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Found 9 results

  1. Go check out my new video from Warcraft III on Titan Land Lands of Plenty with a updated version is now uploaded and now LIVE!!!
  2. Check out EP.42 on Warcraft III on Titan Land where I got the Draenei VS the Legion with some Fel Orcs is now uploaded and now Live!!
  3. Check out my new video on Warcraft 3 on a custom game where I show you guys the wolf models in the wolf legends is now uploaded and LIVE!!!
  4. Here another Titan Land video from Warcraft 3 for special legends models is now uploaded and LIVE!!
  5. Check out NEW episode on Warcraft 3 on Titan Land KoT V3.0 RP is now uploaded and LIVE!!
  6. Check out EP. 38 of Warcraft 3 on Titan Land KoT is now uploaded and live!!
  7. Check out NEW episode on Warcraft III on Titan Land with the Viri models is now uploaded and Live!!
  8. Check out new EP.36 of Warcraft III on Titan Land with the Draenai models is now Live!!
  9. Greetings

    Greetings I am King_Katanova, also these days known by The_3_Skeletons and i am the current main editor to the Titan Land Series: Kingdoms of Terfall. I have been in map editing since 2010, during my beginning still remain in Titan Land in the days of Rise of KIngdoms, were i was introduced to the Light's Dawn clan in ways i'd rather not dwell on (the original editor of the Tl version i acquired threatened lawsuit against me and wanted the clan to boycott me). It was on Light's dawn were i met Lordsquishy and became a close supporter in the unity that made Light's Dawn such a great clan during its time, but alas it fell to the sands of time. I've been invited back to this work following the current work involving TLKoT's 3.0 project which i have been pioneering the past 4 months, which sees a major overhaul to it with the ambition of a great many interesting models to choose from. Other bits about me, i'm a passionate artist who has been drawing fan art since the time i started doing map-work which some know me for. Heres a piece of my last work i did for a friend, i am also a studying architect at Edinburgh Napier as most people who know me personally also know that i am a Scottish national. I hope this group can live up to the support and well being of Light's Dawn, i have seen too many clans rise and fall because of the lack of support. Feel free to write to me at any time, i'm always open to talk to.