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  1. Good Day My Fellow Gamers

    Greetings, I will keep this Introduction short. I am Immortal_Wraith, I'm known by many names but mainly as Immortal_Wraith, I'm somehow taking part in Titan Land Kingdom of Terfall map's editing. I've been playing wc3 since 2007 and started playing online on 2012(don't ask what I've been doing past 5 years in wc3 before actually trying online) When I first started playing Wc3 online, I fell in love with RP maps, for example, LoaP,LoaD,RoTRP and the list goes on, but the only map series which I truly fell in love with was Titan Land series. I've met lots of people and made friends in Titan Land, surprisingly I even befriended the creator aka King_Katanova even first I was just a fanboy spamming with hero requests and questions about his lore(It really caught my curiosity and interest when I was younger). I don't regret any minute I've played on Titan Land series, not even a single one, the series has helped me grow as a person and as a roleplayer. Even Titan Land caused me some shitstorms with other players, I'm still glad those happened since they just made my wc3 experience better. About 1 year ago, when Katanova stopped editing the map, I was slightly disappointed since I wanted to see more of his work, so I decided to ask for the map to edit with couple other editors. About half year later maybe more, we asked Katanova to join the editor team since we were out of ideas how to develop the map more and needed some extra hand also. The Editor team has been slowly dying out but I'm glad the map is still being developed by Katanova at least and some little touch of mine on it also. There might be some mistakes in the writings since my memory isn't exactly the best in this kind of things. Hope you enjoyed reading!