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Found 6 results

  1. The Elder Scrolls: Age of Chaos

    So! I am getting back into doing some premade (Sort of) And as such I decided to start an AoC Premade using a new map I've aquired, it's an AoC based around The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion The events in this game will be taking place after the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim. The current spots are as follows. Game Time: 6-7PM EDT Saturday Red - Hammerfell - Mathellian Blue - Skyrim - LazyKaloz Teal - High Rock - Johanis13 Purple - Morrowind Yellow - Summerset Isles/Thalmor - Neviscae Orange - Dremora - Cinder Green - Valenwood Pink - Elsweyr Grey - Cyrodiil - Chrisman1233 Dark Green - Mythic Dawn - Slendersteven/Flashmeister Brown - Black Marsh - Claw DM Me on Discord (Heinrich von Frankistverg [SS]) or post a reply here to reserve a faction, first come first serve.
  2. Hey everybody I'm back with a continuation of the AoCL RP I held two days ago. Here's a link to both the original post and the lore dump that occurred afterwards. Post 1 (Read first): http://guiltycrowngaming.us/topic/50-premade-aoc-rp/ Post 2 (Read second): http://guiltycrowngaming.us/topic/62-aocl-no-first-or-second-war/ So we are continuing and the date for now is this upcoming Wednesday night, 8/9/17 at around 7pm mountain time (MT). Here are the factions for the upcoming game. Lordaeron - Terenas, Calia, Arthas, Tirion, Aurius, Brigitte (claimed by Phelp58) Holy Church - Alonsus Faol, Sally Whitemane, Isillien (claimed by Mint) Dalaran - Antonidas, Modera, Drenden, Kel'thuzad, Krasus, Rhonin Lorna's Rebellion - Lorna Crowley, Baron Silverlaine, Springvale, Darius Crowley (hostage), Baron Longshore Kul Tiras - Daelin, Derek, Tandred, Jaina, Baelgun, Kilnar Alterac - Beve, Aliden, Hath, Kavdan, Falconcrest, Aedelas Barov - Alexei, Illucia, Jandice, Alexi, Weldon, Marcus Redpath Gilneas - Genn, Liam, Mia, Tess (hostage), Ashbury, Godfrey (claimed by The_New_Titan) Eastern Lordaeron - Baron Rivendare, Abbendis, Garithos, Valdelmar, 2x Lordaeron Heroes Quel'thalas - Anasterian, Kael'thas, Dar'khan, Sylvanas, 2x Elven Rangers Stromgarde - Thoras, Galen, Danath, Reginald Baradin II, Dathanor Cromwell, Ras Frostwhisper (claimed by fewl) Preference indicates that they played the faction last time and therefore have first opportunity to reclaim it. If they do not reclaim it by Sunday night, consider it fair game and I'll also change it to reflect that. Otherwise its still first come first serve. The ones that are for sure open are Eastern Lordaeron and Lorna's Rebellion.
  3. Hello guys! I have decided to post here to look for players who can consistently show up to an AoC Continued Story. We already started and are two sessions in. Not every slot needs to be filled to play though I would like for everyone to try to show up on time consistently, if not. Try to have a replacement ready or your spot will be filled by a Random. My apologies, but it's how things are. Beyond that if people absolutely want to we can however, start over from the very beginning. Game Time is 8PM EDT every night starting Wednesday the 2nd unless notified otherwise. Factions [Warning, they are subject to change as things go on]: Blue - Lordaeron - Open Teal - Burning Legion - Sage/Cinder Purple - Dalaran + Quel'thalas - Open Yellow - Dwarvern Alliance - Claw Orange - Alterac - Open Green - Hakkari Empire - Stranger Pink - Stromgarde - Open Gray - Gilneas - Open Light Blue - Knights of the Silver Hand - Open Dark Green - Kul Tiras - Open Brown - Amani Empire - Open The Story So Far: The Horde had invaded through the Dark Portal with the aid of Medivh and the Shadow Council, they had met with the Hakkari and allied for a time, together they invaded Stormwind while the Dwarves had aided their Dark Iron kin to free them of the bondage of Ragnaros. With Ragnaros' downfall they had joined once again in an Alliance. Stormwind meanwhile take taken over by the Horde and the Hakkari had attacked the Horde to help resurrect Hakkar The Soulflayer. With the downfall of Stormwind the remannts of the Kingdom had made an exodus to Kalimdor while the Hakkari were pushed back to their two main lands. The Swamp of Sorrows and Stranglethorn Valley with neither faction making an effective push for a time. The Dwarves to the north however set up defensive borders. P.S: Gul'dan died and so did Blackhand. Orgim now leads the Horde after expelling the Shadow Council of whom Medivh takes under his wing. With that being said the Kingdom of Azeroth upon establishing a base in Kalimdor had met with the Sandfury and they had joined together in an Alliance, if fragile and uneasy and together after amassing an army they had set sail to take back Stormwind's land, under the promise the Sandfury gets a new home outside of the harsh desert of Tenaris. Furthermore, Kul Tiras had annexed the isolated Kingdom of Gilneas while Stromgarde sought to expand into Lordaeron land, with this Dalaran and Lordaeron had set up a border-guard but no melee was never had between them. Instead, Stromgarde had set sail for the Vilebranch trolls of which, after many hard times, had finally made a push and secured Jintha'alor. We leave off now with Stormwind and the Sandfury controlling Westfall, the Hakkari and Orcs once again in an uneasy peace, Kul Tiras fighting off Gilneas citizenry while trying to aid Stormwind, and Kingdom of Stromgarde finding it difficult to expand...
  4. [AoCL] Blood and Steel

    In a world where magic is sparse and the races of fantasy we know today are all but forgotten as their great Empires have died out, giving birth to great human nations... (Blood and Steel is an AoC themed around the idea of a High-Medium Fantasy setting where magic is more limited because the magic in itself is more ritualistic. The Profaned Chapel for instance uses rituals to summon creatures of Old. Such as the N'raqi and A'qir. The Light does exist however faster than the rituals of the Chapel. Are more limited in what they can accomplish. Now, Let's get into the factions and their lore... Blue - The Kingdom of Nadalheim (Located in the EPL and WPL) - The Kingdom of Nadalheim unlike others have stuck to the Church. Teal - Church of the Sacred Flame (Located in Tyrs Hand and churches around the Kingdoms) - The Church is an organization of Religious men (and women) who worship the light. The counter-opposite to the Profaned Chapel Purple - The Profaned Chapel (Located in Lordaeron City itself with Undercity Interior, Twilight Cult and some Old God Units) - The Profaned Church started as a small cult. But as they grew they turned into a Church. Most members not even knowing it's true, dark intentions of Apocalypse. Yellow - Kaldein Brotherhood (Located in the Alterac-Hinterlands area, dominantly Syndicate and a few Alterac buildings) - The Brotherhood is basically a Rogue Haven. It's a group of Pirates, Thieves, and Mercenaries as well as deserters and rebels. Orange - The Haven of Tears (Located in Stratholme. High Elf Buildings) - The Haven of Tears is one of the last, if not the last refuge of Elves. They named their city as such to mourne their dead kin and forgotten empire. Though mostly isolationist they have recently began to contact the outside world once again... Green - Dreth'irs Forces (Located in Southern Quel. Forsaken, Wretched, and Undead Elf Buildings) - Dreth'ir was once a powerful mage of the Haven. However, he has recently broken off and began turning his rituals to necromancy and deceit to rebuild the old Elven Enpire. Pink - The Kingdom of Stars (Located in the Tirisfal-Silverpine area, can expand into Hillsbrad or Gilneas if DM feels they are too small) - The Kingdom of Stars despite once being adamant followers of the Holy Church. Have recently fallen to Darkness, especially since the Profaned Chapel itself is within their Kingdom... Gray - Blackreach (Beach Landing in Hillsbrad with Vrykul or Alterac Buildings) - The Blackreach are a group pf Nordic Exodites whom have recently been kicked out of their home by a "Great Demon of Fire" and seek to find a new home... Light Blue - The Southern Realms (Located in Stromgarde, Hillsbrad, and Hinterlands as well as Wetlands, etc if the GM feels they are too small) - The Southern Realms are one of the most contested nations when it comes to the Churches as both are fighting to control the populace against eachother. Though the rulers themselves are/were fairly neutral. Dark Green - Storm's End (Located on the beaches near Jintha'alor. Vrykul Units) - Storm's End is a Nordic Clan of Vikings and Raiders. Though very warlike in nature they are very shamanistic and superstitious compared to the others. Brown - Crow's Reach (Located on Tirisfal Coast Vrykul and Undead Vrykul Buildings) - Very unlike the other Nordic Clans they practice necromancy almost religiously. They are conquerers and force the elements to their will. Thanks for reading through this, I hope you enjoy the idea. Feel free to change or alter any of the ideas above or use it for inspiration. It is, after all. Just an idea!
  5. This is a theme dedicated to AoC Lordaeron. Special thanks to Saken, who helped me develop the theme over the years. Overview "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." - Motto of the Commonwealth of Lordaeron Lordaeron is a land rife with chaos, and once more its very future hangs precariously in the balance. Months of rising tensions between the smallfolk of Lordaeron and the soldiers of Lordaeron posted there have set the country on a singular path: War. King Terenas rule, once uncontested, has been pushed to its limits by the rebellious Brotherhood of the Fallen Eagle. With the Brotherhood numbers swelling it has become a self-proclaimed country in its own right, a Commonwealth claiming to be a bastion from oppression. As sympathizers and loyalists alike flock to both sides, peace has become out of reach. In a fight such as this, there can be no bystanders, for with fire and sword the whole country shall be brought to chaos if a decisive victory is not wrought.Players stands central in this conflict, the might of the Order able to restore stability to their ravished country. The Organization, behind Commander Rione, has chosen loyalty and stability in their standing by the King's Third Battalion. The sons and daughters of Lordaeron must once again rise to the occasion to maintain peace in their home. Yet with atrocities committed on both sides, a divide is forming amongst the nobles. They must hold fast as their allegiance is tested and their home brought to its breaking point, lest they find themselves casualties of war. Factions The King's Third Battalion: Led by the battle-hardened Captain William Sherwood, the Third Battalion has been deployed to Lordaeron to maintain stability among settlers and establish a solid foothold in the name of their King. They are well supplied, well equipped, and well disciplined. Their objective is clear; to end the fledgling Commonwealth and restore the King's peace, through the King's justice. Though they number only some 400 men in total against a superior force, a combination of veteran leaders and experienced soldiers makes them a force to be reckoned with. The Commonwealth of Lordaeron: Formed from a core of veteran Knights of the Silver Hand and supported by masses of common farmers and workers, the Commonwealth is an infant nation and perhaps the biggest threat to Terenas within Lordaeron, rivaling even the undead. While the majority of their troops are untrained and poorly equipped, they have been supplemented by a significant amount of foreign volunteers, and the belief in their fight for freedom from oppression grants them a moral advantage over their enemies. Though the Commonwealth is headed by Sir Aldrich Frost, due to the nature of the nation his word carries little weight if his is not the will of the people. With their numbers increasing towards estimates beyond one thousand, the Third Battalion and the League must overtake them quickly. Nobles of Lordaeron: Though weakened from months of war by attrition with the undead, noble houses by now familiar with the organization (Players) have begun leaning towards one side or another. Each House holds their own interests at heart, and the politics of nobility may come into play more than either side would prefer. Differing in power, honor, and beliefs, their impact is all but uncertain at this point. But as more rush to join each side, the war only gains potential for slaughter. Captain William Sherwood"By Light and King I shall not relent until these insurgents are defeated and my men are seen home." Often described as the most stubborn man Lordaeron has ever seen, Sherwood is not one to relent in the face of adversity. He has led the King's Third Battalion to many victories in his short tenure, and he does not mean for an uprising to defeat him. His practices and mannerisms have often set him at odds with the League, but he recognizes them as his most valuable ally. While often seen as harsh and sometimes ruthless in his practices, he cares above all for the soldiers that he commands. With the nobles or without, he will do all in his power to ensure a Pyrrhic victory is not this war's outcome. Lady Sophia Lefford"I care little and less for the fate of traitors; the Lefford lands must flourish anew, or all of Lordaeron shall wilt like a dying rose." A notoriously vocal women about those she believes have wronged her, Lady Lefford is a peculiar beneficiary to nobles. After her uncle Sir Marcus Lefford left with most of her smallfolk to fight for the Commonwealth, she has sought reparations. Though she has fewer than two score men remaining and her bountiful lands have had only a small harvest, her ties to nobility give both her name and her cause weight. The foodstuffs of her land still far exceed most others, and will prove a valuable asset if acquired. Sir Aldrich Frost, Protector of the Commonwealth"Humanity's greatest works are wrought by the common man, and its greatest injustices dealt to him." The head of the Commonwealth and representative of all Its people's ideals, Sir Aldrich Frost is a man who works tirelessly for the betterment of the lives of those he has sworn to defend. A veteran of the Second war and a Knight of the Silver Hand, his code of honorable conduct and justice is one that has overpowered even his desire for peace. Though his word is well-respected and his forces well and truly behind him, overt independence and infighting prevents him from leading with the clarity that would lead the Commonwealth to a nearly guaranteed victory. Cormac Douglas"Whether it's a shot from a hundred yards away or a few more orange bandannas by your side, Frost, I'm your man." One of Aldrich's most trusted advisers, Cormac Douglas has been an asset to the Commonwealth that cannot be understated. With his skill in explosives and marksmanship he has made a living hell for Lordaeron soldiers by using guerrilla attacks. Due to his past as a Syndicate sharpshooter he has brought a number of his former comrades as well as many secluded parts of Alterac to Frost's cause, giving the Commonwealth support from many in the former mountain Kingdom. Cunning, calculating and with an itchy trigger finger, Douglas will not allow himself to be made an easy target. Elara Stonebrook"Lordaeron shall pay for what they've done, and I won't rest until the King's banners have been burned to ash." Perhaps the most unstable of Aldrich's Councillors, Elara has a fiery temper to match the buffets of flame she unleashes in her wroth. Her reasons for fighting are unclear, save for she has a hatred for Lordaeron few others can hope to match. While prone to violence and arguably the catalyst for the outbreak of the war, her vicious combat style and refusal to surrender against the odds makes her an ideal front-line general. Not to mention the Stromic veterans she has brought with her to stand for the Commonwealth and by her side in battle. Lord Godrik Greyhope"You cannot rebuild a country upon a cornerstone of injustices, lest it collapse upon itself. And when it does, the only ones left to blame will be those who erected it." Sir Godrik Greyhope is a man who has seen more than most would in three lifetimes. After a combination of distaste with the house of nobles for making him lose good men and outrage at the injustices committed by Lordaeron soldiers, Greyhope pledged his home of Broken Hollow and his Knights to the cause of the Commonwealth. While certainly invaluable, perhaps the largest benefit is the man himself. A tactical expert and veteran leader of soldiers, Godrik has proven to be Aldrich's most trusted General, and the war shall only give him more chances to fight for what is just. Lord Bjorn Wald"Whether it's trees or King's men you need chopped down, you'll find my ax worthy a' the challenge!" Until a few short weeks ago the house of nobles boisterous, ever battle-ready ally, Bjorn Wald is a hulking bear of a man whose roar is matched only by the bite of his ax. Lord of the nomadic house of Wald, Bjorn commands over a hundred pelt-clad woodsmen who are experts at camouflage and fierce fighters. Though he is saddened by the overwhelming decision of the nobles to support who he views as tyrants, he channels that sorrow into a battle lust that cannot be sated until there is freedom. A map of Lordaeron as drafted by a Commonwealth cartographer, with estimated troop positions and numbers. It will no doubt be updated with troop movements in time.
  6. [Campaign] - On Deadlier Tides

    "There is a tale of ships that sail under canvas made of black They drown out bells and swallow swells and steal the wind out from your back Hey, ho! Haul away, go! Out with the tide where the cold winds blow! Hey, ho! Haul away, go! Pray to the Light that we sail back home! The moon will hide from ships that fly with Death on the Quarterdeck the Damned as crew and sinners too hung tight twice from a goose's neck" Though Gilneas remains a shadow of the magnificent empire it was in years past, there are still those citizens that try to reclaim the land that was once theirs. Along the western coast of the continent, small villages have begun to sprout, and in some remote locations, semblances of normalcy have taken root. Memories of stable times begin to thrive in small patches of this war-torn kingdom.But dreams of serenity are soon shattered as reports of coastal villages raided and burned begin to funnel down to Gilneas Military District. Pirates? A Horde invasion force? As the Gilneas National Guard investigates, the mystery only seems to grow deeper. Homes are burned with valuables left inside. Whole families disappeared without a trace. No savage banners of war placed to hail victory. No clue to motive nor sign of the culprits are left behind. Ghost stories arise of a fleet of ships, sailing with black canvas and crewed by the angry dead, hunting down the last of Gilneas's citizens. It seems an impossible mystery to solve until a critical clue leads the Gilnean forces to a potential next target.They are not alone in their hunt, however. The incidents have caught the attention of the Grand Kul'tiras Royal Navy, where a small force lead by the armored frigate Righteous Indignation is moored in the quiet harbor of Tol'barad. Could the fleet's officers have news of these attacks? Could it be that the damned have rallied to sow terror in the western waters of Gilneas? "Stand tall on the quarterdeck, and stare down their guns like you can stop grapeshot with your teeth, boy!" A career officer of the Kul'tiras Navy, Dandirk Stoutbrow was nine years old when he ran away from his Southshore home to become an able seaman. Through many years of loyal service, he was able to join the commissioned ranks of the Navy and become Sailing Master aboard the HMNS Lionheart. While patrolling the Southern coast of Southshore , his ship stumbled upon the infamous Black Fleet while it razed a coastal settlement. There was no time to prepare or react, and the Lionheart was destroyed, with a loss of all hands aboard, save for Dandirk. The Sailing Master had been knocked unconscious and stuck with debris that washed ashore with the next tide. The only known survivor of an encounter with the Black Fleet, the grizzled seadog is eager to seek revenge and end the fleet's wave of terror. The Armored Frigate HMNS Righteous Indignation is the pinnacle of Grand Alliance warship design. With a displacement of 550 tonnes, she was built with a length of 133 feet and a 34 foot beam. She is equipped with a designated gun deck with additional topdeck emplacements, running guns and chase guns, giving her a total armament of 26 18-pound cannons. She was built with a twelve foot iron and steel 'running iron' naval ram, and her forecastle is reinforced with nine-inch thick steel armor plating. Her beam and rails are made of 3 feet of solid oak, making her one of the heaviest and sturdiest war vessels in the Grand Alliance Fleet. Designed with speed as well as strength in mind, she was constructed with a bluff bow and a tapered stern for cutting speeds even in high seas. At full sail with Spankers, Gallants, Royals and Jibbs drawn, she can reach speeds of up to and exceeding 18 knots, easily clearing 280 sea miles a day with a good helmsman. Consisting of three gunboats, two medium-class frigates and lead by a man o' war class flagship named The Executor, the existence of the fleet was known only in the hushed whispers of mariners until recently. It was said to be lead by Death itself, crewed by ghosts who scream for vengeance against humanity's failure to protect it's kingdoms. Sailing only by night, when there was no moon to shed light on the water, no wind to brush the waves, and black sails that no watchman can see. It comes to claim men for their sins, summoning a choking mist that drains your soul and sinks you into the fiery pits of hell. No one escapes the Black Fleet alive. Campaign Lore Prologue The Midshipman's Essential Companion Righteous Indignation Diagram