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  1. LoC BETA Release

    LoC: Basement [In the background you can make out the soul binder who sells magical RP based items] As always any feedback is welcomed.
  2. LoC BETA Release

    8/21/17, 1200 Central time. I will be releasing my new map on Epic War. LoC [Life of College] An older High School LoaP adaptation of mine that has had a heavy . . heavy make over. I have an anime version, but the one I will be releasing is a War 3 style model map. The game is in it's BETA Phase, but is way past the milestone for being playable. Any one who tests out the map or joins for the first test your idea's, input, and suggestions are welcomed. Version name : LoC 1.0B ============================================================================================================================ Beach in LoC #2 Pic of beach in LoC [With the Beach Bar Tender] LoC Underworld