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  1. [Feedback] The direction

    Let me start off by saying Lordsquishy's edits weren't approved or communicated with the original author(s) (I'm one of the people who laid out the trigger basis for sep in fact I still have the 1.0 ver on my old laptop). The bengal is odd, no matter how you slice it. I think adding that to the map leans to a warcraft opposed to an actual Rotk map. It's a blatant fact, none of the rotk had this creature in it. But I can see your justification for adding it. The spice is nice but its too much spice. As for the faction unique abilities, sep never got that far. Due to the lacking of interest at the time in the overall map process, in other words he got bored of the project and moved on to other ones. He had a way to lay out each faction based upon their area, their history as well as keeping balance in mind. The unit counter system is similar to rotk 11, In fact in my old ro3k map the unit counter system is literally the same thing seen in this map. Just a bit flipped on its head due to the vastness of units that are in place. I still feel as if i'm playing another Azeroth War clone, just with rotk story line and renamed heroes. The rock papers scissors style combat didn't appeal to the dev team due to several complaints but that's another story. I personally love the style. As for the original hero abilities, sep never got around to it because he got bored not much you can do in that perspective. My point is; Its no longer what it used to be it moved in a different direction that may have isolated the original planning of the map. I had hoped to see some more choices in terms of gameplay. Such as people deciding if they should be a hero or a lord, things of that nature (which lead to another project dynasty warriors unleashed). Ai driven factions as opposed to player factions (which was actually in the originally development of the map) Not once during the map as a huge fan of the ROTK series did I actually say "Man this is Romance of the three kingdoms" when sep initially released the map everyone got that feeling. But its almost non-existent here. What I would say is, go back to the drawing board. Figure out of way to combine the efforts of rotk 8-12 and find a medium balance. The original idea of the map wasn't add several player driven scenarios in one map. The idea of the original map was for people to create their own. To do that players need control over the advantages of the content that is created for them as well as the drama they bring. What I mean by that is yes, there are yellow turbans, yes there is the emperor. But what are you going to do? That's the question the development team at DWE was placing in the hands of players. Which is why when we played the map we did kinda rubbed our foreheads a little too. Not because of frustration but because we felt like our work didn't really go in the direction we had hoped. However kudos to making a successful fan based map. Its really fun to the Warcraft player. Your updates are very creative, I had hoped you were in contact with the original authors so we could help filter out some of the things that were added. But when I contacted sep, no such thing ever happened. So that is one of the major reasons why I am on this board.
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    It was SWE (Samurai Warriors Elites) also another clan of mine. Lol.
  3. [Feedback] The direction

    So I have played the map a couple of rounds just to see how much different it is from Seprinth ver. After taking a hard look at it, I think the map did in fact steer off of the wheels by a huge margin. Originally the map focused heavily on the reality of the Romance of the three kingdoms games. Not the movies, not the fantasies, but the game themselves. In fact the game is loosely based off of Romance of the three kingdoms 11, 10 and 9. When I play the map it feels like its in the direction of Azeroth Wars. Like its trying to be this huge diverse RP map with a blend of strategy elements to a point where it leaves most people feeling a bit overwhelmed by the lack of focus. The units haven't changed much from Seps adaptation, a few buffs here and there. Along with some unique unit types to spice up the already straight forward RTS flavor it already presented. The events that were in the game such as famine, low income do bring that Romance of the three kingdoms feel into it. However things like the bengal throw the game off almost entirely. Japanese army in the three kingdoms time just is in poor taste and anyone who is a SW/DW fan knows this. In fact most of us took a huge laugh seeing it, even though we thought it was creative. The idea originally for the map was not to include so many unit types. Because we knew this would confuse most players at the time who wanted a specific style. Especially in our community who took little to no interest in the fantasy side of things. The recreation of Terrain from the original map by seprinth is great to see. The doodads are well placed, the roads are clear. Its an amazing display of what ancient china would look translated to warcraft 3. I enjoyed that more than I enjoyed playing the map. Overall: 6/10 The map is a great adaptation of Seprinth's work (Not sure who lordsquishy is I don't even know how his name got on the map) but it completely steered off what makes a great Romance of the three kingdoms map instead of a warcraft 3 map. This map simply became too warcraftish for a fan of the series to really enjoy and originally that's what the map was intended to do, introduce people to Romance of the three kingdoms, its history, events and drama. This map didn't hit that point, in fact this map simply said "Here, its another Azeroth Wars map with chinese models"
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    Hello, Am Zhuge_Liang, leader of Clan DWE ON USEAST and leader of the DW/SW Community. Just wanted to drop on by to see whats up. I see that the Romance of the three kingdoms map that my clan mate Seprinth is a major project here. Good to see that.