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  1. Story Time Contest!

    Here's what I came up with in a short notice. Hope you'll like it. It was a cold night, perfect for some ale by the fire in a Tavern full of banter and music. Instead, the proud Sunfall Guardians would watch over the Wall of their City, the only sound they could hear being War Drums, closing and closing in, slowly. Indeed, they were getting closer, the beasts...armed to the teeth, running towards what seemed like a mountain, not even staying in formation. In front of the guards stood Merl Sunfall himself, but even a Sunfall doubted if their Wall would hold against such brute force...nevertheless, he turned towards his soldiers. He looked at them, then began to walk back and forth. " I believe there's no need for a big speech" He'd start, almost mumbling." I've never been good with those, as some of you that fought with me before may know. But I also believe I have to say this." He'd pause, look at his soldiers again, soldiers that he has fought with dozens of times, men that he knew well, and men that knew him well." Men, proud defenders of the Sunfall House! The day is finally here, just like the beasts are at our gates! We have prepared for whatever they shall throw at us, and trust me, this wall shall stand and see the light of tommorow!" A short speech, if you can even call it a speech, but it had it's effect. The soldiers cheered loudly, and prepared to face death itself. Finally, the two armies were staying face to face. On one side, Humanity's first line of defense and on the other side, Humanity's Peril. The Brutes didn't wait. What seemed like one of their leader signaled them to charge, not that he needed to, as the beasts were already charging towards the walls. On the other side, the Sunfall Guards were waiting in their Shield Formation, while the Bowmen, Crossbowmen and whatever Magisters were left stood on the wall, ready to reign hell upon the beasts. So, the two armies clashed. Initially, the Sunfall had a clear advantage, they had actual tactics afterall. The Combination of Arrows, some Magic and the plethora of Shields couldn't be defeated by some dumb beasts. That didn't last long, however. The leader from before blew into a horn, and ordered his troops to retreat. Some didn't care for the horn and decided that they could kill the Sunfall alone, and of course, they failed. There was nothing to be heard for a while, until the Chieftain began to mumble something. Meanwhile, the Sunfall were holding their ground, not moving an inch. Suddenly, the pitch black sky turned emerald green. It looked like....rain? No..the guards began to scream, even though they weren't hit at all by the creatures. The Realisation came to Merl, the rain was a special incantation that was probably created by their Chieftain. It was too late, however, the beasts began their charge again, and decimated the distracted soldiers. "Back! Fall back! Everyone! BACK!" Merl shouted, panicked. The remaining defense force retreated into the Bastion. Thankfully, the civilians had enough time to evacuate the town. Now, the only thing that Merl and his soldiers had to do was buy time, in a classic Last Stand. Of course, they could run away, but they would be remembered as the "Ones who Ran" forever. So, what remained of the forces regrouped, raised their shields, and waited to face the inevitable. Before them, stood the Chieftain himself. He'd look at the soldiers and Merl for a while. "Kill them all, but leave one of them with a few breaths." He'd order his subjects. Indeed, the beasts ran rampart through whatever was left of the Sunfall force, and they left Merl alive, with a few breaths left to live, just as ordered. The Chieftain approached him, and told him in a playful voice. "Oh no, I'm not done with you yet, Sunfall. You're going to be my special messanger." Then, he began mumbling ancient words, and slowly, Merl rose again.
  2. RotRP Premade

    A. Imo a premade RoTRP needs a Theme, cause then why not just host a Free Themed one wait for it to fill up? To be honest I'm up for anything that sounds interesting, but I couldn't come up with anything interesting myself. B. It's Summer and I'm a Student, literally free all the time. W/e