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  1. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    Not for some time. None of the triggers are in place, units unfinished, and terrain not entirely complete.
  2. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    Exactly what I wish to accomplish. :3
  3. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    Like a time frame for completion?...
  4. Northrend Bound

  5. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    Danke! :3 I will do that.
  6. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    It's still very early stages of birth, so not really. That's why i have images of the terrain in place of that.
  7. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    What do you guys think about a "Fantasy Life" spin-off? It would have some similar elements to create familiarity in the helpful sense, but obviously not be a duplicate or too confusingly different. I'm mostly trying to get a pool of how many people might be interested in this kinda thing, if not very many people, I might not continue making it, you know? I wanted to make a desert version (using the ruins tile set) for the town and castle, but also use other tile sets for other areas like icy mountains, and a fiery valley. ~ Right now I have these areas for the map I've listed below. (more to come soon...) ~ Click HERE to view screenshots of the map's visual progress thus far. (tis' a dropbox link). ~Feel free to throw any ideas for zones, bosses, encounters, or game play that you would like to see in this spin-off, I'll take any ideas I cant get.~
  8. Greetings my Friends. :3

    Hallo. Brand new here, and just thought I'd say hi. :3