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  1. hello, i'm alioth. you've probably met me before if you've played AoC games for a while. This is an AoC roleplay in the style of the xAGx AoC C games, although it is unlikely I will be doing any map editting between the games. Players will be able to take [paths] between each of the games of the series, which will allow them a great amount of control and influence over their faction and allow them to personalize it as time passes. We will begin at the beginning of important WC3 lore -- the First War -- but already there are plenty of paths to greatly change the state of the world and throw it into an age of chaos. If you're interested in a faction, comment or send me a PM. Will likely host the first game on Thursday or Friday of this week. ...copy pasted from its original google doc, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jFpvQzqoj9tOCNA7a7W6y-Bg7c_V0J9zuSWT4hENsu4/edit...