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  1. Special thanks to Dasho, and Nazgul99, and Dr.Stein for working on this concept with me and the many KoT's. Overview With the passing of the invasion from the Hahaskan Empire threat one month ago, the war has led to countless strife and poverty within the Imperial Kingdom of Stars. With so few manpower and the various drafts, banditry has been able to cause mischief and run amok. These groups of bandits have formed from the various mercenaries and the aftermath of the war. What began as innocent behavior has recently blossomed into attacks to drive refugees out of camps and other acts of hostility. With their motives, means, and goals unknown, the Kingdom of Stars must answer the call to protect its people from this harassment- and discover why exactly this motley crew of mercenaries is in the north in the first place. Victory is necessary, lest the buffoonery displayed by the Vellrose Crime Family will spread all across the kingdom of stars. Walter Vellrose was a noble in life, possessing control of a manor up near the capital city of the Kingdom of Stars in the days before warring nations broke out. With the chaos of the Hahaskan Empire, Walter was slain in combat and his manor forgotten about largely. When he was risen by his comrades after being brought to the Highlander Vampires, the ruthless and irritable man was able to amass a certain wealth in his newfound death. Despite this, he did not enjoy the benefits of station that he did in life. His plans turned towards reclaiming his manor and moving up in rotter society, but he ran into a problem- no-one in the Highland Vampire's military hierarchy really cared or thought a random mansion in Kingdom of Stars was particularly worth troop commitment. Vellrose, ever scheming, scoffed at this notion and decided to find a mercenary company to assist him- and found the Vellrose Crime Family. Sally Boltsprocket is the namesake of the company- and with good reason. She drives a hard bargain and keeps the wide range of cultures and races in harmony, or at the very least not trying to eat each other alive. Literally. She is the Director of Operations and her word is law, ensuring that the mercenaries never get burned on a deal- though this is likely because her coffers are filled from preventing this. Thick is a burly creature, even among Njordsir. As the company's acting Field Commander and enforcer, Thick's massive Njordsir fists and disposition towards violent haymakers has ensured that internal disputes are ended quickly and orders are followed at least by the third time they're given. Cold, quiet, and giving off an aura that he's probably killed someone for talking about his beard wrong- Thick is definitely the solemn bruiser of the group. Eregund Bandalthar is a shining testament of the tenacity and stubborn nature of dwarves. Eregund discovered his aptitude for magic and happily began the process of applying to Kingdom of Star's University- which summarily told him in no uncertain terms that he would not be getting in. Frustrated and confused, Eregund continually applied over and over- a common phrase at the end of each application being "Please respond." His anger grew with each failed attempt at procuring training in the magical city and he began to lash out violently at even the smallest of slights. After melting a hot dog stand in the Jewel Desert for looking at him wrong, Eregund decided to seek freelance work with only his self-taught training. He took a course in anger management and claims to be free of his former behaviors. Claims. Old Wellesley once served the Kingdom of Star's, saving dozens of soldiers from death's door over his tenure as an army surgeon. His calm bedside manner was praised by those who were operated on by him, their claims being that his plying them with drink and asking them what their relationship with their father was like ultimately drew their attention away from the bone saw amputating their arm. Wellesley's service was ended when he was discovered casually drinking anesthetic, but he continues his healing with the crime family. Paige, in life, was a very loud and boisterous person. So much so that when she was caught sneaking around a noble's estate in the Highlands to steal his jewelry- he recognized her voice anywhere. His guards executed her, but not before sewing her mouth shut so that they could all at least have five minutes of peace without the constant yapping. Some years later, Paige was raised into undeath as a Vampire, and spent a deal of time in the service of the Terrad Draco. The other Vampires found her silence and nosy nature grating and she never really found her place in society, so one day she set off on the road. Finding the Crime family, she instantly felt as though she belonged- the egocentric and overly dramatic mercenaries could do all the talking for her. Lore Balderdash Eminent Domain A King in his Inn Freakshow