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  1. [Campaign] - On Deadlier Tides

    "There is a tale of ships that sail under canvas made of black They drown out bells and swallow swells and steal the wind out from your back Hey, ho! Haul away, go! Out with the tide where the cold winds blow! Hey, ho! Haul away, go! Pray to the Light that we sail back home! The moon will hide from ships that fly with Death on the Quarterdeck the Damned as crew and sinners too hung tight twice from a goose's neck" Though Gilneas remains a shadow of the magnificent empire it was in years past, there are still those citizens that try to reclaim the land that was once theirs. Along the western coast of the continent, small villages have begun to sprout, and in some remote locations, semblances of normalcy have taken root. Memories of stable times begin to thrive in small patches of this war-torn kingdom.But dreams of serenity are soon shattered as reports of coastal villages raided and burned begin to funnel down to Gilneas Military District. Pirates? A Horde invasion force? As the Gilneas National Guard investigates, the mystery only seems to grow deeper. Homes are burned with valuables left inside. Whole families disappeared without a trace. No savage banners of war placed to hail victory. No clue to motive nor sign of the culprits are left behind. Ghost stories arise of a fleet of ships, sailing with black canvas and crewed by the angry dead, hunting down the last of Gilneas's citizens. It seems an impossible mystery to solve until a critical clue leads the Gilnean forces to a potential next target.They are not alone in their hunt, however. The incidents have caught the attention of the Grand Kul'tiras Royal Navy, where a small force lead by the armored frigate Righteous Indignation is moored in the quiet harbor of Tol'barad. Could the fleet's officers have news of these attacks? Could it be that the damned have rallied to sow terror in the western waters of Gilneas? "Stand tall on the quarterdeck, and stare down their guns like you can stop grapeshot with your teeth, boy!" A career officer of the Kul'tiras Navy, Dandirk Stoutbrow was nine years old when he ran away from his Southshore home to become an able seaman. Through many years of loyal service, he was able to join the commissioned ranks of the Navy and become Sailing Master aboard the HMNS Lionheart. While patrolling the Southern coast of Southshore , his ship stumbled upon the infamous Black Fleet while it razed a coastal settlement. There was no time to prepare or react, and the Lionheart was destroyed, with a loss of all hands aboard, save for Dandirk. The Sailing Master had been knocked unconscious and stuck with debris that washed ashore with the next tide. The only known survivor of an encounter with the Black Fleet, the grizzled seadog is eager to seek revenge and end the fleet's wave of terror. The Armored Frigate HMNS Righteous Indignation is the pinnacle of Grand Alliance warship design. With a displacement of 550 tonnes, she was built with a length of 133 feet and a 34 foot beam. She is equipped with a designated gun deck with additional topdeck emplacements, running guns and chase guns, giving her a total armament of 26 18-pound cannons. She was built with a twelve foot iron and steel 'running iron' naval ram, and her forecastle is reinforced with nine-inch thick steel armor plating. Her beam and rails are made of 3 feet of solid oak, making her one of the heaviest and sturdiest war vessels in the Grand Alliance Fleet. Designed with speed as well as strength in mind, she was constructed with a bluff bow and a tapered stern for cutting speeds even in high seas. At full sail with Spankers, Gallants, Royals and Jibbs drawn, she can reach speeds of up to and exceeding 18 knots, easily clearing 280 sea miles a day with a good helmsman. Consisting of three gunboats, two medium-class frigates and lead by a man o' war class flagship named The Executor, the existence of the fleet was known only in the hushed whispers of mariners until recently. It was said to be lead by Death itself, crewed by ghosts who scream for vengeance against humanity's failure to protect it's kingdoms. Sailing only by night, when there was no moon to shed light on the water, no wind to brush the waves, and black sails that no watchman can see. It comes to claim men for their sins, summoning a choking mist that drains your soul and sinks you into the fiery pits of hell. No one escapes the Black Fleet alive. Campaign Lore Prologue The Midshipman's Essential Companion Righteous Indignation Diagram