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  1. The Elder Scrolls: Age of Chaos

    Have you seen those warriors from Hammerfell? They got curved swords, cuurrrrrrrrved swooorrrrrrds
  2. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    Looks cool, spinoffs are great for giving someone a fresh look into the game mode without having the exact same map all the time.
  3. Yet Another Roleplay (Map)

    I do like this a lot honestly,i have also been quite frustrated with having to rebuild things incase a planned game crashed or something. So for now this looks very promising to me. Keep up the good work!
  4. [Pre-made] LTA Signup

    The next date fits, i will be Silver Hand once again
  5. [Pre-made] LTA Signup

    I wouldn't mind Silver hand if that is free to grab.
  6. Hello

    Hey there Figured i should introduce myself, one; just to provide some information and two; some of you may not know me, or might not remember me due to the fact that i have been on and off in rp games in wc3 for 4 years now. I go by the username Mathellian, but you can just call me Math. I am 22 years old and have played wc3 for about 10 or 12 years now, started off competetive but moved into the roleplay scene back in 2012, where i sticked to maps like Azzy Wars, RoTRP and TL. I haven't been active in many roleplay forums except one roleplay forum for a guild in WoW which was disbanded 1 and a half year ago. Right now i am going into the roleplay scene in WC3 again after a break, partly due to the fact that i miss the roleplay community and partly because i am searching for material that i can use for my bachelor Thesis that i will start writing in the fall 2018 or early 2019. And this is related to roleplay because i study Drama and Theatre, which includes roleplay as one genere of Theatre. I have been involved in map projects in wc3, but usually not that much as i am mostly dedicated to terraining and several of the projects have been made out of premade maps where they just alter game mode's and stuff. Otherwise there is not much more to say unless you have questions. And here is some contact links: Battlenet: Mathellian#2947 Discord: Mathellian #9461 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/horseshoegrenades/ And i look forward to engage with this community, cheers