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Found 1 result

  1. Northrend Bound

    What is it? Northrend Bound is a strategy-RPG game, and a remake of Founders of the North. It is based in an alternate Warcraft universe where something happened to the human kingdom of Northrend. You are a lowly wanderer (of varying races) determined to become the next king. How you do it? That's completely up to you. My goal is to make something that's as fun as possible, with many different ways to go about playing the game. Here's a snippet from the game: The old kingdom has fallen into disarray. It is broken and divided, but not all is lost. The people seek a new leader to face the trials of the North. Will you rise to the cause? There will be many challenges and choices. Allies and enemies. To be a tyrant or a hero, the decision is yours. Features: Synopsis: Link to Development Forum: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/northrend-bound-v1-1.298463/ Changelog: Version 1.1: Added bandit techtree, improved the diplomacy system, added random events, adjusted base mana regen, added a "-cam" command, optimised map to improve performance, bug fixes (tent in particular, many others) Version 1.24: - Computer player AI: all computer player slots now spawn in a custom bandit AI that's really challenging! Defeating them counts towards a conquest victory. - Added minimap icons to clarify dungeon and town locations. - Added the "Obelisk of Help" and "-help" command for information about gameplay. - Increased fish required for "master angler," fishing boats now don't spam messages, increased fishing boat and firepit inventory, added a "drop all" ability to boats and pack horses. - Improved code efficiency all around. - Furry critters no longer suicide against ancients (even though it was hilarious)