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Found 5 results

  1. I'll like to announce a few crucial changes and additions coming to the upcoming big update to Life of a Dragon Sequel, take heed that this does not include everything and I may add more to this thread later! All information presented is that which is the most notable in the update and not minor changes. Important Changes: - Resurrection Stone that is placed in the Brigand Encampment now has up to three consumable charges instead of one-time usage. This will ease the burden of permanent death due to unforeseen circumstance. - The infamous Mating Trigger has gotten a complete overhaul. No longer is it tied to specific growth stages between both Dragons! And no longer are certain dragons only able to mate with other certain dragons! Now all you need is to reach level 18 and you can make clutches of hatchling dragons with any other level 18+ dragon player! (Provided they have the Mate Buff enabled.) - Unique Religion-based Units and Buildings have finally arrived! Now both Kingdom and Empire players can have unique stuff tied only to the Religion they worship! And not only that, but each have their own units and building varients of that religion! - A shit ton of bug fixes, exploits fixes, and balancing! - Gnoll Archer, Rogue Mage, and Demon Survivor Mercenaries have been rebalanced and improved! New ultimates too! - The Dragon Knight and Dragon Rider now have some unique changes to them. Dragon Knight has been drastically rebalanced and Battle Tower tweaked while Dragon Rider now has a Bond Level with his Dragon! Improve this bond for some special dialogue and events! - Moonshine Grove, that being the middlemost forest, now spawns weaker timber wolves in early game. Defeating the Alpha Wolf in the cave will enable the spawning of the stronger dire wolves! - The Silver Dragon has been completely changed in its spell set to be completely custom spells. The Silver Pieces have changed in location and also ways of aquiring, save one. - The City of Polarvale is now a prosperous, non-demon inhabited, fully functioning city owned by the Kayla Kingdom! - Louise does more Louise things! Good for her! - Religions now have their events, questlines, and special stuff! More down below! - Music has been extended for those who like listening! More to Come! Additions: - Religions: Maker, Xaria, La'Koria, Cysgodol, and Utheran... And the new addition, Alona. Now have Questlines. These Questlines are co-op quests that follow a small linear story with rewards based off their premise. Some, even including possibly RP oppotunities with thier rewards or after effects. Just be careful of that useless goddess, Alona! There's probably nothing special about her anyway! - Two hundred years ago, in the original tale within Life of a Dragon, the Continent of Arana held within it the Arana Kingdom, a vast magical nation of Humanity's Golden Age that had been decimated and torn apart by the ravages of the Human-Dragon War brought on by the Demon King, Utheran. Now, revisit nostalgic areas as the entire map of the Original Map is brought back to life with enhanced visual fidelity and the vast differences that two centuries after such a devastating war had caused. Do you have the wits and strength to travel through Arana and rediscover the same paths and secrets the first generation of Chosen Dragons had gone through before you? - New Secrets! Shush! No spoilers! - Improved Crafting! All materials, ores, and ingots in Life of a Dragon Sequel now have a purpose! - Nobles and Clans. The Kayla Kingdom and Lakor Empire now have inside areas of thier Castle and Fortress with representatives of Noble Houses and Clans of their nation! Each House and Clan are tied to specific areas or interests, and can react differently on certain actions that you take as the leader of the Kingdom or Empire! - The Lakor Empire can now select a Female Hero alternative! Hooray for diversity and equality! - Winterfall Town has gotten a bit of a visual upgrade and now has a new Inn that can be entered! A new roleplaying area for player convience! Beds included, drinks charged on purchase. That's all I have to say for now! More later!
  2. Well Met!

    I'm a tester for Life of a Dragon, pleased to get to know you all
  3. From the game i played last night i must say i quite enjoyed my experience playing LoaD, but my habbit of pointing out things did show out so i decided i would put these suggestions for u that i feel coyld make LoaD. Disclaimer: most of these focus around the pre-set factions 1- there should be either be a building or a floating that says the name of each of the nation settlements, as reading from a book is harder to see, 2 - factions should get proper demi hero lords to use for settlement rps, since unit roster didnt offer much of that 3 - the settlments could do with a visiual overhall and more interesting building designs as you have the space now to offer it. 4 - faction paths would be interesting to ser in regard to how u rp the faction u are playing, for example kayla's path can be regarding faith over magic and even radical is that the kingdom could follow embrace themselves as a cult of dragon worshippers if they find a very powerful dragon. 5 - ive said this allready but a more interest palette of faction models since having mostly the vanilla can get rather stayle (also i must embrass my disconcern of that emissary model, it became a meme if how ugly it looks) Thats all i can see regarding ways i could see LoaD could become even more interesting for the preset factions. If u'd like, i could offer my services too you, as im passionate regarding tge visiual design of maps and have access to a dar greater palette of models most dont know, and im a pretty decent terraining. Please feel free to reply to me regardimg all this and i hope to hear u again chris.
  4. The Shadow Dragon Aspect Arrives

    Hey everyone its Bazil Grimstride, and i finally got the time to greet everyone here today Hello!
  5. Well Met! I am Boyzilla, otherwise known as the (relatively famous now, I know right?) RP Map Maker, Christopher10. I was invited here by Squishy, as I was an old colleague of his in the Light's Dawn WC3 Clan. I was his clan's Minecraft Server manager back in the day. Today, he found me through one of my Life of a Dragon Sequel's, the successor to an older map, Life of a Dragon, Testers. I had returned a year ago to the Warcraft 3 Community and expanded my project to such lengths it is now one of the most weekly played RP maps on Battle.net. (Seriously, I keep getting fan mail, it's sometimes overwhelming) https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/life-of-a-dragon-sequel-v2-35.276005/ Before returning I had spent a majority of my high school years just writing Fanfiction as a hobby, so my skills in English and story writing had vastly improved through self-taught methods and classes. Which is also the reason I go by the name Boyzilla, as it is the username for my Fanfiction account. In any case, here I am, on this forum, writing a big hello to whoever appears. Also I wrote a story to Life of a Dragon Sequel dubbed "Life of a Zero Dragon", which gives you the secret code to access one of the Mercenary Heroes. Cover Art.