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Found 4 results

  1. Cult of Skulls Overhaul

    Hello all, this is just a quick statement regarding the overhaul over the design for the Cult of Skulls in Titan Land: Kingdoms of Terfall. Cult of Skulls "Death claims all" "The Cult of Skulls was a rebellious group formed by rogue mages & deviants of the Kingdom of Stars within the dark realm of Naz'grim under the rogue light priest Mardrake. Instructed by the Death God; Theda and Mardrake's teachings, the cult became a primary practitioners of Necromancy and within a vendetta against the Kingdom, amassed a huge army of Undead beings to invade their former home, with the necromancer, many other factions joined their sway until ultimately they were defeated and splintered, but where not follow destroyed." Pros Wide access of Units, Necromancy spell casting to replenish fallen units, Large array of Units, Magic Damage Cons Weak to Fortied Armour, Spell Disruption & Holy Magic Unit Roster Primary Hero Roster
  2. Chaos Horde Overhaul

    Chaos Horde "All will break before the will of the chaos god" "The Chaos Horde is a collective force of mortals known as Heretics and demonkin called Hellspawn which are under the influence of the Corrupt Eternal one of Chaos, Xecien. Their goal is to convert all of Creation into their master domain by using Heretics to summon portals to Aftermath; Xecien Expanse of Chaos and Punishment to bring in his Hellspawn Legions." Pros Chaos Demon Summoning, powerful demonic units, Chaos Damage Cons Weak to magic, heroes & holy damage Unit Roster
  3. Introduction

    Greetings, patriarchs of TL KoT This is just an introduction to this sub forum just to detail what you will find in here. As a request to LordSquishy, as many people notice from my work, it is pretty difficult to try and understand my lore stories despite the entirety of TL KoT following it. So i have decided on this sub-forum detailing the lore regarding certain elements of the story, such as factions, timelines and major characters. Most of this that isn't written here or on the map itself can be found originally here, on my wikia site. Kingdoms of Terfall Wiki
  4. Kingdoms of Terfall; World Conflict

    I'll just put this up here for others to read if they wish. As most people know i am one the current map editors and original formulator of the Rp map "Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall" which currently i have been working on its final version 3.0 to be completed. However, recently i have been thinking of a new map to try to work on after TL Kot is completed, the basic idea of this map is a open-world melee were players can choose a faction from a list of all potential ones and try to conquer the world from other players. Inspired by the map "Warhammer, Old World Conflict" the difference my map will have is that it will feature my lore just as TL KoT does. Another thing this map will push is the possibility of each faction having branching paths so the player can choose which path to take which can alter their entire army and ethics. I currently have a list of all possibly beginning factions to choose from which also show possible paths they can become. -Kingdom of Lanastar - Paths - United Kingdom of Stars -Kingdom of Lunastar - Paths - Sarrian Alliance, United Kingdom of Stars -Kingdom of Omenastar - Paths - Crescent Cult, United Kingdom of Stars, Order of the Black Tree -Kingdom of Helastar - Paths - Chaos Horde, United Kingdom of Stars, -Cult of Skulls - Paths - Kingdom of Death, Shadowcurse Clan, -Highland Baronage - Paths - Blood Kingdom, Yifford Alliance -Kingdom of Axon - Paths - Blood Empire, Order of Metal -Kingdom of Idara - Paths - Templar Brotherhood, Dragon Cult, -Hahaskan Empire - Paths (More along alignment then change) - Esken, Shakuma, Scer -Dwarves - Paths - Thal'dim, Runera, Bortho, Jaggar -Goblins - Paths - Goblin Kingdom, Techno Commonwealth -Orcs - Paths - Orccish Kingdom, Oloh Alliance, Orccen Commonwealth (Hyenak & Vernacc) -Kingdom of Thorgaard - Paths - Winterscared, Njod -Elves - Paths - Shenari, Drakari, Briari or Gelldir Thats all i have atm as well as the basic of azeroth wars to try and get the template but i'm open to ideas