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Found 5 results

  1. The Elder Scrolls: Age of Chaos

    So! I am getting back into doing some premade (Sort of) And as such I decided to start an AoC Premade using a new map I've aquired, it's an AoC based around The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion The events in this game will be taking place after the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim. The current spots are as follows. Game Time: 6-7PM EDT Saturday Red - Hammerfell - Mathellian Blue - Skyrim - LazyKaloz Teal - High Rock - Johanis13 Purple - Morrowind Yellow - Summerset Isles/Thalmor - Neviscae Orange - Dremora - Cinder Green - Valenwood Pink - Elsweyr Grey - Cyrodiil - Chrisman1233 Dark Green - Mythic Dawn - Slendersteven/Flashmeister Brown - Black Marsh - Claw DM Me on Discord (Heinrich von Frankistverg [SS]) or post a reply here to reserve a faction, first come first serve.
  2. Welcome to the Europe at War: Victoria! I've decided to post this up here due to the simple fact that whilst the map has massive RP potential, it is easily ruined if too many nations are unwilling / inexperienced in such ways. This would fall into the fields of alternative history. As the ruler / controller of your own nation it falls into your hands what future might lay ahead of them. Below you will find a list of currently availible countries and a little description based upon their current place in the world and opportunities the country presents. Time: Sunday 12:00 GMT Major Nations United Kingdom (Serendipity) The British Empire starts in relative comfort. With their island home protected by the sea and their Indian Colony on the growth they have some of the biggest potential in terms of both military and trade power as well as an easy opportunity for expansion within the new world. Whilst England's seat of power is safe, it is not undisputed. With the French still bitter after the Second Hungered Year War and the overgrowing power of the Kingdom of Prussia, things may yet take a darker turn for the great empire. France (Oliku) With the French loss of the Hungered year war and the frail state of French Politics it will take a firm hand to restore the French Legacy. Napoleon's defeat had stomped the French Imperial dream, the question is- for how long? What will it take to restore the might of the Napoleonic Empire? That remains to be seen. Kingdom of Prussia (Claw) With the fall of the Holy Roman Empire at the hands of the French countless Germans have suffered. With the region stuck in a limbo after the French had been pushed out, seeking Prussian protection. The time has come for the German people to finally have a country to call their own. Unified under one Banner. Be wary however as there are these whom wish to take the chaos within German lands for granted. Austrian Empire (Open) With the fall of the French Empire came a plethora of new opportunities. Their formerly usurped lands are disorganized and in chaos, seeking shelter form the great powers around them. Who is to deny the Austrian claims to the lands once belonging to the Holy Roman Empire after all? Be wary however as there are these whom seek to usurp your Legacy. With the Prussian Militarism on the rise they may yet try to dispute your claims. Spanish Empire (Open) Having just fully recovered from the Civil War and the French Occupation, Spanish Nationalistic spirit grows strong. With the defeat of the Carlist's, Spain seeks to diminish their influence on it's politics and spread it's influence around the world. It's eyes set on Africa. Despite their current goals there is still a general mistrust and hate towards their French Neighbors. Memories of the French Occupation and the wounds that followed still too fresh to fully dismiss. The Ottoman Empire (Open) The Great Ottoman Empire, a powerful nation whom even the Russian Empire learnt to fear. Despite their past sucess and lingering power, it would be foolish to deny the slow decline in the empire. It's people all but slow to accept modern idea's in favor of tradition and the ongoing conflict in Egypt, things might take a sour turn for the Ottoman People. Kingdom of Sweden (Open) With the loss of the Finish War, Sweden had lost much of its power. Countless people living in Finland still remember their true origins and demand freedom from under the Russian Hand. Union with Norway presents countless new opportunities for the Scandinavian Nations. Just like a Lion, Sweden awaits it's chance to retake what's theirs. Russian Empire (Open) With the decline in neighboring powers of the Fallen Commonwealth and current Ottoman troubles, Russian Empire is once again given a chance to shine. The vast lands the Russian People hold are impressive but unfortunately, not very productive. With the Dawn of Modern Idea's, Russia is presented with a brand new opportunity to make it's presence all too known to it's Neighbors. For in the end, Russia shall span From one end of the continent to the next. Select Nation Select Nation spots are made for smaller nations. You get an ability to play them out. These nations range anywhere from the Swiss all the way to Morocco. There are Four Spots Open for Select Nation overall. Purple - Open Pink - Open Orange - Elifas - Hungary Brown - Chronologic
  3. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    What do you guys think about a "Fantasy Life" spin-off? It would have some similar elements to create familiarity in the helpful sense, but obviously not be a duplicate or too confusingly different. I'm mostly trying to get a pool of how many people might be interested in this kinda thing, if not very many people, I might not continue making it, you know? I wanted to make a desert version (using the ruins tile set) for the town and castle, but also use other tile sets for other areas like icy mountains, and a fiery valley. ~ Right now I have these areas for the map I've listed below. (more to come soon...) ~ Click HERE to view screenshots of the map's visual progress thus far. (tis' a dropbox link). ~Feel free to throw any ideas for zones, bosses, encounters, or game play that you would like to see in this spin-off, I'll take any ideas I cant get.~
  4. Hello guys! I have decided to post here to look for players who can consistently show up to an AoC Continued Story. We already started and are two sessions in. Not every slot needs to be filled to play though I would like for everyone to try to show up on time consistently, if not. Try to have a replacement ready or your spot will be filled by a Random. My apologies, but it's how things are. Beyond that if people absolutely want to we can however, start over from the very beginning. Game Time is 8PM EDT every night starting Wednesday the 2nd unless notified otherwise. Factions [Warning, they are subject to change as things go on]: Blue - Lordaeron - Open Teal - Burning Legion - Sage/Cinder Purple - Dalaran + Quel'thalas - Open Yellow - Dwarvern Alliance - Claw Orange - Alterac - Open Green - Hakkari Empire - Stranger Pink - Stromgarde - Open Gray - Gilneas - Open Light Blue - Knights of the Silver Hand - Open Dark Green - Kul Tiras - Open Brown - Amani Empire - Open The Story So Far: The Horde had invaded through the Dark Portal with the aid of Medivh and the Shadow Council, they had met with the Hakkari and allied for a time, together they invaded Stormwind while the Dwarves had aided their Dark Iron kin to free them of the bondage of Ragnaros. With Ragnaros' downfall they had joined once again in an Alliance. Stormwind meanwhile take taken over by the Horde and the Hakkari had attacked the Horde to help resurrect Hakkar The Soulflayer. With the downfall of Stormwind the remannts of the Kingdom had made an exodus to Kalimdor while the Hakkari were pushed back to their two main lands. The Swamp of Sorrows and Stranglethorn Valley with neither faction making an effective push for a time. The Dwarves to the north however set up defensive borders. P.S: Gul'dan died and so did Blackhand. Orgim now leads the Horde after expelling the Shadow Council of whom Medivh takes under his wing. With that being said the Kingdom of Azeroth upon establishing a base in Kalimdor had met with the Sandfury and they had joined together in an Alliance, if fragile and uneasy and together after amassing an army they had set sail to take back Stormwind's land, under the promise the Sandfury gets a new home outside of the harsh desert of Tenaris. Furthermore, Kul Tiras had annexed the isolated Kingdom of Gilneas while Stromgarde sought to expand into Lordaeron land, with this Dalaran and Lordaeron had set up a border-guard but no melee was never had between them. Instead, Stromgarde had set sail for the Vilebranch trolls of which, after many hard times, had finally made a push and secured Jintha'alor. We leave off now with Stormwind and the Sandfury controlling Westfall, the Hakkari and Orcs once again in an uneasy peace, Kul Tiras fighting off Gilneas citizenry while trying to aid Stormwind, and Kingdom of Stromgarde finding it difficult to expand...
  5. Kingdoms of Terfall; World Conflict

    I'll just put this up here for others to read if they wish. As most people know i am one the current map editors and original formulator of the Rp map "Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall" which currently i have been working on its final version 3.0 to be completed. However, recently i have been thinking of a new map to try to work on after TL Kot is completed, the basic idea of this map is a open-world melee were players can choose a faction from a list of all potential ones and try to conquer the world from other players. Inspired by the map "Warhammer, Old World Conflict" the difference my map will have is that it will feature my lore just as TL KoT does. Another thing this map will push is the possibility of each faction having branching paths so the player can choose which path to take which can alter their entire army and ethics. I currently have a list of all possibly beginning factions to choose from which also show possible paths they can become. -Kingdom of Lanastar - Paths - United Kingdom of Stars -Kingdom of Lunastar - Paths - Sarrian Alliance, United Kingdom of Stars -Kingdom of Omenastar - Paths - Crescent Cult, United Kingdom of Stars, Order of the Black Tree -Kingdom of Helastar - Paths - Chaos Horde, United Kingdom of Stars, -Cult of Skulls - Paths - Kingdom of Death, Shadowcurse Clan, -Highland Baronage - Paths - Blood Kingdom, Yifford Alliance -Kingdom of Axon - Paths - Blood Empire, Order of Metal -Kingdom of Idara - Paths - Templar Brotherhood, Dragon Cult, -Hahaskan Empire - Paths (More along alignment then change) - Esken, Shakuma, Scer -Dwarves - Paths - Thal'dim, Runera, Bortho, Jaggar -Goblins - Paths - Goblin Kingdom, Techno Commonwealth -Orcs - Paths - Orccish Kingdom, Oloh Alliance, Orccen Commonwealth (Hyenak & Vernacc) -Kingdom of Thorgaard - Paths - Winterscared, Njod -Elves - Paths - Shenari, Drakari, Briari or Gelldir Thats all i have atm as well as the basic of azeroth wars to try and get the template but i'm open to ideas