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Found 2 results

  1. The Elder Scrolls: Age of Chaos

    So! I am getting back into doing some premade (Sort of) And as such I decided to start an AoC Premade using a new map I've aquired, it's an AoC based around The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion The events in this game will be taking place after the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim. The current spots are as follows. Game Time: 6-7PM EDT Saturday Red - Hammerfell - Mathellian Blue - Skyrim - LazyKaloz Teal - High Rock - Johanis13 Purple - Morrowind Yellow - Summerset Isles/Thalmor - Neviscae Orange - Dremora - Cinder Green - Valenwood Pink - Elsweyr Grey - Cyrodiil - Chrisman1233 Dark Green - Mythic Dawn - Slendersteven/Flashmeister Brown - Black Marsh - Claw DM Me on Discord (Heinrich von Frankistverg [SS]) or post a reply here to reserve a faction, first come first serve.
  2. Hello guys! I have decided to post here to look for players who can consistently show up to an AoC Continued Story. We already started and are two sessions in. Not every slot needs to be filled to play though I would like for everyone to try to show up on time consistently, if not. Try to have a replacement ready or your spot will be filled by a Random. My apologies, but it's how things are. Beyond that if people absolutely want to we can however, start over from the very beginning. Game Time is 8PM EDT every night starting Wednesday the 2nd unless notified otherwise. Factions [Warning, they are subject to change as things go on]: Blue - Lordaeron - Open Teal - Burning Legion - Sage/Cinder Purple - Dalaran + Quel'thalas - Open Yellow - Dwarvern Alliance - Claw Orange - Alterac - Open Green - Hakkari Empire - Stranger Pink - Stromgarde - Open Gray - Gilneas - Open Light Blue - Knights of the Silver Hand - Open Dark Green - Kul Tiras - Open Brown - Amani Empire - Open The Story So Far: The Horde had invaded through the Dark Portal with the aid of Medivh and the Shadow Council, they had met with the Hakkari and allied for a time, together they invaded Stormwind while the Dwarves had aided their Dark Iron kin to free them of the bondage of Ragnaros. With Ragnaros' downfall they had joined once again in an Alliance. Stormwind meanwhile take taken over by the Horde and the Hakkari had attacked the Horde to help resurrect Hakkar The Soulflayer. With the downfall of Stormwind the remannts of the Kingdom had made an exodus to Kalimdor while the Hakkari were pushed back to their two main lands. The Swamp of Sorrows and Stranglethorn Valley with neither faction making an effective push for a time. The Dwarves to the north however set up defensive borders. P.S: Gul'dan died and so did Blackhand. Orgim now leads the Horde after expelling the Shadow Council of whom Medivh takes under his wing. With that being said the Kingdom of Azeroth upon establishing a base in Kalimdor had met with the Sandfury and they had joined together in an Alliance, if fragile and uneasy and together after amassing an army they had set sail to take back Stormwind's land, under the promise the Sandfury gets a new home outside of the harsh desert of Tenaris. Furthermore, Kul Tiras had annexed the isolated Kingdom of Gilneas while Stromgarde sought to expand into Lordaeron land, with this Dalaran and Lordaeron had set up a border-guard but no melee was never had between them. Instead, Stromgarde had set sail for the Vilebranch trolls of which, after many hard times, had finally made a push and secured Jintha'alor. We leave off now with Stormwind and the Sandfury controlling Westfall, the Hakkari and Orcs once again in an uneasy peace, Kul Tiras fighting off Gilneas citizenry while trying to aid Stormwind, and Kingdom of Stromgarde finding it difficult to expand...