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  1. Wars of Theosa

    Awesome, i'll further test it today.
  2. Wars of Theosa

    Also unable to play the map in singleplayer mode because of the vote system. So that sort of sucks
  3. Wars of Theosa

    You need to lessen the amount of creeps on the map. Should add an orc faction. Maybe faction events/upgradebale.
  4. Wars of Theosa

    Is this map on Makemehost, ENT?
  5. [Aeon] Bloodgulch

    Kel'thuzard has fallen, the threat in the Plaguelands has receded. Now our people look towards a new threat looming across the horizon, Draenor. The desolate home world of our once great people, ruled by a tyrannical tyrant known as "The Betrayer". By the will of the Horde, and at the command of our Warchief, blood and glory will be ours! Draenor will once again be painted in red and claimed for the Horde! NPC Leader - Nazgrel Player Leader - In the aftermath of the Ahn'Qiraj war effort, there was much left to question in the Horde. Countless warriors have fallen, slain in battles off in the desolate desert of Silithus. Kalimdor saved from a apocalyptic threat of an Old God. The Scourge had been scattered across the Eastern Kingdoms, Kel'thuzard and Naxxramas destroyed by the might of the Horde. Now the Warchief looked toward new lands. Draenor. With the task being set, veterans of the Warsong Gulch are called back to Orgrimmar to depart to the new World. It was time to return to their once proud home of ancestral lands, Draenor. The Bloodgulch is an unspoken brotherhood of veterans nicknamed for the blood bath that is known as the Warsong Gulch. The Bloodgulch is a military force originally stationed to defend the Horde's claims at the vast forests of Ashenvale. However, with the recent revelations of the Dark Portal; the Bloodgulch are recalled back to Orgrimmar and dispatched to the Horde frontier of Thrallmar. Despite the efforts spearheaded by Nazgrel, the Bloodgulch are sent as a security and expeditionary force to further the objective of the Horde. To rid the world of the tyranny of Illidan, and in the aftermath to secure the Outlands and its vast resources for the Horde.
  6. [Guilty Crown] - Roadmap 2017

    The following is a list of maps that are supported by the Guilty Crown Organization or affiliated with the GCG. These maps range from in development to Beta-release, to fully-released and being continuously updated. Maps are approved by members of the Guilty Crown Council, and are "designated" status's after appropriate testing from this body. Fully-Released Maps Titan's Land KoT - King_Katanova Kacpa2's Azeroth Roleplay - Kacpa2 Life of a Dragon - Christopher10 The Three Kingdoms - hi1 Fantasy Life (Revamp) - NightKnight Maps in Beta Testing Northrend Bound - Wark YARP - Mori Maps in Development Titan's Land: Land of Plenty - Guhun WoW Reanimated (Revamp) - Huntsman[KOTR] RotRP (Updated) - Saken and Co.
  7. Hello

    Yea, I actually liked those maps better then the DW maps.
  8. Hello

    @Zhuge_Liang Hey! Yea, we're some fans of the map. Throwing in suggestions. I remember idk if it was DWE, but there was a Dynasty Warriors clan but they made like these Japanese Samurai version maps
  9. [Event] The Guilty Games

    The Guilty Crown Administration is back at it again with another event. This time, the prizes are more enticing and the competition is more fierce! If you wish to participate and earn recognition from your peers, this is the event to do it. The event will consist of 2 phases, each will be graded by our panel of judges. 1. Character Sheets 2. The Arena Character Sheets Each participant will submit a character sheet, each character sheet will be graded for creativity, originality, and overall ensured that the character is not "God-like". Your character can come from any "lore-setting". Your character sheet must provide the following. Name: Age: Occupation: Appearance: Background Story: 6 Unique Character Traits: (Example: Greedy, Skilled Scout, Loyal, etc.) Judges: Dumborat, Gushikata, Huntsman, LazyKaloz, Morinoke, Slendersteven, Timoren, Malygos. Reward: Personalized Discord Title. Please submit your entries here - http://guiltycrowngaming.us/forum/8-character-profiles/ EVENT CLOSES 9/25/17 The Arena The arena, will be putting random characters sheets against eachother. Individuals will roleplay out their character sheets against one another in a tournament style battle via. forum text. Dice rolls will be enforced, and the event will be testing players thoughts and calculated moves against eachother. Magistrates will be monitoring this 2nd phase of the event to ensure no god-modding and etc. Judges: Katanova, Kacpa2, Gushitaka, LazyKaloz, Huntsman, Malygos. Reward (Can only choose 1): Secret Hero in upcoming WoW Reanim Map, Hero in Titan's Land:Land of Plenty, Hero in upcoming Fantasy Life, Hero in Kacpa's Azeroth Roleplay.
  10. High Council - Malygos. Head of Overall activity within the WC3 scene of Guilty Crown. Responsibility is to keep to our presence in WC3 as chief magistrate. Magistrate - Acts as "Governors" of each segment. Each Magistrate representing major sectors of the community. Responsibility is to host pre-games, peacekeeping, and overall managing their community and growing it. Viceroy - Acts as Assistant to each respective Magistrate, and will eventually be "Successor" if magistrate steps down, etc. Magistrate / Viceroy Dumborat - Strategy (LTA/EaW/Etc.) Mint - Strategy Gushitaka - Titan's Land/KaR Kacpa2 - Titan's Land/KaR Huntsman - AoC Vacant - LazyKaloz - LoaD Christopher10 - LoaD Morinoke - RotRP/SotDRP Twilly - RotRP/SotDRP Slendersteven - Fantasy Life/LoaP Vacant - Timoren - Off-topic Vacant -
  11. Northrend Bound

    This is no longer a project, being moved to a subforum section.
  12. Guilty Crown - Rise of an Empire

    I think, there is going to be a general qualification, a minimum of 5 people, if you can get support from 5 people. Then I would say that venture is worth investing in. Obviously with this new administration, a lot of ranks will be removed because simply we don't need them anymore such as Regaler/Advisor. Purpose of advisor is to identify map makers, which however we will keep as identification purposes, but they will hold no formal power.
  13. Over the course of a few weeks, it has occurred to me that there seems to be a lot of diverse interest in a lot of players throughout the community that wish to expand into these new horizons. With that said, we have discussed and decided that a total restructure of administration is needed. As you know, we are predominantly a Warcraft 3 RP Community, but the rise of other ventures has given us considerable options to expand further. High Council - One individual will act as head of overall Roleplay activity in the WC3 scene for Guilty Crown. Their responsibility will be to keep our presence in WC3 and act as chief Magistrate Magistrate - Divided into sections. Each Magistrate representing major sectors of Roleplay. In charge of organizing pre-games in their section as well as overall peacekeeping and managing community. Viceroy - Viceroy's are "successors" of each magistrate and act as an assistant. The following are the current sections with their respective officers. Strategist (Kacpa's Azeroth/LTA/Etc.) - Dumborat Viceroy - Mint D&D - Malygos. Viceroy - Vacant RotRP/SotDRP/YARP - Mori. Viceroy - Twilly Fantasy Life/LoaP - Fleshmeister Viceroy - Vacant AoC - Huntsman. Viceroy - Vacant Titan's Land - SonGuhun. Viceroy - Kieran LoaD - LazyKaloz Viceroy - Christopher10 Off-topic - Timoren Viceroy - Vacant Other projects such as WoW RP Private Servers and other games will be headed by 1 individual within the GCG and will be given a High Council position, and depending on the maturity of our presence, we will expand administration. Current ventures outside WC3 within GCG Lord of the Clans (Orcish Faction) - Alioth. Tales of Warcraft (Bloodgulch Gang) - Hawk Istaria - Bazil.
  14. Story Time Contest!

    This event has ended, Malygos has won by majority vote of the panel of judges. Honorable mention is LeClaw in the details he provided in his story.
  15. In honor of celebrating @Wark for finally releasing the first public version of Northrend Bound which hits public the 25th. Guilty Crown Gaming will be doing a pre-made game for those who wish to participate. Those similar to Founders of the North will find this map truly nostalgic and exciting. There will most likely be no roleplay involved as most of us will be learning and exploring the map as it's our first time! DATE: 8/26/17 Time: 12:00 AM CST. So if you're interested, please feel free to sign up