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  1. Guilty Crown - Rise of an Empire

    Sounds like the kind of restructuring that would make perfect sense considering the somewhat lack of direction in some WC3 areas (namely RoTRP is my primary concern, but also some others)
  2. Story Time Contest!

    Hey guys! Here's my submission. clickedy click here
  3. Yet Another Roleplay (Map)

    @Squishy, yeah, it's all more or less up-to-date, with the exception of a few minor things and commands I still haven't mentioned. I'll go over it sometime and update it.
  4. Yet Another Roleplay (Map)

    Yet Another RolePlay (Map) Main bulk of info for those interested is in this thread on hive. In short, YARP is a direct evolution of RoTRP and other maps of it's type. It's a complete, from-grounds rewrite, and sports some features that I believe that have been long overdue. First of all: SAVE/LOAD OF BUILDS That's right, YARP allows you to save builds and load them later on in different games. This feature was born out of my personal frustration with RoTRP, and in particular, having to toss away builds after each session. Personally, it has drained me of any will to even bother building anymore, with the exception of a rare instance. There are also other, both major and small, improvements over RoTRP. Quoting the original thread: Unfortunately, right now, there is no easy way to perform the save/loading routine for an end user. Before any tutorials are up, you can contact me personally to learn how it works. The more interest this gauges, the faster I'll get a proper version out of the doors! As for now, you can grab a test version in the attachments, and try it out for yourself. Think of it as a first public alpha release. Yet Another RolePlay - Public Alpha 1.w3x