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  1. Story Time Contest!

    Few words: I know i still lack much knowdelge about English, and thus i apogalize for any ortographical mistakes. Lore Mira is the home of Tiberius, the creator of the world. He is cooperating with his brother, Tybul. They both are immortal, and their priority is to create planets, races, and then of course stabilizing peace on them. Tiberius created a new planet, Nerad. The name come from two words "Nermin" and "Warda"(meaning flower). This history tells about a part of the planet's history. Let's Begin. Tiberius, the god of the world, while creating Nerad was already planning what races to put in. He though about civilizations rich in knowdelge and magic. With asteroids he would form Nerad and put it in the centre of the world. The planet in the beginning was full of water, and it lacked land. Tiberius formed an archipelago of islands. He fulled them with trees and animals. Tiberius couldn't focus on one planet all time, thus he decided to create an organization known as "Sons of Tiberius". Their task was to create new lands, new races and of course maintain peace on the planet. They were given immortality. Soon, Tiberius also choosed the leader. From all candidats, he choosed Agaton, who already shown potential amongTiberius and Tybul. The new brotherhood is on its own now. The question was now, where to create the capital of the brotherhood. Agaton choosed Ciril, the biggest Island of the archipelago. New microorganisms appear all around the planet. Meanwhile, an unplanned bombard on asteroids on the planet happen. From theese, a new continent would be born - Farahat. Farahat is known for its tall woods, but also big mountains and fields. Meanwhile, west from Farahat a new continent is formed - Tarik. Unlike Farahat, it's an mix of steppes and deserts. In the south, an giant Island called Gaius is created. It's popular for its jungles. The sons of Tiberius decided to move the archipelago between Tarik and Farahat. Thanks to the new geopolitical situation, they can fully observe the evolutions of races. Soon, after many experiments, The Sons of Tiberius create their first race - Opium. They are lizzard-looking creatures, able to talk. They are enough inteligent to understand diplomacy and creating their own kingdoms. After releasing them, they create nomadic khanates and focus on exploring the planet and finding the best place to live. The Opiums though vanished, dont leaving any tracers after them. They became a big question mark in the history of Nerad. Seeying the Opiums as a failure, the Sons of Tiberium decided to start experimating on a new race - Asals. The Asals are a variant of elves, they would be given beauty and holy magic knowdelge. The Sons of Tiberium would be proud of their work, and announce the Asals as an ideal race. The Asals would appear in Farahat and create their capital in the province of Aulus. The Asals Kingdom would move its borders until they reach the OstMountains. The Sons of Tiberium would create an embassy in Aulus, but not given a word where lies Anastazy. Meanwhile, SoT realesed a new race - Humans. They would start some nomadic kingdoms first, but in next years take an example from the Asals and start their neomadic revolution. The humans are known for their bravery and courage. Soon, they discover the holy magic from the Elves. Meanwhile, the Asals discover a new magic - necromancy. Necromancy was already known for SoT, of course he rates it negativly. The SoT decide soon to ban necromancy on all Nerad. This led the Necromancies to organize. They left their homeland, trying to escape from SoT. Weeks and weeks passed, and the necromancies created an portal. It led to Layla, an planet on the end of the world. They passed through the portal. The necromances here could be safe from even Tiberius, because Tibul was taking care of Layla, not him. Soon, Tibul would discover new emotions in his head. He knew, he wants to get rid of his brother, and became the full owner of all universe. Thus, he decided to ally with his enemies. He offered an pact to the necromancies, which they accepted. Tibul would become the god of dead and death. With Tibul's help, the necromancies create Kasoid. It's an flying citadel and the base of operations of the necromances. Kasoid would teleport near Nerad, 150 kilometers from its ground. (so its not in the atmosphere like on the image, but on high orbit) The SoT meanwhile create a new race - Dwarves. They are planned to be small, so they could enter small mountains gaps. They create their kingdom in the Ost-Mountains. Dwarves aren't interested much in magic, thus they understand only basic holy magic. Will the necromancies launch an attack on Nerad? We will know soon (maybe.)
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