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  1. Hey everybody I'm back with a continuation of the AoCL RP I held two days ago. Here's a link to both the original post and the lore dump that occurred afterwards. Post 1 (Read first): http://guiltycrowngaming.us/topic/50-premade-aoc-rp/ Post 2 (Read second): http://guiltycrowngaming.us/topic/62-aocl-no-first-or-second-war/ So we are continuing and the date for now is this upcoming Wednesday night, 8/9/17 at around 7pm mountain time (MT). Here are the factions for the upcoming game. Lordaeron - Terenas, Calia, Arthas, Tirion, Aurius, Brigitte (claimed by Phelp58) Holy Church - Alonsus Faol, Sally Whitemane, Isillien (claimed by Mint) Dalaran - Antonidas, Modera, Drenden, Kel'thuzad, Krasus, Rhonin Lorna's Rebellion - Lorna Crowley, Baron Silverlaine, Springvale, Darius Crowley (hostage), Baron Longshore Kul Tiras - Daelin, Derek, Tandred, Jaina, Baelgun, Kilnar Alterac - Beve, Aliden, Hath, Kavdan, Falconcrest, Aedelas Barov - Alexei, Illucia, Jandice, Alexi, Weldon, Marcus Redpath Gilneas - Genn, Liam, Mia, Tess (hostage), Ashbury, Godfrey (claimed by The_New_Titan) Eastern Lordaeron - Baron Rivendare, Abbendis, Garithos, Valdelmar, 2x Lordaeron Heroes Quel'thalas - Anasterian, Kael'thas, Dar'khan, Sylvanas, 2x Elven Rangers Stromgarde - Thoras, Galen, Danath, Reginald Baradin II, Dathanor Cromwell, Ras Frostwhisper (claimed by fewl) Preference indicates that they played the faction last time and therefore have first opportunity to reclaim it. If they do not reclaim it by Sunday night, consider it fair game and I'll also change it to reflect that. Otherwise its still first come first serve. The ones that are for sure open are Eastern Lordaeron and Lorna's Rebellion.
  2. This is a continuation and lore dump for the AoCL I hosted on 8/2/17 in which the First War and Second War never happened. The game started around the time period of the Third War (which didn't happen either of course) which allowed for characters such as Arthas, Jaina, Calia, etc. to be used and roleplayed with. The Story: Lordaeron - Lordaeron has just won the first two battles in its war with Gilneas concerning contested dominance over the Silverpine Forest. Leading the defense was Arthas Menethil, Aurius Rivendare, and Bridgitte Abbendis. The three of them along with the Barovs smashed Liam Greymane's and Darius Crowley's forces between their two lands. After the two battles, Gilneas was already weary of war and the people called for peace. Dalaran negotiated between the two factions and in the end South Silverpine was ceded to Lordaeron as well as Darius Crowley and Tess Greymane becoming hostages. In the East, Othmar Garithos has established contact with Quel'thalas and trade agreements allowing further camaraderie between the two nations. Baron Rivendare was also in negotiations with the Barovs for a marriage between Jandice and Aurius which was later cancelled. In the south, the Blackmoores were causing trouble. Aedelas defected to Alterac after promises of land and power and his father Aedelyn is under high scrutiny after his son's defection. Aedelyn is under house arrest but still conspires with the Barovs, unknowingly to Lordaeron, for more land and power. Unfortunately for Lordaeron, King Terenas's age is beginning to show and Arthas is deemed by many as too young to rule. Holy Church - The Holy Church has recently been dealing with a minor flu going through Lordaeron. Although not serious, Alonsus Faol has led priests in working to end the flu before it spreads to other kingdoms. Alonsus himself has gone on a few pilgrimages throughout the different kingdoms to see to different people. He personally witnessed Aedelas abandoning Lordaeron and defecting to Alterac. Isillien has been holding mass in Lordaeron City while Sally Whitemane has been taking a leave of absence. She also passed through Blackmoore land where she noticed the Barovs leaving, presumably discussing with Aedelyn Blackmoore. Dalaran - Dalaran remained neutral during the conflict between Lordaeron and Gilneas but ended up negotiating peace between the two factions. Antonidas was primarily concerned with the tutelage of Jaina Proudmoore who he claims will rule Dalaran after he has passed. Aliden Perenolde, son of Aiden, has also been spending time here in a drunken stupor after being mocked and compared to his late father by his peers in Alterac. He has started up a sort of friendship with Jaina. Kael'thas also remains here and has a growing romance with Jaina Proudmoore. Dwarves - Baelgun Flamebeard returned from Northrend after being sold by Barean Westwind as a slave. He and his people have settled on Kul Tiras for the time being after being bought by Daelin (and immediately freed after Barean's departure). They have promised to help Daelin until Barean is found and tried for his crimes and until they have the resources to return to Northrend to find Muradin and see if he lives. Kul Tiras - Daelin has stayed strong to his friend Terenas and was there during the treaty signing, but did not participate in the war. He has primarily concerned himself with hunting down the rogue Barean Westwind, who returned from his expedition from Northrend only to be a slave trader. While he bought the slaves Barean had and immediately freed them, earning Baelgun's allegiance, he has not yet found the now-pirate Westwind. Jaina continues to study in Dalaran and has supposedly become more and more powerful by the day. Alterac - Aiden Perenolde passed away a few years prior and Beve Perenolde took up his throne and became Queen Perenolde. Under her rule, border security between her land and Hillsbrad has ramped up under General Hath's guidance. She has also accepted the turncoat Aedelas Blackmoore into her lands who has become Lord of Durnholde. Her brother, Aliden Perenolde, is still in Dalaran despite repeated callings to return home as he is in a drunken state. She was closely watching the conflict between Lordaeron and Gilneas and nearly entered after entering talks with Ashbury (might be another. not sure tbh.) but the treaty was signed before she could join. Prince Varian Wrynn of Stormwind with his companion Sir Anduin Lothar are currently visiting her as the Prince seeks to see all of Lordaeron before he becomes a King in his own right. Barov - The Barovs have remained ever greedy and power hungry and have tried their best to see the Menethils weaken. They entered into talks with Aedelyn Blackmoore about swaying nearby lords of Andorhal to join their cause and also made a marriage proposal between Jandice and Aurius in order to gain the Rivendares on their side. The latter fell through and Aedelyn is no longer safe as he is being watched by the Menethils. In this case they joined Lordaeron on the field of battle against Gilneas and Alexi served admirably. Marcus Redpath also won control of the Azurelode Mine after the Gilneans took it and the Barovs have been awarded with it. Yet they still wait for Lordaeron to weaken and for the Barovs to become Kings of Lordaeron. Gilneas - After their short war with Lordaeron, Gilneas has been slowly falling downward. At first the conflict was just a border dispute between them and Lordaeron but quickly escalated to war and they were promptly routed. They concluded an alliance with Stromgarde but never called upon their allies to aid them in the war. They believed that if they were called, Kul Tiras would join Lordaeron and they were unsure of the outcome. Now, Lord Darius Crowley and Tess Greymane are held hostages in Lordaeron City in order to guarantee that another war won't happen. The treaty also entailed that south Silverpine shall be ceded to Lordaeron which has caused chaos in the courts. Lorna Crowley is outraged that her father is held prisoner and their lands taken from them despite it being the Greymanes who initiated the war. She seems to be slowly seeding the roots of rebellion in northern Gilneas and now-Lordaeron Silverpine. With their forces scattered and their noblemen smelling blood in the water, the Greymanes may not have as solid as a hold on Gilneas as they think. Quel'thalas - The Ranger Corps has recently beaten back encroaching Amani trolls and pushed them back to the gates of Zul'Aman. The massive gates were closed and sealed from within and now the elves keep watch and wait for when the trolls return. Elsewhere, they were visited by Othmar Garithos who concluded trading agreements encouraging mutual friendship between the two close kingdoms. Kael'thas continues to serve on the Council of Six and has recently been spotted more and more around Jaina Proudmoore who is apprenticed to the ailing Archmage Antonidas. Stromgarde - Thoras Trollbane has primarily kept himself occupied with the eradication of the Witherbark trolls instead of outside affairs. Danath Trollbane has led excursions into Witherbark land and pushed them back farther and farther. Thoras himself, however, sailed to Gilneas to conclude an alliance between the two kingdoms but was not called upon after Gilneas warred upon Lordaeron. More recently Prince Varian Wrynn and his companion Sir Anduin Lothar visited Stromgarde first on their travels throughout Lordaeron and spoke with King Thoras about the ongoing diplomatic scene in Lordaeron. Ongoing Events in the World: Barean Westwind, now a slave trader, was last seen sailing north of Gilneas. Where he is now is unknown. Prince Varian Wrynn is traveling throughout Lordaeron as a formal diplomat of Stormwind and to learn. Much could be gained from an alliance with the southern kingdom. Aedelas Blackmoore defected to Alterac and gained Durnholde as a seat. He has become a staunch ally of Beve and a regular sight in her court. Thanks for reading if you did. Dwarves don't have much lore to them as they DC'd early as well as LB who was supposed to be playing Silvermoon (DG was Rangers but merged). Thanks to ForgottenAbyss (Kul Tiras), Alexei (Alterac), Hilldric (Barov), Jhames (Dalaran), Phelp58 (Lordaeron), Mint (Church), Titan (Gilneas), sage (Quel), and Fewl (Stromgarde) for all coming and playing. If you'd like to join us next time I host (TBA), sign up on the forum page!
  3. Premade AoC RP

    Hey guys I'm a bit new around here but have been involved with the RP scene for 6-7 years. I plan on hosting an AoC RP game on Wednesday the 2nd at about 7pm GMT. The theme is alt lore. In this game, the First War and Second War never happened. The Orcish Horde never went through the Dark Portal, Stormwind never fell, and the Alliance was never created. We will start right around the time the Third War would have begun. For the sake of simplicity Arthas, Calia, Jaina, Liam Greymane, etc. will all still be born while Lothar, Derek Proudmoore, and others will still be alive. I'm also hoping that this will become a continuous story. By this I mean that this won't just be one game and done but instead a continual game in which the story is constantly changing each game. If people don't want that we won't do it but it is something I'd like to try. I put below the factions and heroes I would prefer for them to each have. Players: Lordaeron - Terenas, Arthas, Calia, 3x Lordaeron Heroes (Claimed by Oliku) Holy Church - Alonsus, Isillien, Sally Whitemane, 3x Holy Church Heroes Dalaran - Antonidas, Drenden, Modera, Krasus, Kel'thuzad, 1x Dalaran Hero Dwarves - Falstad, Kurdran, Vanndar Stormpike, Captain Ironhill, Captain Stoutfist (Claimed by FrostKnight) Alterac - Aiden, Aliden, Beve, Isiden, Hath, 1x Alterac Hero (Claimed by Sage) Kul Tiras - Daelin, Derek, Tandred, Jaina, 2x Kul Tiras Hero (Claimed by ForgottenAbyss) Gilneas - Genn, Liam, Mia, Tess, 2x Gilneas Hero (Claimed by Squishy) Barov - Alexei, Illucia, Alexi, Weldon, Jandice, Marcus Redpath (Claimed by Golmash) Silvermoon - Anasterian, Kael'thas, Aethas Sunreaver, 3x Elven Hero South Quel/Rangers - Sylvanas, Alleria, Vereesa, Hawkspear, Jalinde Summerdrake, 1x Elven Ranger Hero Stromgarde - Thoras, Galen, Danath, Reginald Baradin II, 2x Stromgarde Hero Malygos and Cid (Elves/Dalaran) have also made reservations. The only faction I am unsure of is South Quel/Rangers. I did not know what to do for the 11th player but I'm all ears if you have another idea or suggestion that you think would enhance the game! Just leave a comment below if you're interested and what you would like to play. Thanks!