in the game, the tooltips for attack and armor types are enhanced. It will now explicitly list out all the percentage of damage dealt or received in respect to every other attack and armor types. This will help new players to have a much easier time in deciding what types of units to recruit to fight against other Warlords. Adjustments Slight enhancements to Game UI Complete Remake of F9 Information Tab Maximum numbers of Heroes owned per faction is set to 5 Heroes become available for recruit again in Taverns once a player leaves Reduced income gain of all Sea Control Points Increased lumber cost of all Elite units Increased the training time of all Elite units Decreased recruitment gold cost of Shaolin Disciples Increased starting Intelligence of all Faction Leaders Increased starting Agility of Zhang He Decreased starting Agility and Strength of Lu Meng Reduced the initial Hero level of Lu Meng from 6 to 4 Increased the recruitment cost of Guan Yu The Oath of Peach Garden ability is now only added to Liu Bei, Guan Yu , Zhang Fei after the event, "Oath of Peach Garden" has been triggered Chaos Attack type is now referred to as Fire Attacks Magic Attack Type is now referred to as Phalanx Attacks Reduced the damage dealt to Medium Armor by Piercing and Fire Attacks Reduced the damage dealt to Fortified Armor by Phalanx Attacks Increased Neutral hostile units surrounding Sea Control Points Fixed Pathing Bug Fixes Marketplace of Yi State and Ta County does not change ownership after the city is taken Recruitment lumber cost of Zhang Fei was only 50 The ROTK Team Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.3c.w3x
  3. Update Announcement (v6.3b) New Additions New City (1): Ta County Ta County is situated in the present day of Da Lian. This ancient small city served as the bridge connecting the Sun Wu State and Gongsun Yuan of the North East. Ta County was an important location where numerous sea-route trades and political relations would frequently happen between the two Warlords. Ta County was ruled by the Gongsun Family since the 190AD up until 238AD, when Sima Yi led an invasion against Gongsun Yuan and successfully established Cao Wei authority in the area. New City (2): Yi State Yi State is situated in the present day of Taiwan. According to the historical records, Sun Quan has sent his generals to annex the Yi State and later became a part of the Sun Wu state. It was further described that the land of Yi State was mountainous, covered by acres of forests, and inhabited by segregated tribes of uncivilized barbarians. New Event: Wuhuan Invasion The Wuhuan had existed since 3rd Century BC, their lands neighboured many powerful nations, namely the Han Dynasty in the South and Xiongnu in the North. The constant aggression from Xiongnu eventually forced the Wuhuan to seek protection from the Han Dynasty by pledging allegiance and paying tributes. After the intense conflict between Cao Cao and Yuan Shao has broken out in 200 AD, the Wuhuan united with the neighbouring tribes to use this perfect opportunity to expand their lands into mainland China. However, following the decisive victory of Cao Cao in Battle of Guan Du in 205 AD, Cao Cao shifted his target to the Wuhuan. In 207 AD, the Wei Tiger Knights led by Cao Chun easily defeated Wuhuan, and the Wuhuan again had to flee back to the North. New Elite Unit: Repeating Crossbows The Repeating Crossbows had existed in China prior to 5th Century BC, however, it took the form of a large scaled artillery. During the Three Kingdoms Era, Zhuge Liang completely re-designed the weapon, which later became known as the "Zhuge Crossbow." It was said that the Zhuge Crossbow was capable of firing 10 arrows without reload, which greatly improved the firing rate. However, due to the light firing power, the range of the Zhuge Crossbow was very short, only up to 20 steps away. Because these crossbows were heavy and many arrows had to be brought along, the Repeating Crossbows moved slowly and it was difficult for them to quickly escape the front lines. This Elite Unit is available in Xiang Yang, Jiang Ling, and Yong An Strength Fast Attack Speed High Melee Defense Weakness Slow Movement Speed Low Attack Damage Short Attack Range New Faction Advantage: Unit Upgrades To further amplify the uniqueness of each faction and highlight the types of army specialized by each Warlord during the Three Kingdoms Era, at the start of the game, each faction now has +2 in a specific unit upgrade, which can be in Iron Forged Swords, Infantry Training, Archery Training, or Animal War Training. List of +2 Upgrades for each faction: Sun Jian: Archery Training Cao Cao: Animal War Training Liu Bei: Infantry Training Dong Zhuo: Animal War Training Yuan Shao: Archery Training Gongsun Zan: Animal War Training Yuan Shu: Infantry Training Liu Zhang: Infantry Training Ma Teng: Animal War Training Meng Huo: Iron Forged Swords Adjustments Optimized pathing around some cities and mountains Increased attack damage of Juggernauts Increased movement speed of Elephants Decreased movement speed of all ranged Heroes Increased the cooldown of Fire Arrows ability of Ranged Heroes Decreased build time of all Ships Decreased build time of Shipyard Balanced cost of Ships Removed Wuling infantry, archers, and cavalries Adjusted event conditions to trigger Formation of Jin Dynasty Changed model of Ma Dai Bug Fixes Wen Chou can walk on water Towers in Ye cannot be upgraded to Imperial Towers The ROTK Team
  4. Update Announcement (v6.3a) New Additions New Hero: Deng Ai (Shi Zai) (197-264 AD) This hero is only obtainable through event Despite having lost his father in his youth and growing up in a poor family, Deng Ai 's ambition had never faded. Living in such chaotic era, he became more determined to become a successful man in both literacy and military. He began as the agriculture minister of a city called Ru Nan, but his life soon entirely changed when he met the infamous Sima Yi in 240 AD. From Deng Ai's efficient work ethics and eager attitude, Sima Yi saw talents and vast potential in this man, and promoted Deng Ai to a Governor. During his many years of service under the Cao Wei Dynasty, Deng Ai was appointed to guard the North Western front against the invasion of Jiang Wei. In 263 AD, ordered by the son of Sima Yi, Sima Zhao, Deng Ai led an invasion from the North West to defeat the Shu Dynasty once and for all. Trekking through undeveloped mountainous regions, Deng Ai rapidly navigated past the defenses of Shu army and reached the capital of Shu Dynasty, Cheng Du. Deng Ai thus, became famous as the Wei General who conquered Shu Dynasty. His success was envied by his fellow comrades whom later falsely accused him of treason. Deng Ai unfortunately died at the age of 67, while being escorted to Luo Yang to be trialed. New Event (1): Yellow Turban Rebellion The Yellow Turban rebellion was a peasant-led uprising that took place during the late Eastern Han Dynasty. It served as the opening chapter to the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and it was this chaotic rebellion that triggered many ambitious Warlords to seize the opportunity to expand in their power and influences. In 184 AD, the Eastern Han Dynasty was on the brink of collapse, as the Imperial Court was manipulated by corrupted officials coupled with severe droughts that occurred across the entire China. It was the lack of harvest and the high tax rates that drove the peasants to revolt against the government. Under the influence of a Taoist named Zhang Jiao, countless starving poor peasants with yellow turbans worn on their foreheads organized assaults against local officials. In order to end the rebellion, states and provinces across China began to build up military power in their own lands, which even further segregated the lands of China. New Event (2): King of Nanman Meng Huo was the leader of a minor barbaric tribe in the South Western region of China. He sought for luxury and power; however in order to realize his desires, he must first gain the support and unity from the local tribes to begin the expansion of his ambition! New Kingdom Path: Rise of Sima Family The death of Cao Cao quickly gave rise to the Sima Family, as the successor to the throne, Cao Pi strongly admired the talents of Sima Yi and granted him high authority in the Imperial Court to better serve the Wei Dynasty. However, what Cao Pi failed to notice was the broiling inner ambition of Sima Yi. Following the death of Cao Rui, son of Cao Pi, Sima Yi seized the perfect opportunity to completely eradicate the authority of the Cao Family, by murdering many loyal to the Cao Family. The bloodbath consequently granted the Sima Family absolute authority within the Wei Dynasty. New Units: Lions / Panthers The wildlife in the South Western region of China was very diverse, housing several ferocious beasts. The peasants that lived in this region gradually developed techniques to tame these beasts and were able to manipulate them at will. Strength Fast Attack and movement speed High Attack Damage and HP Weakness Low Armor Defense Vulnerable to ranged attacks Adjustments Increased the backstab damage of Infiltration Reduced the numbers of Jiang Dong Fire Archers summoned by Sun Jian Sea Control Points can now be abandoned Unclaimed Sea Control Points are now guarded by neutral hostile units Reduced cost of Shaolin Monks, Danyang Swords, Peasants, and Corporals Bug Fixes Abandoning major cities does not convert the city towers to neutral hostile The ROTK Team ROTK v6.3a FIXED3.w3x
  5. Update Announcement (v6.2d) New Additions New Building: Mian Zhu Gate Mian Zhu Gate (also known as White Horse Gate), situated at the entrance of Zi Tong, served as the choke point to defend against enemies from the North. During the Three Kingdoms Era, Mian Zhu Gate was famous for the battle between Deng Ai of Wei Dynasty and Zhuge Liang's eldest son, Zhuge Zhan who fought until his very last breathe to hold the gate. Despite his brave efforts, Deng Ai easily broke open the gate and continued marching towards Cheng Du (Capital city of Shu Dynasty). It was only within days after the battle that led to the collapse of Shu Dynasty, which fully demonstrated the value of holding Mian Zhu Gate. Real life image of Mian Zhu Gate In-game Image of Mian Zhu Gate New Event: Han Emperor Abdication The Warlord who takes control of the Han Emperor in Xu Chang now has the option to support the reign of Han Emperor or force him to abdicate the throne at any time. As nice as it sounds to become an Emperor yourself, one will have to face dire consequences if anything happens to the Han Emperor... Adjustments Added Summon Reinforcements ability to Han Emperor Increased movement speed of Fire Boats Removed pathing collisions of Fire Boats Decreased movement speed of Chinese Frigate Reduced AOE of Catapults Reduced damage of Siege Catapults and Catapults Increased cost, defense, HP of Forts Reduced damage of Forts Changed armor type of Pikeman to Heavy Armor Bug Fixes Yan Liang/Wen Chou model missing Cavalry No Food using Infantry HP upgrades The ROTK Team Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.2d.w3x
  6. Update Announcement (v6.2c) New Additions New Loading Screen by paladinjst Feel free to check out paladinjst's art work at Hive Workshop. His profile has some really amazing work! New Gameplay: Political Ideology Political Ideologies are the sets of basic beliefs and values in politics, economics, social and cultural affairs. It is exactly the ideologies of the rulers themselves value that determine the rise of a Nation or mark the dawn of an Empire. Now players in game will have the opportunity to select on their own ideologies based on the options that appeal to them the most. Currently, there are only perks and no disadvantages that come with each ideology; however, improvements on this new gameplay will be made in future updates. 1. Religion Buddhism, one of the four major religions in the World, has influenced and shaped the Chinese culture, philosophy, literature, arts, and architecture for over 1900 years. Buddhism endorsed the ideas of Equality, Mercy, and Selflessness, which were widely accepted and respected by the Chinese society. The earliest record of Buddhism in Ancient China was during the reign of Han Emperor of Ming. In 64 AD, a 6 metres tall man with a glowing scalp who claimed to be from the West met with the Emperor in his dream. The Han Emperor trusted that this peculiar dream was a sign of good fortune, and sent off numerous officers to travel off to the West to search for the man in his dream, also known as, the Great Buddha. 2. Women Women played a vital role in the private life of many Ancient Chinese rulers. They were not only important for producing heirs for the thrones, they were primarily needed as entertainment. It had always been difficult for men to pick between either their Empires or women, but of course, there also exists tales of exceptional Leaders that acquired both women and power. Lord Cao Cao is the perfect example of a powerful ruler and still possessed a house of women. It was recorded that there were 13 women that gave birth to sons for Lord Cao Cao, which does not include ones that only gave birth to daughters or had affairs with Lord Cao Cao. Very few Warlords were capable of maintaining the balance between his ambition and women, which made Lord Cao Cao even more extraordinary. 3. Militarism During chaotic times, the extent of military power ultimately dictates the lifespan of one's throne. The first Emperor of China, Qin Emperor of Shi was a strong believer in militarism, which led to the rapid unstoppable expansion of his nation until he became the ruler of all under heaven. It was the extensive military funding that shaped each and every military soldiers of Qin State at the time into Elite fighters. It was said that, "Each soldier of Qin State was equivalent to ten." New System: Vassal Tribute To Make the surrender system more rewarding to the Lords, vassals are now forced to periodically pay tribute to their Lords, as a sign of Loyalty and Allegiance. However, note that the vassals are required to pay tribute only if their economy reaches a certain standard. New Event Unit: Katana Samurai The word Samurai in its root meant "One who serves." They were military nobilities who were born to protect the members of the Imperial Court. Every samurai were true to the Bushido Code, an unwritten code of Chivalry. Each Samurai adhered to the Eight virtues of Bushido Code, and hence people signified them as the symbol of Justice, Respect, and Honour. This unit can only be obtained through Event Strength Fast attack speed High Damage, HP, and Defense Resistant to Ranged Weakness None New Musou Ability: Persistance As the previous Musou ability for Strategist class was quite useless, a new ability was needed. The new Musou Ability, Persistance grants Strategist the ability to order targeted units to push beyond their physical limits and continue to fight by adding +300 HP to all surrounding friendly units. Adjustments Players can no longer attack allies or neutrals City ownership can now be abandonned Adjusted movement speed of all units and heroes Increased Damage and Attack Speed of Elephants Increased Damage and Attack Speed of all Cavalry types Increased cost and bounty of all Heroes Increased HP and Defense of White Bengal Tiger BOSS Shortened duration of Fury Awaken Heroes are now no longer available in taverns after recruitment Delayed the occurrence of all historical events Removed Lu Bu's infiltration ability, replaced with Fear Added new passive "Perfection" for Lu Meng Mercenary Assassins are now limited to 15 units per player The ROTK Team Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.2c.w3x
  7. Update Announcement (v6.2b) New Additions New Hero: Lu Meng (Zi Ming) (178-220 AD) In his teenage years, Lu Meng was under the command of his brother-in-law, Deng Dang. Together, they served under Lord Sun Ce, and participated in several military campaigns against the bandits in the Jiang Nan region. Due to his excellent performance in battles, Lu Meng's bravery gradually became widely respected. After the death of Lord Sun Ce, the successor to the throne, Lord Sun Quan realized Lu Meng's potential and promoted him to an official military commander. Following countless military campaign led by Lu Meng, he was finally promoted to the Viceroy of Lu Jiang. The most well-known achievement of Lu Meng was his invasion of Jing Province in 219AD in which he defeated and captured Guan Yu. Unfortunately, Lu Meng died shortly after his victory, as he had already fallen seriously ill prior to his campaign. New Gameplay: Naval Warfare During the Three Kingdoms period, the navy were very poorly developed. The Chinese warships did not utilize any artilleries or explosives and mainly relied on archers as the primary approach to perform long ranged assaults on the seas. The most renown naval battle during the Three Kingdoms period was the Battle of Red Cliffs (208AD) in which the allied forces of Lord Liu Bei and Lord Sun Quan decisively defeated Lord Cao Cao by using fire ships that dealt destructive damage to Cao Cao's navy. 1. Fire Ships Low HP and Defense Creates burning effects to enemies in close quarters Counter Chinese Frigates 2. Chinese Frigates High HP and Damage Long Ranged Can Capture Sea Control Points With the introduction of Naval warships, Sea control points are also added to encourage players to try out these new units! The Sea Control points are placed in 5 different locations, which are the major rivers and seas present in South East China: Yellow River, Yangtze River, South China Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea. Seas and rivers were always important for fishing industries and establishing accessible trade routes and hence, holding these Sea Control Points provides the owner immense amount of resources. New Elite Unit: Mercenary Assassins Assassins are highly skilled in operating in the shades. Many would spend fortunes to hire assassins to sabotage, murder, collect intels, or protect themselves. This Elite unit can be trained in the following cities: Wu Ling, Chang Sha, Ling Ling, Gui Yang Strength High movement and attack speed Can travel undetected (invisible) for a brief period to assassinate a target Counter Heroes Weakness Low HP and Defense Poor Melee Combat capabilities Vulnerable to range attacks New Event: White Bengal Tiger (BOSS) White Bengal Tiger is a rare variant of Bengal Tigers, which are typically orange coloured with black stripes. White Bengal Tiger possesses a mutation in a pigment gene, called SLC45A2, which generates the rare colour variant of Bengal Tigers. This BOSS event is meant to encourage players to work together in game if they want to defeat this phenomenal beast. It is rumoured that the item drop of this BOSS, can be traded in for some impressive rewards... Adjustments Hero armor type now receives 95% damage from Normal attacks Hero armor type now receives 80% damage from Piercing attacks Decreased cost of Elephants Decreased cost of Melee Armor Upgrades The ROTK Team Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.2b.w3x