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  1. uhh hey when's this getting continued?
  2. Well Met!

    I'm a tester for Life of a Dragon, pleased to get to know you all
  3. [Pre-made] Life of a Dragon Signup

    Is Bazil looking forward to this? He seems in a good mood, which is rare for him.
  4. [Pre-made] Life of a Dragon Signup

    sign me up for a dragon slot, teal if possible thanks!
  5. [Pre-made] LTA Signup

    I'll be Cult.....again.....please actually make it next time
  6. [Pre-made] LTA Signup

    when is it getting postponed to?
  7. yeah I can make it, see you there (Lordaeron as last time) though i'd like to get Aurius and Brigitte back