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    Well, I had this done for two days. Better post it now before I forget. Hunter opened his eyes, finding himself back in his bed in his bedroom. Rubbing his eyes, he took around, seeing the midday sun creek in a closed window. There was little furniture in the room asides from two old beds placed not too far from each other against the backwall. Thee wooden walls, floor and door were old and worn from wear. Hunter knew that his family was poor compared to other families, who had much better living accommodations in their house. Mother had no job and Father, despite working for Baron Cromwell, received little coin for his work as a scribe. Sitting up on his bed, Hunter turned his head to face the other bed, letting out a sigh of relief that his younger brother, Jaiden, was here and sleeping. He was small for his age but was due for a growth spurt much like his brother. Like Hunter, Jaiden had short brown hair and fair skin but had hazel eyes compared to his brother’s blue eyes. Due to his size, the younger brother was picked on by the other children, who were led by Roland, the son of Callisian’s blacksmith. Hunter always stood up to defend his family, and normally, Roland backed down. That changed earlier today. The memories of the incident came back to Hunter. Roland pushed him. He pushed back. Roland threw a punch that landed against his cheek, which was now slightly bruised. Two other boys joined in the fight, aiding Roland in beating down his rival. All Hunter could do was curl up on the ground, endure the blows, and hope for help to arrive. Jaiden, anger in his voice, yelled out for them to stop. Then, there was a loud boom and he blacked out. He was not sure what had happened but knew it was not going to end well for him or Jaiden. Hearing muffled voices behind the door, Hunter slowly stood up from his bed and tiptoed towards the door. He recognized a few of the voices but could not make out any words. Stopping in surprise, he realized that one of the three main voices asides from his parents was Baron Cromwell, the noble who led the town of Callisian. Hunter only heard him during speeches and remembered hearing his parents talk about how he never really cared for the common folk. To some, having him as a guest would be a honor. However, he had a feeling that would not be the case today. Taking a few steps forward, he arrived at the door and knelt down, putting his ear up against the wooden surface. “-allow it.” Mother said, anger in her voice. “He’s just a child!” “Your child nearly murdered another boy, and even if we didn’t find you taking him away from the scene, we have two witnesses who saw what happened,” Cromwell spoke, somewhat frustrated. “Have some sense. He’s dangerous and needs to be taken away for the safety of himself and Callisian!” “Mildred, perhaps we should do what the Baron wants,” Father meekly suggested. “Why? So you can keep your job over your own family?” Mother’s voice rose. “You’re a damned coward, Colson!” “He’s a smart man, actually,” Cromwell argued. “He knows it’s futile to argue with a man who can give an order and have you hung from a noose tomorrow morning.” “I am guilty of no crime other than protecting my children,” Mother sighed. “Master Altham, can’t you speak some sense into this fool!” Master Altham was a highly respected man in Callisian. He was one of the few, if not the only, sorcerer who made his home in a tower not too far of a walk from here. Normally, he focused on studying, not leaving his home for days. Yet, when he was in town, he entertained the townsfolk with simple spells. He listened to their pleas of help, and regardless of how big or small the task was, he set out to solve it. Unlike Baron Cromwell, he actually cared for the people. “I have tried everything, I have even offered to train your child myself, but a higher power has spoken,” Master Altham spoke gently with Hunter barely able to make out his words. “As of three days ago, the New Sorcerer’s Decree became law, signed by the King and the First Sorcerer. Any children capable of wielding magic are to be taken to the capital immediately. I know not why such a law is in place but my hands are tied, I’m afraid. Miss Sherwood, for your safety and your children’s safety, I ask that you step aside.” A brief silence followed as Hunter took a few steps away from the door, fear starting to take him over. If there was one person he could always trust, who always stood by him, it was Jaiden, and now, they were about to be separated because of that stupid law. As quickly at it came, Hunter’s fear turned into rage. He was determined to stay with his brother, no matter what. It was his role as the older brother to protect him and that is exactly what he intended to do. He turned his head over his shoulder, seeing that Jaiden was awake, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “Ugh, my head,” Jaiden groaned. “Hunter, what happened.” “Jaiden, climb out the window now,” Hunter ordered quietly. “I’m going to be right behind you.” The door burst open as the guards stormed into the room. They all stood taller than the two boys with Hunter barely reaching up to their chest. They wore basic steel armor that covered their bodies from head to toe. To the two young boys, they were very intimidating. Thankfully, they have not pulled out either their maces or shield yet. Of course, seeing that they were big enough, they did not need them to overpower the two children. Hunter immediately threw himself at the first soldier, wrapping his arms around his waist in an attempted tackle. The guard remained standing as the child struggled to push him away and proceeded to throw him towards a wall. He collided against the wood with a thud, groaning in pain as he turned to face the guards again, who were proceeding towards a frighten Jaiden. Hunter folded his hands into fists, willing to do whatever it took to protect his brother. Shouting, he charged the lead guard again, throwing a fist right into his side. Trying to punch metal armor was a big mistake on Hunter’s part, the blow doing more harm to him than the soldier, who did not flinch at the attack. The child yelped, holding his hand in pain, his knuckles red. Still, he fought on, pushing against the armored man to try to knock him off balance. In response, the guard proceeded to slap the child across the face with his gauntlet. Hunter collapsed onto the ground, vision blurred as tears welled in his eyes. He felt his injured cheek, a red handprint already leaving its mark. “That’ll teach you to stay out of our way,” the guard warned, confident after assaulting a child. “We’re not here for your brother, not you.” “You hurted Hunter,” Jaiden muttered under his breath. “Well, he was gettin’ in our way,” the guard defended himself. “‘I’d do it again if he keeps at it.” “You hurted Hunter!” Jaiden now yelled out. Turning towards his brother, Hunter rubbed his eyes to clear up his vision. Jaiden now stood on top of his bed, holding fists to his side. Much to the older brother’s surprise, his eyes were glowing bright purple and minor lightning sparkled by his hands. The lead guard took a step forward, somewhat cautious now that the child was starting to use his powers. A small blast of lightning was blasted at him, the man jumping away and a black stain marking the spot he stood at. He ran out of the room, the other guards holding their ground and pulling out their maces. Master Altham entered the room, eyeing the scene before him. He was an older man with short black hair that was turning grey with age. He was slim and wore simple purple robes marking him as a sorcerer. While the guards and Hunter were both amazed and afraid at Jaiden’s outburst of magic, the sorcerer remained calm, his grey eyes studying the boy. Slowly, he stepped forward, the magical child now turning his attention to him as he stood in front of the guards. Another burst of lightning was sent directly towards Altham’s chest. The sorcerer remained still as the attack was stopped in front of him, a white outline forming a sphere around him. After the lightning cleared away, Altham held out his hand, a small grey orb forming in his hands. Without hesitating, he launched it towards the boy, who was powerless to defend himself from the attack. The glow faded away from Jaiden’s eyes as he slumped forward, collapsing onto the ground. Hunter crawled quickly over to him, sighing in relief that he was just knocked out. “I am sorry,” Altham apologized, sadly looking upon Hunter and Jaiden. “I truly am.” Altham stepped to the side as the guards stormed forward, heading right for the two boys. Hunter charged at them only to be grabbed by two soldiers who held the boy back. Their comrades grabbed the unconscious Jaiden and carried him out of the room and away from the house. The two remaining soldiers threw Hunter against the ground and quickly went about to join their comrades. Altham took one final look at him, sighing, then left the room. The child recovered and quickly pursued the soldiers, not ready to give up just yet. Running out of his bedroom, he was stopped by his mother, who fell onto her knees and grabbed Hunter in a tight hug. She whispered into his ear, telling him that her heart could not handle losing another child today. Still, he struggled, seeing Jaiden being loaded onto a wooden prison cart by looking out another window. He screamed out his brother’s name over and over but was unable to do anything as the horses dragged the cart away, separating the two brothers from each other.