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  1. Wars of Theosa

    Hello, here´s the next update of the map with some bugfixes and some new ideas showing what i´m working on for now. I only updated half of the races (updating all 12 of some needs some time) so this is more or less a preview of the next one.
  2. Wars of Theosa

    Hello toghether, I´ve been asked to upload this map also on this site. You play one of a totally of 12 races divided into 4 factions and you have to kill the others. It contains many new units and skills (well everything is based on a Blizzard unit or skill but you know what I mean ^^) For now i´ve been working a lot of time on it. The map isn´t finished yet and currently I create the skills of the rest of the heroes. I would appreciate if you test it and please give feedback. So have fun and if you want here´s some more information about the map. Remark that this map isn´t finished now. Link of the Downloadsite: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/wars-of-theosa-beta-test.295720/ Lore Gameplay Racespecifics Unitstats Credits Changelog Wars of Theosa 1.14.0 - publish.w3x Wars of Theosa 1.14.1.w3x Wars of Theosa 1.14.2.w3x Wars of Theosa 1.15.0.w3x
  3. Wars of Theosa

    Here´s another update including the abilities of the remaining heroes and some bugfixes. I also replaced advanced unit production buildings with building plots. The plan of the next update is to make the races more individual.
  4. Wars of Theosa

    Ok here´s a Little update concerning that Topic with some new hero skills. Concerning Events: I didn´t planned that much for now. Existing Events: - Morbeen´s Death - Construction of the Great Void Portal - The Erlking I won´t Spoiler that now i hope this improves the map a bit.
  5. Wars of Theosa

    Hello, sorry i had no time during the last daies. Notes: - i´ll try to reduce the amount of creeps - The map is still in Progress: at the Moment i build the heroes, when this is done i plan to individualize the different factions (i´ll think about the orc faction) When you play singleplayer mode: Type this into the chate "- vote" then there starts a very short game (30mins of sudden death and no intro). Ok i think i´ll rework the voting part first.